Charles Oliveira The “Do Bronx” - One of the Best Fighters in UFC History

Charles Oliveira The “Do Bronx” - One of the Best Fighters in UFC History

1. Charles Oliveira’s Details

Name Charles Oliveria
Nickname Do Bronx
Born Guarujá, São Paulo, Brazil
Date of Birth October 17, 1989
Nationality Brazilian
College/University N/A
Last Fight May 7, 2022 in UFC
Last Weigh In 155.5 lbs
Weight Class Featherweight
Weight 156 lbs
Height 5’10”
Reach 74.0’’
Career Disclosed Earnings $1,247,600
Fighting out of São Paulo, Brazil
Foundational style Grappling
Favorite Position N/A
Rank 3rd Degree Black Belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
Awarded By Ericson Cardoso and Jorge “Macaco” Patino
Trainer Diego Lima & Jorge Patino
Lineage Carlos Gracie -> Hélio Gracie -> Rickson Gracie -> Marcelo Behring -> Waldomiro Perez -> Jorge Patino -> Charles Oliveira
Team/Association Macaco Gold Team
Chute Boxe Diego Lima

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2. Charles Oliveira’s Biography

Charles Oliveira, born on October 17, 1989, is a professional Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and mixed martial artist. He has earned multiple UFC records with the highest submission wins and finishes. He is the current UFC Lightweight Champion and #5 in the UFC Men’s Pound for Pound rankings.

2.1. Charles Oliveira’s Early life and Amateur Fighting

A Dream of Becoming a Professional Fighter and Setbacks

Charles Oliviera was born in a poor family in the tourist town of Guaruja, São Paulo, Brazil.

He began playing football at the age of seven, with aspirations of becoming a professional player. However, when he was seven, he started feeling ill, experiencing constant aches in his body as well as difficulty walking. In some cases, he was unable to use his legs.

He was diagnosed with rheumatic fever and a heart murmur, both of which had a serious impact on his ankle. The doctor warned his family that he may become paraplegic if the condition continued.

Although Charles was faced with many obstacles, he was initiated into Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu by a neighbor named Paulo. Despite the fact that his family was on a tight budget, the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu gym instructor provided sessions for free as a part of a social initiative.

Oliveira’s family contributed to his training by selling roadside snacks and discarded cardboard to get money to pay for lessons .

Unfortunately, Paulo was killed when he was unlucky enough to be in the crossfire of a gunfight when Charles was 14 years old.

Charles Oliveria started training in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu under the tutelage of Roger Coehlo when he was 12 years old. He won his first major title as a white belt the following year.

In 2019, Charles received his black belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu under the instruction of Ericson Cardoso and Jorge “Macaco” Patino.

2.2. Charles Oliveira’s Historic Fights

In 2007, Charles began his career, achieving a record of 12-0, which included five submissions and six knockouts. He also won multiple achievements in three separate tournaments on the same night.

Circuito Nacional de Vale-Tudo Amador

In the amateur MMA event, Circuito Nacional de Vale-Tudo Amador, Charles fought his first match with Rui Machado. Charles was successful in beating him with an armbar within 15 seconds of the first round.

Predator Fight Championship Promotion

Predator FC 9 - Welterweight Grand Prix

Charles made his first professional appearance in March 2008, at the Predator Fight Championship. It was a one-night tournament named “Predator FC 9 - Welterweight Grand Prix,” where the competitors had to fight three times.

In the first fight , Charles won against Jackson Pontes by applying a read-naked choke.

In the second bout , Charles fought against Viscardi Andrade and won via TKO punches.

In the final match , Charles faced Diego Braga and defeated him as well by a TKO in Round 1 of the bout.

“Kawai Arena” Promotion 2008

In December 2008, at the first event of “Kawai Arena,” Charles debuted in the Lightweight Division by winning against Mehdi Baghdad, a future UFC fighter.

“Korea Fight” Tournament

After competing in the Kawai Arena promotion, Charles joined another event, “Korea Fight,” where he won against Eien Silva and Daniel Fernandes.

Charles won against three competitors in a row, including Alexandre Bezerra, a Bellator veteran, and won another fight via split decision against Eduardo Pachu.

In 2010, Charles won twice in a single night once again by defeating Diego Battaglia via KO and Rosenildo Rocha via a rear-naked choke.

