Depiction of Tom Hardy’s True Sportsmanship After Losing A Fight

Depiction of Tom Hardy’s True Sportsmanship After Losing A Fight

Tom Hardy, the Academy winner British Hollywood superstar known for his role in the Peaky Blinders, Venom and The Dark Knight Rises, is now making waves as a BJJ practitioner.

Tom Hardy recently competed at the All Stars BJJ on 28th March 2023, against Darren who is a bodyweight coach. Before this fight Tom Hardy competed at the All Stars BJJ European Tournamentwhere he won the fight against Mihail Secara.

At the All Stars BJJ, though Tom Hardy did not win the fight, his elite performance and professional conduct after losing the fight won the hearts of the spectators. Tom Hardy is not a new BJJ practitioner; rather he is well aware of MMA and BJJ. He not only hugged his opponent rather, Tom showed happiness and respect for the victory of the opponent with a smiley face and real gratitude. And this is what fascinated his opponent Darren and the whole online community.

Darren took to his instagram and explained how much he respects Tom Hardy. Darren was extremely happy to fight against Tom Hardy. His words for Tom Hardy held so much admiration. He was truly perceptive of how one feels on the mat. He also talked about Hardy’s dedication towards the sport when Hardy could only train in BJJ without competing.

Tom Hardy’s BJJ Gi showed the logo of REORG , the veteran actor is making waves in the gentle art.

“Brother you were great. And strong and patient. Thank you, it was an honor”.

(Tom Hardy)

Photo Credit: @essentiallysports

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