Richie Martinez - Accomplished Black Belt in Jiu-Jitsu

Richie Martinez - Accomplished Black Belt in Jiu-Jitsu

1. Richie Martinez’s Details

Richie Martinez’s Details

Name Richard Martinez
Nickname Boogeyman
Born Oceanside, California, America
Date of Birth July 28, 1984,
Weight Division Middleweight
77kg/170 lbs
Last Weigh-in 169.8 lbs
Reach 76.5" (194  cm)
Disclosed Career Earnings N/A
College N/A
Pro MMA Record 3-2-0 (Win-Loss-Draw)
Rank Black Belt
Last Fight        BRAVE CF 1 2023
Favorite Position Japanese Necktie, Omoplata
Head Coach Eddie Bravo
Lineage Mitsuyo Maeda > Carlos Gracie (Senior) > Hélio Gracie > Carlos Gracie Júnior > Jean Jaques Machado > Eddie Bravo > Richie Martinez
Fighting out of San Diego, California
Team Association 10th Planet Jiu-Jitsu

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2. Richie Martinez's Biography

Richie Martinez is a highly accomplished black belt in jiu-jitsu. Born in California, Richie Martinez is also a representative of the 10th Planet Jiu-Jitsu Academy. He is commonly named “Boogeyman” and holds the title of multiple-time EBI finalist. Richie Martinez belongs to the “Freak Brothers'' group, being the brother of another successful and skilled BJJ fighter, Geo Martinez.

2.1. Richie Martinez’s Early Life

Richie Martinez and his brother were raised by a single mother who was  Miss Los Angeles and a Mexican Actress. Both Richie and Geo Martinez started their careers as breakdancers. They gained fame by participating in various b-boying breakdancing tournaments in different regions of California. Then in 2011, grappling grabbed Richie’s attention when he noticed his brother's victory at the Gracie Nationals Championship.

His brother so inspired Richie that he immediately decided to join the 10th Planet Vista Academy. Richie was trained there Under the supervision of Sean Bollinger, Richie underwent formal no-gi jiu-jitsu training.  once a week. In the remaining days, Richie focused on improving his grappling skills,  drilling challenging techniques at his home with his girlfriend. Once, Richie Martinez shared their career story in an interview. He said,

“When I first started Jiu-Jitsu, I had to drive for around one and a half or two hours just to go train, to the place where my brother and friends trained. So I was only able to make it to class once and sometimes twice a week if I was lucky.
But I wanted to get better, so what I did was that I would drill the same move I learned previously. And I would drill it with my girlfriend at the time – she is my wife now – because that was the only way I would get to train more often. I think it was a successful approach. It helped me understand the importance of drilling. But, at the same time, it was also a way to get my wife into Jiu-Jitsu. That has been awesome since she fell in love with BJJ as well – and she’s a brown belt now! With her hard work, he succeeded in achieving the brown belt.”

2.2. Richie Martinez’s Turning Point in BJJ

As Richie Martinez was a highly focused athlete and wanted to achieve more in jiu-jitsu, he decided to train at the 10th Planet headquarters, where Eddie Bravo was the main coach who taught advanced jiu-jitsu techniques to Richie. After gaining proficiency in BJJ, Richie made his first debut in 2013 in mixed martial arts and grappling. Richie competed in the Xplode Fight Series and got the victory in the first veto fights by applying the guillotine and rear naked choke techniques.

2.3. Richie Martinez’s Top Achievements

Richie Martinez competed in various top BJJ tournaments including Polaris, Metamoris, Quintet, and Submission Underground. Along with IBJJF tournaments, Richie showcased his incredible grappling skills in 5 professional fights in different promotions, such as Brave FC, Xplode FS Titan FC, etc.It is evident  through these achievements that Richie’s entire grappling record  is phenomenal. Richie used his favorite techniques, such as Omoplata and Japanese Necktie, to  defeat various top BJJ fighters.

2.4. Richie Martinez’s Rank Advancement

Both Richie and Geo Martinez got supreme recognition in the grappling circuit. They opened their own 10th Planet Freaks gyms. Richie’s gym was located in San Diego, while Geo’s gym is in Oceanside, California. On  January 3, 2015, at the grand opening ceremony of San Diego Academy, Eddie Bravo promoted Richie Martinez to black belt.

2.5. Richie Martinez’s Top Fight of All Time

The 2018 Quintet 2 was considered Richie’s top historic fight where he won against the famous fighter Kazushi Sakuraba. Richie attempted the Darce choke and submitted his opponent. Richie also defeated various top fighters in the NAGA World Championship using the signature Japanese Necktie.