2.3. Ultimate Fighting Championship 2010

Charles Oliveira signed with the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) and made his first debut against Darren Elkins. Due to visa complications, this fight was originally set for The Ultimate Fighter:
Team Ritz vs. Team Liddell, but it was rescheduled for the UFC Live: Jones vs. Matyushenko.

Charles Oliveira vs. Darren Elkins

About 42 seconds into Round 1, Charles subdued Elkins with an armbar. Charles was put down by Elkins early in the fight but he quickly recovered and attempted a triangle choke before moving to an armbar, forcing his opponent to tap out.

He was awarded the Submission of the Night award for his constant hard work.

Charles Oliveira vs. Efrain Escudero

The following night at UFC Fight Night 22, Charles fought against Efrain Escudero. Charles applied a standing rear-naked choke in Round 3 and defeated Efrain Escudero, taking the title.

Charles had won the Submission of the Night award two times in a row in the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

Charles Oliveira vs. Jim Miller

In December 2010, at UFC 124, Charles went down against Jim Miller. Charles was swiftly brought down via kneebar in Round 1. It was Charle’s first loss of his professional wrestling career.

2.4. Ultimate Fighting Championship 2011

Charles Oliveira vs. Nik Lentz

In June 2011, Charles competed against Nik Lentz at UFC Live: Kongi vs. Bary. The fight came to an end in Round 2 when Charles hit Nik with an illegal knee that went unnoticed by the referee and the dazed Nik Lentz was subdued by a rear-naked choke.

The Pennsylvania State Athletic Commission overturned the decision and declared the match a no-contest after investigating the incident.

Both fighters were awarded Fight of the Night awards for their back and forth action.

Charles Oliveira vs. Donald Cerrone

In November 2011, at the UFC 138 main event, Charles was expected to face Joe Lauzon.

Charles, who was filling in for an injured Paul Taylor at UFC on Versus 5, instead faced Donald Cerrone in August 2011. He was knocked out in Round 1 by TKO within three minutes of the round.

Charles’s trainer stated that after going 0-2-1 NC in his last three fights, Charles intended to move down to the Featherweight Division to better his chances of winning.

2.5. Ultimate Fighting Championship 2012

Charles Oliveira vs. Eric Wisely

In January 2012, Charles faced a promotional newcomer, Eric Wisely, in the Featherweight Division. Charles subdued his opponent with a reverse calf slicer submission in Round 1.

Charles Oliveira vs. Jonathan Brookins

In June 2012, at the Ahead of The Ultimate Fighter 16 Finale, Charles fought with Jonathan Brookins. He used his speed to outstrike Brookins and eventually won the fight by an anaconda choke in Round 2.

Charles Oliveira vs. Cub Swanson

In September 2012, at the UFC 152 main event, Charles fought Cub Swanson. Cub began hitting Charles with body shots early in Round 1, which appeared to be hurting the Brazilian fighter. Immediately after, Cub connected with an overhand right, knocking Charles to the ground and earning Swanson a knockout victory.

2.6. Ultimate Fighting Championship 2013

Charles Oliveira vs. Frankie Edgar

In July 2013, at UFC 162, Charles competed against Frankie Edgar and was defeated via decision. Both fighters were awarded Fight of the Night awards for their outstanding performances in the ring.

Charles Oliveira vs. Estevan Payan Withdraw

At UFC 166 in October 2013, Charles was scheduled to fight against Estevan Payan.

Estevan was forced to withdraw from the fight due to a broken foot and was replaced by Jeremy Larsen. Charles then withdrew from the Estevan fight scheduled for October due to a strained thigh muscle.

2.7. Ultimate Fighting Championship 2014

Charles Oliveira vs. Andy Ogle

In February 2014, at UFC Fight Night 36 in LA, Charles fought against Andy Ogle. In Round 3, Charles was successful in subduing his opponent with a triangle choke submission. In addition to the victory, he received one of the first UFC “Performance of the Night” bonus awards.

Charles Oliveira vs. Nik Lentz Rematch Withdraw

In September 2014, at UFC Fight Night 50, Charles was expected to fight Nik Lentz in a rematch.

Charles weighed in at 150 pounds, which exceeded the 146-pound featherweight limit set for the competition. He was subsequently forced to share 20 percent of his cut with his opponent and the fight was changed to a catchweight contest.

Unfortunately, Charles was forced to withdraw on the day of the fight after becoming ill as a result of the effects of the weight loss process.

Charles Oliveira vs. Jeremy Stephens

In December 2014, at the Ultimate Fighter 20, Charles was pitted against Jeremy Stephens. He was successful in the fight, winning via unanimous decision.

