Mikey Musumeci Announces Partnership With Meta: “So Excited”

Mikey Musumeci Announces Partnership With Meta: “So Excited”

Mikey Musumeci has just announced a  collaboration with Meta, one of the top technology companies in the world. This move is considered highly significant in the entire grappling community. The actual financial value of this agreement is not disclosed. Most athletic partnerships remain confined to  BJJ-related brands and communities, while only a few competitors acquire the golden opportunity to formulate impeccable sponsorship deals with major global organizations.

One of the most historical sponsorship agreements was developed 2022 under Gordon Ryan’s control. This sponsorship deal was undoubtedly worthwhile in  BJJ history. During the same period, Gordon Ryan also secured a thrilling Bitcoin Cash sponsorship deal,  in which the company provided $100,000 to Ryan to organize promotional campaigns. Gordon Ryan is certainly a top-notch personality in the sport, so he can be expected to utilize his status to secure bigger deals.

The agreement between Erich Munis and Reebok, a well-established brand that has signed bigger deals with top jiu-jitsu fighters, has recently become known. Although the financial value of this agreement is hidden, it can be expected that a hefty amount has been provided based on the business value. There are numerous similar top deals, but Mikey’s deal is highly noteworthy. The specific details of the deal remain unclear, but the Meta CEO’s sparring with Musumeci clearly explains their prior relationship.

Mikey shared the news of his partnership in a recent post on his official Instagram account:

So excited to announce my partnership with @meta I want to thank my friend @zuck for these cool products!!!! My new Ray Ban Metas Ai glasses and @metaquest 3!!!! They are the coolest things ever!!

Photo credit: @mikeymusumeci

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