2.6. Richie Martinez’s Professional Record

Richie Martinez holds the professional record of 31 wins with 20 losses in BJJ. Half of his submission wins were achieved via rear naked choke. Richie’s MMA record is also incredible with 3 wins by submission in under 60 seconds and 2 losses.

3.  Richie Martinez's Top Historic Fights

3.1. Richie Martinez vs Craig Jones

In 2023 Quintet 4, an electrifying match occurred between Richie Martinez and Craig Jones. Both fighters performed in the battle spectacularly, but ultimately Craig Jones won the match via toe hold.

Year Event Opponent W/L/D Method Stage Weight Class
2023 Quintet 4 Craig Jones Loss Toe Hold N/A ABS

3.2. Richie Martinez vs Jake Shields

In the 2020 Submission Underground 11, Richie Martinez faced  Jake Shields. In an incredible battle between both top fighters, Richie won the match based on the EBI/OT.

Year Event Opponent W/L/D Method Stage Weight Class
2020 SUG 11 Jake Shields Win EBI/OT SPF ABS

3.3. Don Stoner vs Richie Martinez

In the 2021 Submission Underground  23, Richie Martinez faced Don Stoner. Richie applied a Japanese Necktie, his signature submission technique, and won the match against  Don Stoner.

Year Event Opponent W/L/D Method Stage Weight Class
2021 SUG 23 Don Stoner Win Japanese Necktie SPF ABS

4. Richie Martinez's National and International Achievements

Year Event Medal/Position Weight Division
2014 EBI 1 Silver Silver Medal Icon Welterweight
2014 NAGA Phoenix Gold Gold Medal Icon 85 kg
2015 Onnit Invit. Silver Silver Medal Icon ABS
2015 Kakuto Challenge Silver Silver Medal Icon ABS
2016 Guatemala Open Bronze Bronze Medal Icon Middleweight
2016 NoGi Worlds Silver Silver Medal Icon 83KG
2017 Sapateiro 6 Bronze Bronze Medal Icon ABS
2018 Subversiv Silver Silver Medal Icon ABS
2018 Quintet 3 Bronze Bronze Medal Icon ABS

4.1. Richie Martinez's Main Achievements (Black Belt)

Year Event Belt Position
2016 Master 1 IBJJF World No-Gi Championship Black 2nd
2015 Onnit Invitational Black 2nd
2014 NAGA Phoenix, AZ Black 1st
2014 NAGA Las Vegas, NV Black 1st
2014 EBI I Invitational Black 2nd

5. Richie Martinez’s BJJ Professional Record Breakdown

62 Matches 30 Wins 22 Losses
By Points 0 2
By Advantages 0 0
By Submission 24 18
By Decision 0 1
By Penalties 0 0
By EBI/OT 7 1
Draw 9

5.1.  Methods of BJJ Submission W/L

Methods 24 Wins 18 Losses
RNC 2 0

6.  Richie Martinez’s MMA Fight History

Opponent W/L Method Competition Weight Stage Year
Ahmed Amir L Punches Brave CF 1: The Beginning Welterweight R1 2016
Le'Ville Simpson L Ground and Pound Titan FC 30 Welterweight R1 2014
Julian Hernandez W Japanese Necktie XFS: Twentynine Palms Fight Night N/A R1 2014
Edward Darby W Japanese Necktie XFS: Fire N/A R1 2014
Phelan Fleming W Rear Naked Choke XFS: Feast or Famine N/A R1 2013
Jeff Roman W Guillotine Choke TUFF Welterweight Championship Welterweight R3 2013
Fred Bulletts W Rear Naked Choke Tuff-N-Uff: Mayhem in Mesquite 2 Welterweight R1 2013

6.1 Submission Methods W/L

Methods Wins Losses
By Punches 0 1
By Ground and Pound 0 1
By Japanese Necktie 2 0
By Rear Naked Choke 2 0
By Guillotine Choke 1 0