2.8. Ultimate Fighting Championship 2015

Charles Oliveira vs. Nik Lentz Rematch

In May 2015, at UFC Fight Night 67, Charles defeated Nik Lentz. In Round 3, Charles subdued Nik with a guillotine choke submission after two rounds of back-and-forth. Charles earned his third “Performance of the Night” bonus as a result of the victory.

Charles Oliveira vs. Max Holloway

In August 2015, at UFC Fight Night 74, Charles fought against Max Holloway.

He was unable to continue the fight after suffering an apparent neck/shoulder injury while attempting a takedown in Round 1.

Even though Charles was released from a Saskatoon hospital the following day with no signs of major chest, neck, or throat injuries, the injury was later described as a micro-tear in his esophagus. Later, he revealed that he had suffered a minor neck injury as a result of a previous injury sustained during his training camp. He did not require any surgical intervention.

Charles Oliveira vs. Myles Jury

In December 2015, on Fox 17, Charles competed against Myles Jury. Charles failed to meet the weight requirement for the fight, which was subsequently contested at a catchweight due to Charles’s previous failure to cut weight in his UFC career. Charles was successful via submission in Round 1 of the fight.

2.9. Ultimate Fighting Championship 2016

Charles Oliveira vs. Anthony Pettis

In August 2016, at UFC on Fox 21, Charles's next fight was with Anthony Pettis.

In Round 3, Anthony won the match by subduing Charles with a guillotine choke after a grueling back-and-forth fight with his opponent.

Charles Oliveira vs. Ricardo Lamas

In November 2016, in the Ultimate Fighter Latin America 3 Finale, Charles fought against Ricardo Lamas. The fight was contested at a catchweight of 155 lbs because Charles was nearly 10 lbs underweight when it started. Ricardo won the match via submission in Round 2.

2.10. Ultimate Fighting Championship 2017

Charles Oliveira vs. Will Brooks

In April 2017, at UFC 210, Charles fought Will Brooks. Charles won the bout via a rear-naked choke in Round 1.

He was given a “Performance of the Night” bonus.

Charles Oliveira vs. Paul Felder

In December 2017, at UFC 218, Charles faced Paul Felder. Charles lost the bout by TKO in Round 2 after Paul struck Charles’s guard with multiple elbow strikes.

2.11. Ultimate Fighting Championship 2018

Charles Oliveira vs. Clay Guida

At UFC 225, Charles competed against Clay Guida as a replacement for the injured Bobby Green. His guillotine choke submission victory in the first round earned him the victory.

With the victory, he earned his fifth “Performance of the Night” award.

Charles Oliveira vs. Christos Giagos Rematch

In September 2018, at UFC Fight Night 137, Charles took on returning veteran Christos Giagos in a rematch.

During Round 2, Charles subdued Christos to win the fight. With this victory, Charles surpassed Royce Gracie in terms of the number of submission victories in the history of the UFC. This victory also earned him his sixth “Performance of the Night” award.

Charles Oliveira vs. Jim Miller Rematch

In December 2018, at UFC on Fox 31, Charles fought Jim Miller in a rematch for the second time.

Early in Round 1, Charles subdued Jim with a rear-naked choke submission to win the fight. With his constant successful matches, Charles earned his seventh “Performance of the Night” reward. He set a new UFC record and also extended his record for most submissions in UFC history to 12 submissions.

2.12. Ultimate Fighting Championship 2019

Charles Oliveira vs. David Teymur

In February 2019, at UFC Fight Night 144, Charles fought David Teymur. In Round 2, Charles won the bout after landing several punches on David, an upward elbow, and an anaconda choke. This win earned him another “Performance of the Night” award. With this win, Charles Oliveira’s UFC record went up to 13 submission wins.

Charles Oliveira vs. Nik Lentz

In May 2019, at UFC Fight Night 152, Charles fought against Nik Lentz. Charles won the bout via TKO in Round 2.

Charles Oliveira vs. Jared Gordon

In November 2019, at UFC Fight Night 164, Charles fought with Jared Gordon. Charles dominated the bout via KO in Round 1 which earned him another Performance of the Night.

2.13. Ultimate Fighting Championship 2020

Charles Oliveira vs. Kevin Lee

In March 2020, at the main event of UFC Fight Night 170, Charles fought Kevin Lee. Kevin over-weighed at 158.5 lbs, exceeding the lightweight non-title limit of 156 pounds. Kevin was fined 20% of his share from the fight with Charles. The fight was scheduled to be a catchweight match.

