Tom Hardy’s Another Gold Medal Win At BJJ Competition 2023

Tom Hardy’s Another Gold Medal Win At BJJ Competition 2023

Tom Hardy has been training in BJJ since 2011, but it was in 2021 when he became a blue belt and started actively competing in BJJ competitions. After becoming a blue belt, Hardy has won in many Gi and No-Gi BJJ competitions. In 2023, Hardy won the gold medal at the All Stars BJJ European tournament and cemented his name as the most serious dedicated Hollywood personality who competes in BJJ tournaments.

Hardy lost a fight at the All Stars BJJ but his sportsmanship was worth looking at. He accepted his defeat like a warrior and came stronger in the next fight. Even his opponent, Daren, had so much respect for him.

This year at the REORG BJJ Competition, Hardy claimed another gold medal. He competed at the No-Gi tournament held in the UK, conducted by the REORG organization which is responsible for the training of military veterans. The organization also conducted Para Jiu-Jitsu competitions for special practitioners.

Tom Hardy has been a part of REORG since he actively started BJJ training. He is actually the ambassador for the organization and promotes it on all platforms. Hardy even wears their branded gear while training and competing. Tom Hardy had trained with world class instructors which include, John Danaher, Heath Pedigo and correctly with Tom DeBlass. DeBlass took to his instagram and congratulated Hardy. He even posted the clip of the championship that clearly shows how sleek Hardy is with BJJ techniques.

Hardy initiated a single-leg takedown during the fight that took his opponent to the ground. Hardy is an epitome of elegance and respect. When he is on the mat, he just behaves like any ordinary fighter. He never took advantage of his stature. It won’t be wrong to say that 2023 is the year of Tom Hardy.

“Congratulations on your medal today. I am super proud of your dedication to Jiu-Jitsu. You are 100%, an example of someone who truly not only trains this martial art but lives by the code.”

( Tom DeBlass )

Photo Credit: @tomhardy

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