Erich Munis Announced His New Sponsorship Deal with Reebok Brazil

Erich Munis Announced His New Sponsorship Deal with Reebok Brazil

Erich Munis, Dream Art representative, announced another big news after moving to Fratres Jiu-Jitsu a few weeks ago. He just signed the sponsorship contract with Reebok. Sponsorship is most often offered by big organizations Reebok is a huge competitor and it is really hard to beat Reebok in the competition. Munis have not yet disclosed any financial facts about the sponsorship deal, but it can be considered that this sponsorship must be in multiple figures and will have a great impact on his personal and competing life. 

Erich Munis revealed this news in Portuguese through an Instagram post expressing his happy feelings about having a great brand as his sponsor. He also thanked them for believing and investing in him. Here is the link for Erich Munis’s Instagram post.

In 2023, among eight BJJ legends who left their dream art to join Fratres Jiu-Jitsu, Erich Munis was also one of them. This year, 2023 seemed to be an important year for making the most important decisions for Munis.    

Munis received his Black Belt in 2020 with his two brothers, Alex and Anderson. He emerged as one of the top BJJ competitors after his black belt promotion. In his first world championship as a black belt, he defeated both Felipe Pena and Fellipe Andrew in the series.

In the world championship 2022, he faced Nicholas Meregali in the final of both weight and absolute weight divisions and won gold in super-heavyweight and silver in the absolute weight division. As both competitors won one of the finals, the rivalry stopped there.

Later, Nicholas Meregali again defeated the Munis in the final of the IBJJF Pan Championship 2023 in the absolute weight division. Now a rematch is expected between both fighters in the world championship 2023. If Munis will be declared the winner, there will be a fantastic match between both fighters in WNO for $20,000.  

Photo Credit: @erichmunisbjj

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