UFC Welterweight Jack Della Maddalena Promoted to BJJ Black Belt

UFC Welterweight Jack Della Maddalena Promoted to BJJ Black Belt

UCF top fighter Jack Della Maddalena has reached the rank of BJJ Black Belt. The head coach of Scrappy MMA Fitness Ben Vickers promoted him. The Australian fighter displayed his prowess by acquiring several victories. In the jiu-jitsu journey, he gained great grappling skills and experience and now received a BJJ black belt on Mar 26, 2024.

Maddalena is a renowned striker with the potency of knockout. He fought against many MMA fighters and showcased his fortitude, he broke into the top five of his division. Jack Della Maddalena's recent fight at UFC 299 demonstrated widespread attention. One of the tough competitors in his career is Gilbert Burns , who is regarded as one of the top MMA fighters and BJJ grapplers. On March 9, 2024, tremendous performances were shown by the two contenders, Maddalena won the bout by technical knockout, and he emerged as an emerging power in UFC welterweight.

Maddalena’s ascent in UFC was reported as a transition where he attained notable victories over the dominant contenders. His journey to the black belt culminated after his super fight against the tough UFC fighter Gilbert Burns. In his professional MMA career, Maddalena has attained tremendous victory to date. The UFC event was acclaimed as a considerable success for him. The team ‘’Scrappy MMA’’ publicizes the promotion of Maddalena, and his brother Josh on social media.

Maddalena discusses the brutal finish of Burns on the Instagram platform. 

Jack Della and coach Ben Vickers are back in the studio to discuss the brutal finish of Gilbert Burns with a broken arm, staph infections, a crazy trip to Miami, walking to the arena, flying duck V formations, behind-the-scenes fight, 2 future opponents and we relive Jacks 17 fight win streak from Eternal #mma to the #ufc Jump on The Grin Reapers YouTube to watch the full podcast and fight highlights. 🔥🔥 #beautifulviolence #jackdellamaddalena

Maddalena was fond of combat sports, at the age of 8 he became a rugby player. Soon he began the journey of MMA under the influence of his brother Josh. In 2016, Maddalena commenced his career with Eternal MMA. Unfortunately, he lost the first two fights, and later he came up with an unbreakable record. He fought in the regional MMA circuit and built up the tendency to ascend his record.

In 2021 Maddalena competed in Dana White’s Contender Series and came up with a winning record of 9-2. Afterward, he stepped on the stairs of triumph that led him to innumerable victories. He made a promotional debut in UFC in 2022. His unbeatable journey began, and he won 6 tournaments in succession. Maddalena exhibited a knockout blow in the finals, he preserved his excellent record at UFC. He maintained an impressive UFC record of 16-02-0.

Congratulations 🎉 ……to @jackdellamaddalena and @joshdella who were promoted to black belt and brown belt respectively, under @scrappy_mma_and_fitness head coach Ben Vickers 🥋💯

Photo Credit: @scrappy_mma_and_fitness

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