Baret Yoshida is the First Hall of Famer to Compete at the ADCC Trials

Baret Yoshida is the First Hall of Famer to Compete at the ADCC Trials

Three times medaled in the ADCC World Championships (two silver, one bronze), Baret Yoshida made remarkable history as the first Hall of Famer to enter ADCC trials.

A 48-year-old American Jiu-Jitsu fighter, Baret Yoshida started his journey in MMA at Relson Gracie’s academy in 1994. After training for five years, he altered his mind and shifted to the Inoue brother’s gym, led by Egan and Enson Inoue. His persistent hard work earned him a black belt under Egan Inoue in 2002.

Yoshida competed in the ADCC World Championship 2001 but lost the finals against Royler Gracie . It earned him a silver medal. It didn't let him stop here. His tremendous efforts got him another silver medal at ADCC in 2003 after losing against Leonardo Vieira in the final stage. In 2007, he could not make it to the finals and lost against Andre Galvao , earning him a bronze medal.

He was also an IBJJF World No-Gi Champion in 2008, 2009, 2018, and 2019 (masters 3 division). He made history in the ADCC World Championship with the most appearances. All accomplishments made his way as an inductee to the inaugural class of the ADCC Hall of Fame in 2022.

He also made a record in the history of grappling by competing in the most ADCC world events than anyone else. He won his opening round match at the ADCC North American East Coast Trials 2024 on March 30th against Jayden Autry via Anaconda Choke. His success led him to the third round of the tournament. Unfortunately, he lost with eight points against CJ Murdock with an Armbar.


ADCC posted to their official Instagram page: @adcc_official

ADCC Hall of Fame: Baret Yoshida. Baret is one of the biggest staples in ADCC history, competing in an unprecedented 10 ADCC world events. Baret is a 2X silver medalist and bronze medalist.

Photo Credit: @flograppling

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