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Develop Your Unique Muay Thai Martial Art Style

Develop Your Unique Muay Thai Martial Art Style

Whatever the goal may be, there are multiple ways to reach it. Just like that in martial arts either your goal is to learn self-defense, become a professional, or just for fitness, there are plenty of martial arts to choose from. Of course, no one is complete we all lack in one way or the other. So are the different martial art forms. However, if you have selected Muay Thai and decided to stick with it, now is the time to get better at it. If a person can learn how to take advantage of situations, how to use what they have as leverage, finding an opponent’s weak points and striking them would be successful. But results won’t be great if you are following someone, trying to shadow or copy someone. Thus, developing your personal style is the thing to do.

Muay Thai

Speed things up and learn how to get better at it, but remember there are no shortcuts. Do not take one even if you find it! Apart from the tips and doing things properly dedication, consistency, and effort would be needed to form your side to improve your efficiency and accuracy. Learn from the seniors, self-evaluation, keeping track and then change things accordingly. The correct and precise way of finding the right style is through learning from your coach or advance fighter or else you can develop a habit that is not allowed. It might not even be Muay Thai.

Understand and grow

Developing a personal style is not something that can be done in an instant this comes with time and effort. It is completely fine to adopt or follow the style of your ideal or what you like but with time try to put some personal effort and mend it according to your liking. Adapting different styles is also not easy. Rather than changing your style completely try to amend things you like from different styles, different techniques to your current style. This will give the style your taste and make it your own. Give it the due respect, follow instructions and wear Muay Thai gear, respect your seniors and juniors these things will teach you the essence of Muay Thai.

However, remember just doing some technique does not make your style unique. After you have chosen how to twist and bend the style to your liking, perfect it. Thinking that some particular style is made for some particular body and skill is utter nonsense. Try if you don’t believe, just keep on trying until you succeed. And you just proved yourself wrong, how about that! Making a firm grip on the basics is very important because if the base is not strong, how can one build a skyscraper on it. Learn them like your second nature, and there would be plenty of time for modern style.

Personalize things

Once the basics are strong enough and you are allowed to spar and compete in matches and competitions often now it is time to bring some change to your game. By now you will start to get technical input and instructions form your coach. This is also when you can judge if the coach is true to you, do they pay attention and can help you grow or not. This is the time to develop your game from others, be unique depending on where you lack and what things you can do better. Of course, trainers, coaches, teammates can observe and give you feedback, however recording yourself and watching that later can also help you may.

For instance, a short guy can go for brutal and straight-up fast strikes. A tall guy can use knees and elbows efficiently, perform locks efficiently. While working on your attacks don’t forget to master defense and shield. Do not lose hope if this is not your style. For example, a short guy that cannot fight tall opponents or have continuous struggle should just change the style of the martial art form. There is no shame in a change, in fact, it is better than damaging your skills and yourself.

Do homework

After getting the feedback, they have don’t their work now it is your time. Work with the trainer, ask questions, take the feedback positively, do homework, and give time to it after or before the training session. Keep in mind some sessions will be painful and you could be scolded on too, wounds and bruises are a part of the training. Don’t be afraid and don’t give up and things will turn out fine. Muay Thai demands its due respect if you want returns.


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