7. Richie Martinez’s BJJ Fight History

Opponent W/L Method Competition Weight Stage Year
Damien Nitkin W Carney lock NAGA Las Vegas Medium Heavyweight 4F 2014
Gary Cruz W Japanese necktie NAGA Las Vegas Medium Heavyweight SF 2014
Matt Kaiser W Kimura EBI Medium weight 4F 2014
John Morgan W Omoplata EBI Medium weight R1 2014
Jake Swimney W Omoplata/RNC EBI Medium weight SF 2014
Joe Murphy W Japanese necktie NAGA Phoenix Medium Heavyweight SF 2014
Garry “Lion Killer” Tonon L Inside heel hook EBI Medium weight F 2014
Jose Cardinas W Japanese necktie NAGA Phoenix Medium Heavyweight F 2014
Dan Schon D --- Elite Submission Medium Heavyweight SPF 2014
Unknown W RNC ADCC US Trials Medium weight R1 2015
AJ “Leão” Agazarm L Toe hold ADCC US Trials Medium weight 8F 2015
Darragh OConaill L North-south choke EBI 3 Medium weight 4F 2015
Julio Cordova W Kneebar EBI 3 Medium weight R1 2015
Derrick Garza W Heel hook Onnit Invit. ABS 4F 2015
Jose Lianas W EBI/OT Onnit Invit. ABS SF 2015
Tex ‘’Aaron’’ Johnson W Heel hook Kakuto Challenge ABS SF 2015
Jose Portillo L Heel hook Onnit Invit. ABS F 2015
Blake Carroll W Heel hook Kakuto Challenge ABS 4F 2015
Karen darabedyan L Heel hook Kakuto Challenge ABS F 2015
Jimmy Friedrich W EBI/OT EBI 6 ABS R1 2016
Ryan Robinson W Heel hook FTW Pro 5 ABS SPF 2016
Matheus “Gorilla” Diniz L Violin armlock EBI 6 ABS 4F 2016
Kevin Casey D --- Metamoris 7 ABS SPF 2016
John Combs L Armbar Guatemala Open Medium Heavyweight SPF 2016
Euclides Barboza W Japanese necktie NoGi Worlds Medium Heavyweight SF 2016
Leonardo Oliveira W Omoplata NoGi Worlds Medium Heavyweight 4F 2016
Alan Finfou L Pts: 10x0 NoGi Worlds Medium Heavyweight F 2016
Chase Davis W EBI/OT Sapateiro 6 ABS R1 2017
Kevin Gallagher W EBI/OT Sapateiro 6 ABS 4F 2017
Daniel Hampton W Armbar F2W 37 ABS SPF 2017
Matthew Tesla L Outside heel hook Sapateiro 6 ABS SF 2017
Sergio Ardila L Botinha EBI 11 Medium weight R1 2017
Marcelo Mafra L Referee Decision FIVE Super League ABS SPF 2017
Matheus  “Gorilla”  Diniz L Pts: 7x0 Kasai Pro 2 Medium Heavy weight RR 2018
Craig Jones L Inside heel hook Kasai Pro 2 Medium Heavy weight 3RD 2018
Pierre Leclerc D --- Kasai Pro 2 Medium Heavy weight RR 2018
Felipe “Gargamel” Mota W Armlock Kasai Pro 2 Medium Heavy weight RR 2018
Joao Assis D --- Quintet II ABS N/A 2018
Kazushi Sakuraba W Darce choke Quintet II ABS N/A 2018
Samir Abdolakder W Heel hook Subversiv ABS SF 2018
H. ‘Giraffe’ Rida L Armbar Quintet II ABS N/A 2018
DJ Jackson L Kimura Subversiv ABS F 2018
Marcin Held W Shoulder lock Quintet 3 ABS SF 2018
Craig Jones L Terra footlock Quintet 3 ABS SF 2018
Rafael Lovato L Kimura World Festival ABS SPF 2019
M. Perhavec W RNC Polaris 10 Medium Heavy weight SPF 2019
Gleison Tibau W DQ KASAI SS Florida Medium Heavy weight SPF 2019
Enrico “Teenage Phenom” Cocco L Inside heel hook JitzKing Medium Heavy weight SPF 2020
Jake Shields W EBI/OT SUG ABS SPF 2020
Kevin Casey W EBI/OT SUG 16 ABS SPF 2020
Ben Egli W EBI/OT SUG 17 ABS SPF 2020
Austin Vanderford L EBI/OT SUG 13 ABS SPF 2020
CB Dolloway W Violin armlock SUG 20 ABS SPF 2020
Mason Fowler L Armbar SUG 21 ABS SPF 2021
Don Stoner W Japanese necktie SUG 23 ABS SPF 2021
Ben Dyson D --- Polaris Squads ABS RR 2021
Dan Strauss D --- Polaris Squads ABS RR 2021
Isaque Bahiense D --- Polaris 20 ABS RR 2022
Rida  ‘Giraffe’  Haisam D --- Quintet 4 ABS NA 2023
Kywan Gracie D --- Polaris 20 ABS RR 2022
Oliver Taza L Outside heel hook UFC Invitational ABS 4F 2022
Craig Jones L Toe hold Quintet 4 ABS NA 2023

8. Richie Martinez’s Top Fights

Richie Martinez vs Jeff Roman

Richie Martinez vs Fred Bulletts

Boogeyman Richie Martinez vs Edward Darby XFS Fire March 22, 2014

AJ Agazaram vs Richie Martinez ADCC Florida

Photo Credit: @boogeyman_tfs

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