How To Tie A Belt In Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

How To Tie A Belt In Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

Wearing a belt is an essential part of a martial arts uniform (Gi, Dobok, Judo gi Shaolin Robe) It shows your rank and supports your Gi. Generally in martial arts and specifically in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, the belt is regarded with reverence and a symbol of respect. No matter what,you cannot desecrate the belt of the opponent. You must have observed that during sparring and grappling competitions, fighters have to tie them multiple times. For the beginners, it is difficult to keep the belt tied but for the experienced fighters they know different ways to tie the belt. Let’s explore more ways to tie a BJJ belt.

1. Steps To Tie A Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Belt

There are many options available to tie a belt. Some people prefer tight belts on their waist and some keep it loose. Those fighters who play with the lapel of the BJJ gi, they like to keep it loose. By tightening the belt, you may give your opponent a chance to play worm guard.

1.1. The Core Method To Tie A Jiu-Jitsu Belt

The first method to tie a belt is the basic one which jiu-jitsu , judo or karate fighters follow. This is the method for beginners especially with no prior knowledge of any grappling combat sport. Follow the below mentioned steps to tie a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu belt.

  1. Take a belt and identify the half or mid point on the belt
  2. Keep the belt on the navel and take the both sides aroundt your back
  3. Cross and pass around to bring both sides on the front
  4. Do not forget to check that both sides of the belt are of the same length
  5. Now turn the right strand over the left one and then pass every layer of the belt from bottom to top.
  6. Now the knot is created.

1.2. The Pro Way To Tie a Belt

BJJ professionals prefer to tie the belt knot hard for their fights. They don't want to see the belt undone as they think it hinders their fight strategy. In history, judokas preferred to tie belts hard. This step is identical to the first one except the looping process is different.

The steps to tie a belt in a pro way are:

  1. Identify the middle part of the belt and then take both ends to the back, cross and bring at front.
  2. Then pass the left layer under the right and pull all the layers to bring at top
  3. Now cross the right side of the belt under the first layer of the belt moving towards the left side. This will create a loop from the bottom to go through.

1.3. The Gracie Barra Way to Tie a Belt?

Most of the fighters do not opt for this style as it frequently opens and distracts. The only difference between the Gracie Barra way and other ways is that the belt is not looped under the different layers of the belt but instead tied directly.

1.4. Double Water Knot

The double water knot is said to be an unbreakable knot in BJJ.

Follow the below mentioned steps for this knot.

  1. Tie a granny knot at one end of the belt
  2. Then take the opposite end of the belt around your abdomen and bring it in front.
  3. Holding two ends in front now ties a double water knot.

The benefit of a double water knot is that it doesn't slip or untie. It firmly holds your Gi.

1.5. Super Lock Way

Follow these steps

  1. First take both lapels of the Gi in either hand and fold the right side under the left.
  2. Now take the both ends of the belt and wrap around your waist and bring at front.
  3. Place it in the center and now fold your stripes part of the belt under the loops. Adjust for tightness.x
  4. Now take the tail end of your belt and put it under the two loops
  5. Now, take the stripes part of the belt and go under the loop you created
  6. Inside the first loop of the belt in the loop to adjust tightness.

1.6. How Rener Gracie Tie A BJJ Belt

2. Why Tie Your Belt?

Tying a belt shows a sign of respect for and goes both ways. It is also about following the rules of jiu-jitsu. It's a good thing to tie your belt mid-roll after you grab your opponent or your opponent grabs you.

Tying your belt is necessary to close your lapels. The thick Gi uniform protects your body from various injuries and disadvantageous positions.

Your body remains safe from worm guard attack and galaxy guard. Your belt is your first layer of self-defense.

3. Which Method Should I Choose To Tie Belt In Jiu-Jitsu?

Well! There are many reasons to think which method to choose to tie a belt during a fight.

If your opponent is good at handling lapel then go for a hard tie. Otherwise the pro way to tie a belt is also good for a secure fight. This will give you some edge while moving forward.

In competitions during reset breaks, some referees allow only 20 seconds of time to tie a belt. Exceeding the time limit might result in the penalty for the fighter.

4. Summary

It is essential to wear belts during Jiu-Jitsu fights as it is a sign of regard. Learn to tie the belt by using different methods as untying of belt during fights may cause hindrance in your rolling.

Whether you follow a Gracie barra way or a pro way to tie a belt, you must not be distracted and your gi should remain in place to protect you from different injuries.

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