PJ Barch - Highly Competitive BJJ Black Belt

PJ Barch - Highly Competitive BJJ Black Belt

1. PJ Barch’s Details

PJ Barch’s Details
Name Paul Jacob Barch
Nickname “PJ”.
Born Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, America
Date of Birth October 9, 1989
Weight Division Lightweight
Last Weigh-in N/A
Height 5 feet and 9 inches
College N/A
Rank Black Belt
Last Fight 2023
Favorite Position Armbar
Head Coach Richie Martinez
Lineage Carlos Gracie (Senior) > Hélio Gracie > Carlos Gracie Jr > JJ Machado > Eddie Bravo > Richie Martinez > PJ Barch
Fighting out of San Diego, California
Instagram Logo Facebook Logo

2. PJ Barch’s Biography

Paul Jacob Barch is a renowned BJJ grappler and a significant member of the 10th Planet Jiu-Jitsu team. Although Barch was a former wrestling Champion he also acquired immense recognition after securing various winning titles in different BJJ tournaments. His switch to grappling also assisted him in standing out among the entire jiu-jitsu community.

2.1. Paul Jacob Barch’s Early Life

PJ Barch was born on 9 October 1980 in Pennsylvania and spent his initial life in Delaware. His entire family was closely linked to the wrestling sport so his innate passion for the sport made his remarkable transition to grappling. Barch also practiced gymnastics and soccer in the 5th grade.

Barch’s Father was the main supportive personality in Barch’s grappling career as he was enrolled in various jiu-jitsu coaching classes at an early age. Barch’s father had a desire to transform his son into a pro-grappling Champion.

2.2. Title: Beast of the East

In his senior year, PJ Barch participated in the Sussex Central High School and won the battle by winning the All-American status at numerous events. Barch left the people stunned by securing the title of Beast of the East.

2.3. Friend's Influence on His BJJ Career

When Barch was in his adult age, he faced various challenges after spending two years at the University of Pennsylvania, in 2011, he dropped out due to some personal reasons. After that, he moved to Hawaii and joined surfing to get healed from his pain.

No doubt, his family especially his father encouraged him in grappling but his friends were also the main source of motivation for him. Based on their motivation and support, Barch joined the BJ Penn’s Institue which was located in Hilo. PJ Barch was trained there under the supervision of highly skilled professionals who taught him the basics of both grappling and Mixed Martial Arts. Their training period at Barch was very short as after less than one year, Paul competed in various MMA competitions.

2.4. Training under Nathan Orchard

During his early life in Hawaii, Barch was trained under the supervision of renowned instructor, BJ Penn who played a major role in shaping PJ Barch’s grappling strategies. Then to contribute to BJJ as a professional grappler, he moved to Portland and joined the 10th Planet Team. There he was trained under the tutelage of Nathan Orchard.

2.5. Training from Another 10th Planet Affiliate

PJ Barch’s Association with the 10th Plant team was so strong that he learned from numerous team members. Barch was also trained under the supervision of Magnus Hansoon, a famous 10th Planet Affiliate. Hansoon also awarded Barch with a blue belt.

2.6. Paul’s Grappling Record

The entire record of Paul Jacob Barch is quite impressive as he not only grappled but also defeated various top competitors in different wrestling competitions. He secured the winning titles at different competitions including the Onnit Invitational Champion, Beast of the East Champion, Emerald City Invitational Champion, Finishers Show The Art Champion, Subversive Team Tournament Champion, Sin City Series Champion, and ADCC East Coast Trials, etc.

2.7. Black Belt Rank

Barch’s training journey was not just confined to the 10th Planet Academy in 2015 he moved to San Diego and joined Richie Martinez’s new branch of 10th Planet Academy. Martinez not only trained Barch but also awarded him with purple, brown as well and black belts. A ceremony was held in 2016 that was specifically led by Eddie Bravo and Barch was honored with the black belt.

3. PJ Barch’s Top Historic Fights

3.1. PJ Barch vs JT Torres

In the 2022 ADCC Championship, PJ Barch faced the JT Torress. Both renowned black belts attempted various grappling techniques including choke but PJ Barch succeeded based on the points.

Year Event Opponent W/L/D Method Stage Weight Class
2022 ADCC JT Torres W Points 4F 77KG

3.2. PJ Barch vs Eduardo Avelar

In the 2021 No Gi Pan American Championship, PJ Barch competed against Eduardo Avelar. Initially, Eduardo attempted the takedown techniques but PJ Barch successfully resisted the attempts and secured the winning title by attempting the Rear Naked Choke technique within the last minutes of the bout.

