6 Round Best Boxing Workout for Weight Loss At-Home

6 Round Best Boxing Workout for Weight Loss At-Home

There might be thousands of reasons for gaining weight, but losing weight is a really tough task and requires a lot of effort. That is why when you search for any workout in this regard, you come across millions of results, which is overwhelming, especially when you look for at-home workouts.

Among some of the best at-home workouts for weight loss,  boxing  can be a perfect choice due to its high intensity and its maximum capability of burning calories, which can consequently reduce weight. For that, you just need to have some  boxing gear  like  boxing gloves , hand wraps,  a punching bag  , or a partner with  boxing mitts  .

In this post, you will learn how much boxing workouts are effective for weight loss and what an ideal workout plan should incorporate to attain your desired weight loss goals.

1. What are the Benefits of Boxing Workouts?

Apart from calorie burn and weight loss, there are plenty of benefits associated with boxing workouts. Here are some of the most important ones are listed below to help you understand the effectiveness of boxing workouts apart from improving boxing skills and techniques.

1.1. Inexpensive

One of the prime benefits of boxing workouts is that they are inexpensive, as you do not necessarily require any equipment. In addition, you can do these workouts anywhere you want. Most of these are based on no-equipment exercises.

Even if you need to spend some money on equipment to increase the intensity of your workouts, you can avail yourself of equipment like heavy bags, boxing gloves, and hand wraps at very affordable prices at Elite Sports. This will not only save you money but also help you make the most out of your boxing workouts.

1.2. Improves Cardiovascular Abilities

The other imperative benefit that you can enjoy by performing boxing workouts is the improvement in your cardiovascular health. Exercises like rope jumping, shadow boxing, hitting punching bags, and sparring require a lot of effort and increase the heart rate, thereby preventing heart diseases.

1.3. Increase Muscular Endurance

If you are a boxer, you must be aware of the significance of muscular endurance, which is the key to success in this sport. The longer you can fight until the final round, the better your chances of winning.

In this regard, boxing workouts are found to be incredible as they involve the entire body and create a strong muscle memory as well as increase their strength to survive all rounds of a bout without getting tired and exhausting all of their energy.

1.4. Easy Scalability

These workouts are easy to customize and scale up as per your needs. You can incorporate different exercises while adjusting their intensity to your skill level to maximize your gains. There are different exercises for all, from beginners to advanced skill levels.

1.5. Easy on Joints

The aspect that makes boxing workouts effective and more attractive is that they are easy on the joints and have very little impact on them. They consist of low-impact exercises that make them feasible for people of all ages.

2. Is Boxing a Reliable Way to Lose Weight?

Yes! Boxing is one of the most reliable ways to lose weight. Boxing is one of the best ways to sweat more and burn more calories. Boxing workouts combine multiple cardio exercises, besides strength and skill development work. That is why they are perfect for you if you are looking for a workout that can keep your heart rate up.

According to the latest study by the National Health Service of the UK, an adult should be doing at least 150 minutes of any moderate-intensity activity every week or a 75-minute activity per week of high intensity to stay fit. And boxing is one of the best high-intensity activities in this respect.

Ignoring factors such as a healthy diet, stress management, quality sleep, and eating in a calorie deficit while doubling down on boxing workouts is not an effective weight-loss strategy. It is critical to combine boxing workouts with dieting and other health factors for quick and positive results.

3. How Many Calories Does A Boxing Workout Burn?

As we know, boxing is a comprehensive workout in itself and is amazing for strengthening the overall body. Boxing workouts include plenty of high-intensity activities that make it easy for people to burn their extra fat in the shortest possible time.

In just one hour of a boxing workout, you can burn up to 800 calories. According to the latest studies, boxing workouts are found to be more effective and beneficial than many other types of activities, including running and gym workouts.

4. 6 Round Best Boxing Workout for Weight-Loss At Home

To lose weight and burn extra fat, the best boxing workouts that you can do consist of 6 rounds. You should be going by the following sequence.

Round 1: Warm-Up

Warming up is one of the essential parts of any workout. You should always start your workouts by warming up your body with some light activity to prepare it for the actual workout. A warmup always helps you prevent your body from injuries.

For this boxing workout, you can warm up with the following exercises:

  • Rope jumping: skip the rope for 1 minute, followed by a rest of 30 seconds, and repeat for 3 times.
  • Stretching: Stretch your arms, back, and legs for 5 minutes.

Round 2: Punches

In the second round of your boxing workout for weight loss, you will be throwing different combinations of punches in the air, including jabs, hooks, uppercuts, and crosses. You can try 3-4 different combinations of these punches with 10 reps for each combination. To perform this round, you will stand with your left foot forward. To increase the intensity of your boxing workout, you can make use of a heavy bag or speed bag. Possible boxing combinations that you can try are:

  • Jab-Cross (1-2)
  • Jab-Jab-Cross (1-1-2)
  • Jab-Cross-Hook Cross (1-2-3-2)
  • Cross-Left Hook-Cross (2-3-2)
  • Jab-Cross-Left Uppercut-Cross (1-2-5-2)
  • Right Uppercut-Left Hook (6-3)
  • Jab-Cross-Hook (1-2-3)

Round 3: Core Workout

Working on the core is another effective activity for burning calories and losing weight, as well as toning the abs, improving strength, and powering the upper body. In this round, you will be performing two sets of the following three bodyweight exercises with 10 reps each, followed by a rest of 30 seconds between each set.

  • Push-Ups
  • Crunches
  • Sit-Ups

Round 4: Kicks

The other activity that you should be incorporating into your boxing workout to lose weight is kicking. In this round, you will be performing front and sidekicks. Kicks will work out your leg muscles and abs, along with making you sweat.

  • Front Kick: To perform a front kick, you need to lift your knee straight forward while keeping the foot and shin pulled to your hip. Then, straighten your leg in front of your aimed target. Retract your leg after the delivery of the kick. Do at least 10 reps of this activity.
  • Side Kick: Perform kicks in a similar fashion to front kicks, but sideways. The best way to increase the intensity level of this exercise is to start by kicking in the air and then move on to kicking the bag for better results. Do 10 reps of this exercise too.

Round 5: Lunges and Squats

Because this is a full-body workout designed to burn the most calories and work every muscle possible, you will also incorporate lunges and squats to stretch your leg muscles and lower back. In this round, you will be performing 1 set of each exercise listed below.

  • Lunge and Squat: Perform at least 8 lunges for each leg followed by 10 squats.
  • One Leg Squat: To perform a one-leg squat, stand with your feet hip-width apart while keeping your hands behind your head and bending your knees to bring your thighs parallel to the ground. Hold there for one minute and rest for 30 seconds.

Round 6: Cool Down

The cool-down round is as important as the warm-up round. This will help you bring your heart rate back to normal. As your cool-down activity, you should be skipping the rope for 7 minutes and resting every minute, followed by a stretch and hold for 30 seconds.

For a quick understanding of this incredible boxing workout for weight loss at home, the following image can help you.

5. Parting Words

If you have tried many other workouts for weight loss but could not get the desired results, this 6-round boxing workout should be your first choice. It combines a variety of intense activities and exercises to help you burn the most calories and lose the most weight in the shortest amount of time. However, along with this workout, you are also required to take care of your diet. Always follow a healthy diet plan and avoid unhealthy meals to get the best results.

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