Jean Jaques Machado to Be Inducted into the 2024 ADCC Hall of Fame

Jean Jaques Machado to Be Inducted into the 2024 ADCC Hall of Fame

Jean Jacques Machado, a 7th-degree BJJ coral belt and one of the most revered jiu-jitsu masters, is ready to be inducted into the 2024 ADCC Hall of Fame.

Jean Jacques Machado debuted in ADCC in 1999 and bagged his first ADCC gold medal that year in the 77 kg weight division. The next year, in 2000, Machado submitted all of its opponents through well-executed and precise finishes, winning his way to the finals. In the final round, Machado faced Renzo Gracie and after an intense match managed to secure a silver medal.

Machado made another spectacular appearance at the 2001 ADCC Championship, however, a setback kept him from securing a winning title in his weight division (77 kg). Jean refused to accept defeat and decided to compete in the absolute division only to win another ADCC silver medal.

In his last ADCC appearance, Machado competed in a 2005 ADCC Superfight Championship against Dean Lister , the winner of the 2002 ADCC North American Trials in 99 kg.

Though Machado’s victories at various prestigious BJJ competitions are noteworthy; however, his ADCC victories are highly commendable considering he was 31 years old at the time of his debut match. As a coach also, his contributions to the world of jiu-jitsu and grappling are unforgettable. He has produced BJJ celebrities and legends like Eddie Bravo , Joe Rogan , Chuck Norris, Richard Norton, and Todd White.

The ADCC team took to its official Instagram handle to share the news of three-time ADCC medalist, Jean Jacques Machado’s induction into the 2024 ADCC Hall of Fame class.

1999: Gold Medal - 77kg

2000: Silver Medal - 77 kg

2001: Silver Medal - Absolute”

Photo Credit: @adcc_official

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