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Muay Thai Training, Finding The Style That Is True To You

Muay Thai Training, Finding The Style That Is True To You

There is more than one way of doing things in life, this is exactly the case with Muay Thai. The method that you can use and it gets the job done effectively is great until you stumble upon a better one. As everyone is not the same so one method does not work for everyone. Also, the myth that one style can dominate all is completely false. As you travel the path of finding one true style doesn't become the prey of this. The following are the things that will help you develop a style that is true to you.

1. Developing your style

Choosing the right style for yourself is not a child’s play and the process you have to go through to develop that style is time-consuming. Of course, with patience, practice, and effort as you continuously sharpen your skills and cover the weaknesses. Sparring, drills, input from your teammates, and instructions of your coach or coaches will make the base firm. This is why choosing the right coach is very important. Here is a guide, what qualities to look for in a Muay Thai coach, have a look if you already don’t know.

Learn the basics and master them before moving on to finding your style and working on that. As you are done with the basics and are a master of it, there still would be plenty of time to find and develop your style. Only, now it will be more effective and work better.

2. Working up the levels

To better understand the sport, you have to see it from the perspective of a pro. So, the first step is to take yourself at that level. Now, the question is how to get there? By improving, becoming efficient, cover your weaknesses, etc. of course, these things come with practice and time. In the process, as you will becoming better, the understanding of Muay Thai will become clearer. Thus, finding your style and perfecting it will be easier. The following are some tips that will help you in the process.

3. Use the body to your advantage

What you think is right for you can be wrong, that is why the coach’s input is important. They will tell you the weaknesses and how to cover those and decide which style will suit you the most. For instance, Muay Femur is best for short heightened fighters and those who lack power, while the tall ones are more suited for Muay Khao. If these words don’t mean anything in your dictionary then we suggest having a look at different Muay Thai fighting styles.

4. Homework!

Just like in school, your Muay Thai grades will become better as you work hard for it. Working on yourself rather than on the mats and gym will take you a long way. Hey, wait for a second, what is the homework? Flaws, weaknesses, things you overlook and points your teammates and especially the coach pointed out. Doing homework regularly is most important when trying to find your style.

Other than that, reading about different Muay Thai styles, how they work, watching your favorite fighters and learning for your opponents are useful methods. The theory is important too and will help you with your efforts. Being as excited as you were when buying or finding your Muay Thai gear for the first time and we assure you finding your style won’t seem like a mountain of hurdles.

5. Model group of techniques

Saying there are just two Muay Thai styles is an oversimplification. Let’s say there are two categories, one in which you strike long-range attacks and keep the distance and the other where you get up close to opponent while keeping the guard up. These are known as “Saenchai and Jongsanan” styles respectively. A personal combination of different styles helps build up the right style. Both these styles will not make a perfect style so you have to make a combination.

6. Training your triggers

Train and train so much that it becomes second nature. The memory muscle automatically activates itself, making it like the muscle is thinking on its own. This makes your reaction to the moves faster and effective. The next step would be to work on countering the attack rather than just blocking or dodging. 

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