Year Event Opponent W/L/D Method Stage Weight Class
2021 NoGi Pan Am. Eduardo Avelar W Rear Naked Choke R1 79KG

3.3. PJ Barch vs Italo Moura

In 2021, No Gi World Championship, Paul Jacob Barch defeated Italo Moura. After the intense battle, Barch secured the victory against the Moura based on the Referee's Decision.

Year Event Opponent W/L/D Method Stage Weight Class
2021 NoGi Worlds Italo Moura W Referee Decision R2 Middleweight

4. PJ Barch’s National and International Achievements

4.1. PJ Barch’s Main Achievements:

Year Event Medal/Position Belt
2021 Emerald City Invitational 1st Black
2018 Quintet 2 Team Tournament 1st Black
2018 Onnit Invitational 9 1st Black
2018 Sapateiro Invit. 1st Black
2018 Subversiv Team Tournament 1st Black
2016 Onnit Invitational 1st Black
2016 Finishers ‘Show The Art’ 1st Black

5. PJ Barch’s BJJ Professional Record Breakdown

Matches 60 Wins 21 Losses
By Points 9 4
By advantages 0 1
By Submission 40 7
By Decision 6 6
By Penalties 0 0
By EBI/OT 5 3
Draw 5

5.1. Methods of Submission W/L

Methods 40 Wins 7 Losses
Inside Heel Hook 11 1
RNC 11 0
Armbar 8 4
Kimura 3 0
Outside Heel Hook 1 0
Neck Crank 1 0
Heel Hook 1 0
Reverse Triangle 1 0
Submission 1 0
Cross Face 1 0
Kneebar 1 2