Charles was successful in the fight against Kevin via submission with a guillotine choke in Round 3.

This fight won him the “Performance of the Night” award again for the eighth time.

Charles now extended his UFC record for the 14th time, the most submissions that earned him a second place in bonuses. He extended his streak by seven , which marks the highest active finishing streak.

Charles Oliveira vs. Tony Ferguson

In December 2020, at UFC 256, Charles fought Tony Ferguson. Charles applied an armbar where Tony almost got his arm broken by Charles until he was saved by round ending. After three rounds, Charles won the bout by unanimous decision. It was his first success by decision against Jeremey Stephens in 2014 and earned him his 11th Performance of the Night award.

2.14. Charles Oliveira’s Ultimate Fighting Championship - Lightweight Champion 2021

Charles Oliveira vs. Michael Chandler

In May 2021, at UFC 262, Charles fought Micheal Chandler, former three-time Bellator Lightweight Champion. Round 1 of the match was dominated by Micheal Chandler.

In Round 2, Chandler won the fight via TKO and claimed the UFC Lightweight Championship. From this knockout success, Charles made another record in UFC history by securing the most finishes. This fight earned him one more “Performance of the Night” bonus award.

Charles Oliveira vs. Dustin Poirier

In December 2021, at UFC 269, Charles fought Dustin Poirier and won by applying a choke. He retained his UFC lightweight title with a submission win over Dustin in Round 3.

2.15. Ultimate Fighting Championship 2022

In May 2022, at UFC 274, Charles is well-set to make his second title defense against his opponent Justin Gaethje, UFC Interim Lightweight Champion.

Charles Oliveira’s Championships and Accomplishments 

Mixed Martial Arts

Predator FC

  • Welterweight Grand Prix Champion

Ultimate Fighting Championship

  • UFC Lightweight Championship (One time, current)
  • One successful title defense
  • 18 Finishes in UFC history
  • 15 Submission wins in UFC history
  • 9 Submission wins in the UFC Lightweight division history
  • 6 Submission wins in the UFC Featherweight division history
  • 18 Post Fight bonuses in UFC history
  • 12x Performance of the Night awards in UFC history
  • 12x Performance of the Night
  • 3x Submission of the Night
  • 3x Fight of the Night
  • Submission of the Year (2014)
  • Seventh highest finishes-per-win percentage in UFC history (18 finishes / 20 wins: 90%)
  • Fourth highest submissions-per-win percentage in UFC history (15 submissions / 20 wins: 75%)

3. Charles Oliveira’s Main Achievements MMA

  • Most Submission Wins in the History of UFC
  • Most Finishes in the History of UFC
  • He is ranked #5 for Most UFC Wins
  • He has the third longest win steak in UFC Lightweight Division
  • One-time UFC Lightweight Champion

Year Opponent
2021 Michael Chandler
    • One-time Welterweight Grand Prix Champion

Year Opponent
2008 Diego Braga
    • He won “Performance of the Night Award” twelve times.
    • He won “Submission of the Night Award” three times.
    • He won “Fight of the Night Award” three times.
    • Worldwide MMA Rankings

Rank Title
1 Current Best MMA Lightweight Fighter
3 Current Best Pound-for-Pound MMA Fighter
19 MMA Fighter of the Year 2022
2 MMA Fighter of the Year 2021
6 MMA Fighter of the Year 2020
47 Greatest MMA Fighter of All Time

4. Charles Oliveira’s Main Achievements(Belts)

Year Event Belt/Weight Position/Achievement
2008  CBJJE South American Championship Purple 1st
2008  CBJJE World Cup Purple 2nd
2007 CBJJE World Championship Blue 1st
2007 FPJJ Sao Paulo State Championship Blue 1st

5. Charles Oliveira’s Professional Record Breakdown

Professional Record Breakdown
41 Matches 32 Wins 8 Losses
By Knockout 9 4
By Submission 20 3
By Decision 3 1
By Advantages 0 0
By OT 0 0
By DQ 0 0
No Contest 1
Draws 0

