5 Neck Strengthening Workouts Boxer Can Do to Get a Strong Neck

5 Neck Strengthening Workouts Boxer Can Do to Get a Strong Neck

Boxing workouts are beneficial in many ways. They provide strength, power, and most of all, they provide you with the confidence to lead a proud life. But if you are one of those who don’t train boxing for fun and intend to participate in some boxing competitions. you really need some serious training.

However, there is a saying about boxing that it's not only the art of punching but getting hits as well. Therefore, most trainers and coaches overlook the importance of total body strength. Well, they know the head-hitting rule, but they might not know the impact behind it.

So, the KO hits don’t only shake your brain like a jelly but also have a great, bad impact on your neck. A knockout shot is the least uncomfortable situation you can get involved in after having a knockout shot.

No boxer would ever love to get hit by his opponent, but in case it happens, you should be ready and strong enough to withstand it. Uncertain conditions happen occasionally, but the reason why professional boxers are able to endure is not only down to their chin but also their necks. A strong neck allows you to better deal with brutal hits from your opponents. In this article, we present the 5 best neck strengthening and harnessing workouts for beginner boxers.

1. Why is Training the Neck Important for Boxing?

Training your neck has numerous distinct advantages, and they are being able to take a shot better and come back quickly, as well as building your overall strength, punching power, flexibility, and mobility.

Training the neck doesn’t require a huge workload, so it helps to train it and strengthen it as much as possible. All the big names in boxing, like Mike Tyson, train their necks extensively, and if you want to reach the highest levels, you should also consider training. To stay at the top of your boxing game, strength training for body parts like neck is as important as boxing gloves, shorts and headgear. Having strong neck will help you make your defensive like slipping and dodging moves effectively and quickly to get advantage over your opponents.

2. Are Neck Bridges Safe?

Yes, neck bridges are quite beneficial and the safest way to train the neck for boxing, but anything beyond its limit can cause major injuries. And if you are new to this exercise, just do not push your limits and try just lifting your body straight up and down with just the neck muscles. Leave out the roll variant of the exercise.  

3. Workout Machines for Neck Training

Technically, there aren’t any workout machines for training the neck for boxing. Although, turning one into a neck workout machine is quite an achievement. Usually, boxers use hamstring machines for neck workouts by molding the way they use them. If you lie on the machine the opposite way, place your head under the moving part of the machine and try to curl your head with the same motion as you curl your hamstrings. This could be an innovative and unique way to utilize a hamstring machine for a neck-strengthening workout. However, using a weight plate is another way to perform the same exercise.

4. The 5 Best Neck Strengthening Workouts for Boxers

Listed below are the best neck strengthening and harnessing workouts for boxers to get a strong neck:

4.1. Neck Crunches

Sound familiar? Crunches, simple yet effective, are the most common exercise among those who are determined to build six-pack abs. More like regular crunches, neck crunches work in the same way, only applying to a different muscle group.

To perform neck crunches, lie down on your back and set your head up as if you were going to perform a stomach crunch but using only your neck. Keep your back flat on the floor. After performing a crunch with your neck, lower it down but do not let it touch the ground until your set is complete. Doing so will make the muscles work that little bit harder, which, as a result, will strengthen your neck and make it strong.  

4.2. Dumbbell Shrugs

Dumbbell shrugs are among the most popular exercises in bodybuilding for building bigger traps and shoulders. However, the shoulder muscle group is also connected to the neck muscles and upper back. Doing shrugs benefits all linked muscle groups, including neck muscles.

All you need to do is stand with a straight posture, holding dumbbells in both hands by your sides. List your shoulders at the same time, then hold and squeeze for 2-3 seconds. Lower the shoulders down slowly and repeat the process from rest to squeeze, keeping your arms straight. Performing 3 to 5 sets of 10 reps each would be enough to strengthen your neck with dumbbell shrugs.

Therefore, try to lift as heavy a weight as you can to get the maximum benefits from dumbbell shrugs.

4.3. Head Weight Exercises

More like bodyweight exercises for boxing, head weight exercises are probably the simplest and most effective neck exercises you can do to get a strong neck. There are many ways to perform head weight exercises, which you can pick according to your choice.

To perform head weight exercises, first, lie on your back on a surface with your head hanging off the surface. From this position, bobbing your head up and down. Try to keep your chin as close to your chest as possible every time you nod your head up.

After 10 reps of these, nod your head side to side as if you are disagreeing with someone. Perform 10 reps of these. Last but not least, for the third variation, tilt your head from side to side whilst staying on your back. After you are done with this, it counts as one set. Take a 1-minute rest and repeat 2-3 times.

4.4. Neck Harness

A neck harness is a gear that straps around your neck and allows you to add weight with the help of a chain. From a seated position, the weight should hang between your legs. From this position, simply move your head up and down as if you are agreeing with someone.

To perform a neck harness the other way, lie on your back with your head hanging over the edge of the surface. Perform these in reverse to strengthen the front muscles of your neck. It is better to use lighter weights and just do more reps than go heavy.

Does a Neck Harness Help Boxing Strength?

Yes, a neck harness is a beneficial tool to perform neck strengthening workouts. Working with a neck harness will focus your neck muscles and get them to work as you gradually increase the load. By doing this, the muscles will get stronger in order to carry the load better. This is called progressive overload training and is also known as the backbone of all strength work in the gym.

4.5. Neck Bridges

Lie on your back and relax by taking a deep breath. Raise your head up onto your neck and hold it there for 30 – 60 seconds. Once you make progress in this, you may incorporate small circles with your head, activating all the muscles in your neck. Placing your hands on the floor on either side of your head is highly recommended. Doing this helps improve stability. Neck bridge is an advanced neck workout, but you should only work on it when your neck is already strong.

5. Takeaway

Do not make the mistake of overcoming the importance of defense, as many have done before you. Make your boxing defense skills your number one priority, and you should focus the majority of your efforts on learning how to avoid being punched in the first place. However, incorporating these exercises into your boxing training program will help strengthen your neck.

And always remember, the neck consists of many small muscles and overdoing strength exercises can cause you injury or pain. So, to prevent this, perform neck strengthening exercises for no longer than 5–10 minutes only.

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