6. PJ Barch BJJ Fight History

Opponent W/L Method Competition Weight Stage Year
Tony Barr W Outside heel hook Sapateiro Inv. ABS 4F 2016
Gordon Ryan L Kneebar Sapateiro Inv. ABS SF 2016
Bill Watts W Armbar Onnit Inv. 3 77KG SF 2016
Robert Ezel W Inside heel hook Onnit Inv. 3 77KG 4F 2016
Lucas Valente W RNC Onnit Inv. 3 77KG F 2016
Jason Rau W Armbar Show the Art N/A N/A 2016
Mike Main W EBI/OT Show the Art N/A N/A 2016
Mike Davilla W EBI/OT Show the Art N/A N/A 2016
Corey Brokaw W Armbar Sapateiro 10 72KG R1 2017
Marcel Goncalves W Points Gracie Worlds ABS SPF 2017
Werther Marciales W Armbar Sapateiro 10 72KG 4F 2017
Jason Soares W EBI/OT EBI 13 70KG R1 2017
Jason Rau W Inside heel hook Sapateiro 10 72KG SF 2017
Pierre Leclerc W RNC Sapateiro 10 72KG F 2017
Vagner Rocha L EBI/OT EBI 13 70KG 4F 2017
Victor Silverio W Pts: 2x0 Kasai Pro 3 77KG RR 2018
Krysiek Schorabski D --- Quintet II ABS N/A 2018
Daisuke Nakamura D --- Quintet II ABS N/A 2018
Jason Youseph W Neck crank Subversiv ABS SF 2018
Renato Canuto L Pts: 1x0 Kasai Pro 3 77KG RR 2018
Jason Rau L Pts: 10x3 Kasai Pro 3 77KG RR 2018
A. Claiborne W Heel hook Subversiv ABS F 2018
Jordan Peitzman W Reverse triangle Onnit Inv. 9 77KG 4F 2018
Vitor Shaolin W Armbar Quintet 3 ABS SF 2018
Gregor Gracie L Kneebar Quintet 3 ABS SF 2018
David Garmo W EBI/OT Onnit Inv. 9 77KG SF 2018
K. Fadlallah W Armbar ADCC EC Trials 77KG R1 2018
Will Tacket W Kimura Onnit Inv. 9 77KG F 2018
W. Tackett W Referee Decision ADCC EC Trials 77KG 4F 2018
Peter Shoemaker W Inside heel hook ADCC EC Trials 77KG R2 2018
Josh Bacallao W Pts: 2x0 ADCC EC Trials 77KG 8F 2018
Marcin Held W Referee Decision Polaris 12 77KG SPF 2019
Sergio Rios L Armbar F2W 126 79KG SPF 2019
Oliver Taza L Inside heel hook BJJ Fanatics GP 77KG 4F 2020
Michael Gonzalez W Inside heel hook Sin City Series 77KG SF 2020
Ethan Crelinsten L EBI/OT SUG 17 ABS SPF 2020
Jaron Pagduan W Inside heel hook Sin City Series 77KG 4F 2020
Alan Sanchez W Inside heel hook Sin City Series 77KG F 2020
W. Marciales W Armbar Emerald City 84KG 4F 2021
Andrew Wiltse L Referee Decision WNO 6 84KG SPF 2021
Andrew Solano W RNC Emerald City 84KG R1 2021
John Combs W Inside heel hook Emerald City 84KG SF 2021
Eduardo “Zero Nove” Avelar W RNC NoGi Pan Am. 79KG R1 2021
Alan Sanchez W Kimura Emerald City 84KG F 2021
NickNicky’’ Ryan L Referee Decision WNO 8 83KG SPF 2021
Pierre Leclerc W Referee Decision BJJ Fanatics ABS SF 2021
Josh Bacallao L Pts: 2x0 NoGi Pan Am. 79KG 8F 2021
Caleb McCallister W Submission BJJ Fanatics ABS R1 2021
Italo Moura de Azevedo W Referee Decision NoGi Worlds 79KG R2 2021
Oliver Taza W Referee Decision NoGi Worlds 79KG 8F 2021
Daniel Lyons W Armbar ADCC EC Trials 77KG R3 2021
Dante Leon L Pts: 2x2, Adv NoGi Worlds 79KG 4F 2021
Dante Muschamp W Pts: 2x0 ADCC EC Trials 77KG R2 2021
Kyle Perkins W Inside heel hook ADCC EC Trials 77KG R4 2021
Steven Ramos W Pts: 4x0 ADCC EC Trials 77KG R5 2021
Kody Steele L Referee Decision ADCC EC Trials 77KG 3RD 2021
Alan Sanchez W Pts: 3x0 ADCC EC Trials 77KG 4F 2021
Kade Ruotolo L Pts: 2x0 ADCC EC Trials 77KG SF 2021
Javier Bejarano W Kimura ADCC WC Trials 77KG R1 2022
Joshua Dawson W RNC ADCC WC Trials 77KG R2 2022
Victor Medina W RNC ADCC WC Trials 77KG R4 2022
AJ “Leão” Agazarm W RNC ADCC WC Trials 77KG 4F 2022
Placido Santos W RNC ADCC WC Trials 77KG 8F 2022
Andrea “Andy” Varela L Referee Decision ADCC WC Trials 77KG SF 2022
Giancarlo Bodoni D --- UFC Inv. 2 ABS RR 2022
Chris Wojcik W Pts: 4x0 ADCC WC Trials 77KG 3RD 2022
Dante Leon W Referee Decision GrappleFest 12 NA SPF 2022
Christos Papadelos W RNC UFC Inv. 2 ABS RR 2022
Jeremy Pere W RNC SO Series VII 77KG R1 2022
Brady Wicklund W Inside heel hook SO Series VII 77KG 4F 2022
Tommy Lilleskog Langaker W Pts: 3x0 ADCC 77KG R1 2022
Chris Wojcik W Inside heel hook SO Series VII 77KG F 2022
Jonathan Torres W Pts: 4x0 ADCC 77KG 4F 2022
John Combs W Cross face SO Series VII 77KG SF 2022
Kade Ruotolo L Armbar ADCC 77KG SF 2022
Dante Leon L Armbar ADCC 77KG 3RD 2022
Kazushi Sakuraba D --- Quintet 4 ABS NA 2023
Dante Leon L Referee Decision 247 Fighting NA SPF 2023
Tomoshige Sera W RNC Quintet 4 ABS NA 2023
Nick Rodriguez D --- Quintet 4 ABS NA 2023
Matheus Chedid W Kneebar Main Character 83KG R1 2023
Andrew Henry Tackett L Referee Decision WNO 20 77KG SF 2023
Mica Galvao L Armbar WNO 20 77KG F 2023
Hunter Colvin W EBI/OT Main Character 83KG SF 2023
D. Asare W Inside heel hook Main Character 83KG 4F 2023
Ryan Aitken L EBI/OT Main Character 83KG F 2023

7. PJ Barch Top Fights

PJ Barch vs JT Torres | 2022 ADCC World Championships


2022 Match of The Year | Kade Ruotolo vs PJ Barch - 2022 ADCC World Championships

Onnit Invitational 9 with Renato Laranja : 170lb Finals : Pj Barch vs William Tacket

Andrew Tackett vs PJ Barch | Tezos WNO 20: Night Of Champions

Photo credit: @pbarch10p

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