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Explaining The Different Types Of Muay Thai Fighting

Explaining The Different Types Of Muay Thai Fighting

As you get into Muay Thai you will know how brutal this art of 8 limbs is. There is a lot more than punches and kicks. This martial art form also teaches you how to use an opponent’s techniques against them and strategically playing the game bringing the opponent into your game. In the beginning, you will not realize these things and you are not allowed either but with the passage of time the door of enlightenment will open upon you shining the holy light. Just so you know there is more than just one style in Muay Thai and each one differs from the other.

However, whatever type of martial art it is you will have to wear the Muay Thai gear and clothes required. Watching the fighters, you love and look up to will certainly give you motivation and carry you on the path without making the journey boring. Analyzing your own moves, improving your weaknesses and learning from others are a few ways you can make your game better. And make it unique by adding your touch to it. The following are the most popular styles of Muay Thai used professionally.

Muay Mat

This is an aggressive style specializing in heavy punches and low kicks and professionally known as charge forward, as its strategy tells. Delivering instant damage, the goal is to a knockout opponent even at the cost of taking damage. Destroying the opponent’s footwork with low kicks while heavy punches add more to it. Wearing your opponent down – approach is the core of this technique but for this, you need to have blasting stamina so that you could last to the end and finish off the technique when the opponent wears down. The final knockout punch to the chin, in the end, is a personal favorite move. Striking on pressure points constantly requires immense strength, stamina, strategy, and dedication. The defense is very little because you are focusing and giving you all in offense always toe to toe.

Muay Khao

This Muay Thai style is known for its deadly knee strikes that have enough power to end the match in a single strike when delivered right. For this you have to be physically strong, it is better is that you are stronger than your opponent so taking over, clinching and knee attacks could be easy and effective delivered with full power. Mainly clinching is used to transfer the control of the game to your side which is followed by knees that target the abdomen ribs, solar plexus, chin, and face.

Petchboonchu is one of the greatest fighters of Muay Khao of all time and is also a World Champion. Deadly Knee Of The Mekong is what he is known for in the ring. There are many other fighters that you can watch and learn from and even get motivation from. But don’t try to be second Petchboonchu because no one wants to be the first you. This can be done by developing your unique style in Muay Thai and perfecting it. Don’t try too hard to develop a unique style that you ruin your game.

Muay Tae

In this style, kicks are the main weapon. You will see roundhouse kicks to wherever you can very often. Think of this as hitting opponent legs until they are weak and have no power. If delivered right these kicks can even finish the match and knockout in one blow. To get the most out of it twist your entire body keeping one-foot firm drawing power.

Muay Femur

This style shows the real beauty and the what of an art Muay Thai is. While some fighters use opponent’s tactics against them and others break your weapons one by one, i.e. the eight limbs remember. The attacks are usually from a distance, keeping a balance between offense and defense.

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