Year  Event  Opponent W/L/D Method Round Weight Class
2022 UFC 274 Justin Gaethje W Rear naked choke 1 Lightweight
2021 UFC 269 Dustin Poirier W Rear naked choke 3 Lightweight
2021 UFC 262 Michael Chandler W TKO (punches) 2 Lightweight
2020 UFC 256 Tony Ferguson W Decision (unanimous) 3 Lightweight
2020 UFC Fight Night:
Lee vs Oliviera
Kevin Lee W Guillotine choke 3 Lightweight
2019 UFC Fight Night:
Blachowicz vs Jacare
Jared Gordon W KO (punches) 1 Lightweight
2019 UFC Fight Night:
dos Anjos vs Lee
Nik Lentz W TKO (punches) 2 Lightweight
2019 UFC Fight Night:
Assuncao vs Moraes 2
David Teymur W Anaconda choke 2 Lightweight
2018 UFC on Fox:
Lee vs Iaquinta 2
Jim Miller W Rear naked choke 1 Lightweight
2018 UFC Fight Night:
Santos vs Anders
Christos Giagos W Rear naked choke 2 Lightweight
2018 UFC 225 Clay Guida W Guillotine Choke 1 Lightweight
2017 UFC 218 Paul Felder L TKO (elbows) 2 Lightweight
2017 UFC 210 Will Brooks W Rear naked choke 1 Lightweight
2016 Ultimate Fighter Latin America 3 Finale:
dos Anjos vs Ferguson
Ricardo Lamas L Guillotine choke 2 Catchweight
2016 UFC on Fox:
Maia vs. Condit
Anthony Pettis L Guillotine choke 3 Featherweight
2015 UFC on Fox:
dos Anjos vs Cowboy 2
Myles Jury W Guillotine choke 1 Featherweight
2015 UFC Fight Night:
Holloway vs. Oliviera
Max Holloway L Esophagus Injury 1 Featherweight
2015 UFC Fight Night:
Condit vs. Alves
Nik Lentz W Guillotine choke 3 Featherweight
2014 The Ultimate Fighter:
A Chmapion Will Be Crowned Finale
Jeremy Stephens W Decision (unanimous) 3 Featherweight
2014 UFC Fight Night:
Te Huna vs. Marquardt
Hatsu Hioki W Anaconda choke 2 Featherweight
2014 UFC Fight Night:
Machida vs. Mousasi
Andy Ogle W Triangle Choke 3 Featherweight
2013 UFC 162 Frankie Edgar L Decision (unanimous) 3 Featherweight
2012 UFC 152 Cub Swanson L KO (punches) 1 Catchweight
2012 The Ultimate Fighter:
Live Finale
Jonathan Brookins W Guillotine choke 2 Featherweight
2012 UFC on Fox:
Evcans vs Davis
Eric Wisely W Calf Slicer 1 Featherweight
2011 UFC Live: Hardy vs. Lytle Donald Cerrone L TKO (punches) 1 Lightweight
2011 UFC Live: Kongo vs. Barry Nik Lentz NC NC (illegal knee) 2 Lightweight
2010 UFC 124 Jim Miller L Kneebar 1 Lightweight
2010 UFC Fight Night:
Marquardt vs. Palhares
Efrain Escudero W Rear naked choke 3 Catchweight
2010 UFC Live: Jones vs. Matyushenko Darren Elkins W Armbar 1 Lightweight
2010 Warriors Challenge 5 Diego Battaglia W KO (slam) 1 N/A
2010 Warriors Challenge 6 Rosenildo Rocha W Rear naked choke 1 N/A
2009 Eagle Fighting Championship Eduardo Pachu W Decision (split) 3 N/A
2009 First Class Fight 3 Alexandre Bezerra W Anaconda choke 2 N/A
2009 Ring of Combat 24 Dom Stanco W Rear naked choke 1 Catchweight
2009 Jungle Fight 12:
Warriors 2
Carlos Soares W Triangle Armbar 1 N/A
2008 Korea Fight 1 Eliena Silva W TKO (knee and punches) 2 N/A
2008 Korea Fight 1 Daniel Fernandes W KO (punches) N/A N/A
2008 Kawai Arena 1 Mehdi Baghdad W TKO (punches) 1 N/A
2008 Predador FC 9:
Welterweight Grand Prix
Diego Braga W TKO (punches) 1 N/A
2008 Predador FC 9:
Welterweight Grand Prix
Viscardi Andrade W TKO (punches) 2 N/A
2008 Predador FC 9:
Welterweight Grand Prix
Jackson Pontes W Rear naked choke 1 N/A

6. Charles Oliveira’s Retirement

Charles Oliveira is an active player with his next fight scheduled at UFC 274.

Photo credit: @charlesdobronxs

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