ADCC Announces Changes To Referee Training Program

ADCC Announces Changes To Referee Training Program

ADCC’s Head Coordinator, Mo Jassim, has just announced a few alterations that he is going to make to the current ADCC referee training program. Although ADCC’s experts are putting their efforts into providing the ideal sparring to both referees and judges, still, this decision is still taken to implement new and innovative changes in the training program. The new alterations will exert a significant impact on the game. Now the entire focus is diverted to their main responsibilities instead of covering both aspects of the match.

Jassim also shared another significant piece of news:  he will conduct the Referee Seminar in January, which will be held in Southern California. This is surely pleasant news for everyone, as BJJ enthusiasts can join and learn a lot from Jassim. He also shared his upcoming plans to hire more talented referees and judges who will significantly contribute to the top BJJ tournaments. This news is extremely exciting for all fighters as they can confidently enjoy the fair and thrilling outcomes of the match. If humans are given the chance to deal with judgment, there is a possibility of some errors, but these positive alterations will surely be error-free and elevate the standard of both judging and refereeing at ADCC tournaments. History clearly shows various events that gained popularity due to false judgments, but this effort of ADCC to upgrade the quality should be appreciated as it will make the adjudication process error-free.

ADCC shared the news of their upcoming changes in the referee training program in a recent post on their official Instagram account.

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