An Ultimate Guide About Ninja Choke BJJ

An Ultimate Guide About Ninja Choke BJJ

The gentle art, Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, uses leverage to defeat the opponent. BJJ Gi is a uniform used in jiu-jitsu training, The Gi helps in the application and execution of various techniques on the mat. As the uniform is sturdy enough to use as an extension of the grappler's body. Today we are going to talk about one of the Gi techniques that will help to grab your opponent off guard. The technique is BJJ Ninja Choke.

1. What Is Ninja Choke in BJJ?

The ninja choke BJJ is considered a gi-strangle. This technique is usually applied from the side control position and you can apply it if you are inside the control position.

Once a ninja choke is executed, it helps to finish most of the fighters.

2. Lapel Choke From The Top (Gi Submission)

The ninja choke BJJ is the lapel choke from the top. Apply this technique from the side control position or attempt it from the Kesa Gatame pin. The effective strategy is to use shoulder pressure and transition to mount. Your opponent will perceive you as staying in a defensive position. It will keep the opponent confused. The process is:

  1. Open the Gi and grab the far side bottom lapel. (Gripping the Gi from the middle may not give enough space to execute north-south. Gripping the lapel from the near side does not work and gives an opponent a chance to escape).
  2. Stretch the lapel to the choking arm. Then move from north/south to loop the lapel around the opponent's neck.
  3. The new transition removes the slack and tightens the choke.
  4. Move your head to the far hip to increase pressure on the neck. Squeeze until your opponent taps.

3. How is Ninja Choke Originated?

A ninja choke is similar to a guillotine choke with some variation in the grip. Normally, ninja refers to D’arce/RNC grip.

The grapplers with long necks and arms or the opponents with skinny bodies and long necks, can lace a guillotine grip around the body and then catch your bicep just like a D’arce choke.

The ninja choke gives you an edge that you don't need to modify or attempt for any guard, As the figure four lock is compatible with guillotine and self-defenses, when you attempt it, the opponent will fall down and then put all of your body force on the opponent's neck. The more you squeeze, the earlier is to get the submission.

Still, ninja choke has many names. It is also referred to as the power guillotine and it was first observed in MMA fights. The WEC champion Miquel Torres defeated Chase Beebe via ninja choke.

4. How To Do A Ninja Choke (No-Gi Submission)?

The in-depth knowledge of Brazilian Jiu-jitsu gives you a variety of options to execute BJJ techniques. You can execute a ninja choke when you have complete proficiency over a guillotine choke. 

Suppose your opponent escapes from a guillotine choke. When your opponent removes your choking hand, you can attempt to place the choking hand again under his chin but this requires extra force. Your opponent will try to remove your one arm with his two arms. Meanwhile, you can use your free hand for choking.

Continuous switching between guillotine choke and ninja choke will irritate your opponent, it will wear him down and then the ultimate result is the success of your submission attempt either by guillotine or ninja choke.

4.1. Follow these ninja choke steps:

  • Start with a guillotine choke.
  • Your opponent will try to remove the choking arm with two arms. Replace it with a free arm.
  • Attempt figure four choking by placing hands on the bicep of the other arm.
  • Release a non-choking hand on the opponent's back.
  • Now drop down your non-choking elbow and lift up your choking arm and squeeze your opponent.
  • The fight will finish with ninja choke submission.

5. Bruised Throat With Ninja Choke BJJ

The ninja choke BJJ can cause severe injury to the throat. The problems include:

  • Sore Throat
  • Difficulty in Swallowing
  • Trouble in Breathing
  • Hoarse Voice

These injuries can be cured by taking rest from the training and using ice packs to reduce the aftermath of inflammation in the throat.

6. Ninja Choke Variations

6.1. Single Leg Takedown Defense

It is when you are on a single leg, try to fight with your head. Place your hand on the back of the neck for a collar tie. Your ground leg should be a little far away then fold your torso over the neck of your opponent, and put all your body weight on the back to make him immovable.

Now, you will attempt a sweep. Cross hook your running foot onto his right knee and grab from his belt. Now grab from his right sleeve and by pushing your foot in, pick him up as high as possible and then dominate your opponent.

The other variation is to hold the kimura for the execution of single-leg takedown defense.

6.2. Power Guillotine

When your opponent holds you against the cage and ignores the hand drop, you can attempt a headlock or ninja choke. You can force your opponent into submission by bringing him to the ground or coming over it.

6.3. Ninja Choke From Guillotine Attack

When you come try to hook your opponent with your arm, take the opposite leg outside. Your opponent will try to put your hand off. Bring your free hand right under his chin and hold your bicep and lower his back through your elbow. Then, lift your arm for the choke.

7. Ninja Choke BJJ Submissions

Following are some of the ninja choke submissions observed in MMA and UFC fights.

7.1. Featherweight Quarter Finals 2019

Alex Gilpin fought impressively against Andre Harrison in a featherweight quarter-final. Andre had an incredible talent and rarely experienced any loss but during this fight, the fighters found themselves in a compressed situation. Either they have to tap and accept the defeat or get into an unconscious state or prodigious splitting.

7.2. Andre Galvao Ninja Choke Finish

In this fight, Galvao attempted a crazy standing choke on Danny Abu at the 2005 Paulista Jiu-Jitsu tournament.

8. Conclusion

If you find your opponent in a more defensive position, you can leave the ninja choke and attempt to mount through the torso position. This move will threaten the opponent and force him to choose and react according to your action plan. This game plan is to pressurize the opponent to choose a choke or experience the pressure of the most dominating position in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Ninja choke BJJ is quite a situational and technical move, it is not easy to execute. If you drill with your partner and practice this move, it will add more diversity to your techniques.

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