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What Qualities to Look For When Searching For Muay Thai Trainer

What Qualities to Look For When Searching For Muay Thai Trainer

Not every trainer is equal, while there are good trainers you will surely see a few odds and corrupted ones. Often, students believe and follow their masters, most of them are blind followers and ready to do anything asked by their masters. But telling someone their master or trainer is corrupt will only result in the opposite. Yet they are in despair but they have to find out the truth themselves. When searching for Muay Thai trainers you should look for some qualities to find out the right one. Here we are talking about martial arts trainer, and these tips can be used to find out a true trainer in any martial art form.

1. Knowledge

Kick boxing is said to be closely related to kickboxing but they aren’t the same. If learning kickboxing and Muay Thai are the same to you, if it is just for fitness or self-defense then carry on. But if you want to learn the art then finding the right trainer is more important than wearing the Muay Thai rash guards. In the beginning you will accept whatever the trainer says because you don’t know. However, there is a solution i.e. you should have known better if you were so keen to learn! Don’t, ignore and overlook things, do your research. Anyways, here is an example, if your leg is bent at most 90-degrees when you kick it is all just wrong and the trainer who told you so is most probably also not the one. Straight leg impact is correct.

2. Certifications

Don’t trust a piece of paper and do your research. Ask the trainer for their background and don’t blindly trust everything they say. If you are looking for good Muay Thai trainer then of course, look for one that has expertise in the Muay Thai. Some trainers have black belt in some other martial art, do short certification course in Muay Thai and call themselves certified professional trainer.

3. Trainer’s commitment and dedication

Just in the beginning you cannot judge if the trainer cares about you or not, give it some time. Then if you feel like they don’t give a shit, it's time to move on. There are trainers who are the best and have potential but they just don’t care about everyone single one of you. Mostly these crap trainers focus on their buddies, highest paying members, girls, and prize students.

Asking them about your techniques, flaws, how to improve, how to become better, can they give you some extra time and actually give you time that will help you improve are some ways to find out if they are the right ones. Finding the best and right trainer might take time, it might be long, boring, tiring, and killing but this is the most important step and will decide your future.

They will be a deciding factor in developing your muay thai style, here is how to develop your own style.

4. Passion for it

Having passion for the martial art form, which in this case is Muay Thai, will not only let trainers improve themselves but also let them teach you better. If someone is doing it just for money then over time, they will lose the passion and enthusiasm thus it will lead to poor attention towards students which makes them bad trainer. When they are good and just with what they do trainers will work to improve and help students out which will make them better.

5. Trainer-Disciple understanding

If both of you are passionate but don’t have an understanding then everything will go in vain. A connection cannot be forced but you can try. If someone is best trainer in your city or country, they don’t have to be the perfect one for you. However, also don’t go for trainers who don’t know anything else but their frequency matches yours. Go out there, try and change trainers to find the best one for you, and when you do stay with them.

6. Experience in martial art

Even though this is not the most important thing but matters a lot in finding the right trainer. Teaching and training are a skill but great trainers don’t have to be great fighters and practitioner. However, they should at least have some ring or real fighting experience. Thailand training experience, connection to the roots gives them little extra points.

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