Geo Martinez - Top-Notch No-Gi BJJ Black Belt

Geo Martinez - Top-Notch Nogi BJJ Black Belt

1. Geo Martinez’s Details

Geo Martinez’s Details

Name Geovanny Martinez
Nickname Freakazoid
Born San Diego, California
Date of Birth 2nd March 1987
Net Worth N/A
Weight Division Peso Pluma (64 kg/ 141 lbs)
Light Featherweight
Last Weigh-in N/A
Height N/A
College N/A
Rank Black Belt
Last Fight        N/A
Favorite Position Kimura, The Truck, Calf Slicer
Head Coach Eddie Bravo
Lineage Carlos Gracie (Senior) > Hélio Gracie > Carlos Gracie Júnior > Jean Jaques Machado > Eddie Bravo > Geo Martinez
Fighting out of N/A
Team Association 10th Planet

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2. Geo Martinez’s Biography

Born in 1987, in California, Geo Martinez is a top-notch black belt in Jiu-Jitsu. His brother, Richie Martinez, gave him the nickname ‘’Freakazoid" during B-boying dance competitions. Geo got his nickname due to his great interest in cartoon shows sharing the same name.  He is also categorized among the top American BJJ fighters who defeated the top grapplers, including Fabbio Passos and Jeff Glover.

Geo Martinez started his career as a breakdancer. His teenage life revolves around breakdancing. Geo Martinez started his BJJ training at the age of 24.

2.1. Geo’s Breakdance Era

Geovanny, also known as  Geo, and his brother Richie had a dance group called “The Freak Show.” 

In 2011, Geo also gave breakdancing lessons to Ryan Ford’s son at the 10th Planet school in California. Due to his breakdance coaching, he was offered free jiu-jitsu training at the gym. He accepted the offer and began training under Sean Bollinger’s supervision. After learning various skills, Geo participated in various local competitions and improved his inbuilt dancing skills.

During his breakdancing period, Geo Martinez possessed exceptional capabilities, including flexibility and strength. These attributes associated Geo with achieving the highest rank in the West Coast No-Gi BJJ competition. Geo Martinez believed that his breakdancing assisted him in transitioning to martial arts and eventually achieving his goal of becoming a black belt. He said,

‘’Breaking taught me discipline, to be with a crew, and to rely on others for your training. We train hard. Breakdancing is very difficult for your body. So I’ve been training my body for complex moves and sets for a long time. As a dancer, I understand techniques as a pattern. B-boying also helps you take risks. You know, you have to go for it, throw yourself on your head, and spin. Is that why you like the rolling kimura attack? Oh, yeah, I love that attack, and the trucks and rolls to the truck. Feels natural to me.’’

2.2. Geo Martinez Begins Training Under Eddie Bravo

In just two years of Jiu-Jitsu training, Geo earned his purple belt and began training under Master Eddie Bravo. He was already learning No-Gi BJJ at a rapid pace, but his learning went into overdrive under Bravo’s guidance.

2.3. Geo Martinez’s Promotion to No-Gi Black Belt

Geo Martinez developed a deeper interest in Jiu-Jitsu,  earning his purple belt within just two  years. Although he possessed a vast knowledge regarding BJJ after training with  Eddie Bravo, his continued learning helped him to reach the apex of his BJJ career. Eddie taught him various 10th Planet BJJ methods. Martinez also formulated some of his techniques and implemented them in numerous competitions.In January 2014, Geo earned his brown and black belts under Eddie Bravo. Geo worked hard for three years to become a black belt.

2.4. Geo’s admiration for his brother

Geo Martinez always gave positive remarks about training with his brother. Once, in an interview, he said,

“It’s a blessing to train with my brother. We’ve been doing everything together, B-boying, video games, and jiu-jitsu. We want each other to be better. No one’s keeping count but it’s always nice to compete against someone who wants you to be better, too.”

2.5. Geo Martinez’s Interest in MMA Transition

Geo Martine is interested in transitioning to MMA.  When he was asked about this desire, he said,

‘’I’m a sucker for MMA and am a huge fan, but I know it’s a lot of work. I still want to battle, dance, and practice jiu-jitsu. My brother’s opening a new 10th Planet San Diego, and I got my school in Oceanside. If I do anything, I have to dedicate it all.’’

On a WNO podcast, Martinez praised Musumeci for his Jiu-Jitsu skills. He said,

“Musumeci is very talented, very technical. He’s flexible and has really good timing with his attacks. But I feel I roll with a lot more people that are more dangerous, in my opinion. People who can mess me up. I’m not sure if he can mess me up. He definitely can put me in a lot of bad spots, but I don’t know, I’m not intimidated by his game. I feel his game is technical. I don’t feel he’s vicious or super hard or anything. I just feel he’s super technical and slick and if you make a mistake, he’s gonna capitalize on it.’’

Ultimately, both fighters realized that they have a contradictory personality. He said,

‘’Yeah, there’s a little drama with us. We don’t like each other right now. He doesn’t like the way I am and I don’t like the way he is. We’re different individuals and we grew up different. We look at life differently, but I feel we can connect with different people.’’

2.6. Geo Martinez’s Achievements and Titles

Geo Martinez's career displays an extensive list of victories in numerous tournaments, including the Quintet II Championship, ADCC US Trials, Gracie Nationals, and Eddie Bravo Invitational Championships. Geo’s Jiu-Jitsu record showcases a remarkable 66% submission rate, a perfect indication of his phenomenal and finishing-oriented style.

3. Geo Martinez’s Historic Fights

3.1. Geo Martinez vs Rida Haisam

In the 2018 Quintet 2 tournament, Geo Martinez faced Rida Haisam. Undoubtedly, it  was a historic fight. Ultimately, Martinez attempted the guillotine choke and defeated Haisam.

Year Event Opponent W/L/D Method Stage Weight Class
2018 QUINTET2 Rida Haisam Win Guillotine Choke N/A ABS

3.2. Geo Martinez vs Jeff Glover

In the 2015 ADCC, Geo Martinez fought against Jeff Glover. Both fighters showcased their exceptional grappling skills. At the end of the match, Martinez was declared the winner based on the points.

Year Event Opponent W/L/D Method Stage Weight Class
2015 ADCC Jeff Glover Win Points 4F Light Featherweight

3.3. Geo Martinez vs Cole Abate

In the 2021 WNO Championship, Geo Martinez fought against Cole Abate. Both fighters executed submission techniques. Eventually, Martinez lost the match based on the referee's decision.

Year Event Opponent W/L/D Method Stage Weight Class
2021 WNO Championship Cole Abate Loss Referee Decision 4F Featherweight

4.  Geo Martinez’s Main Achievements

4.1.  Geo Martinez’s National And International Achievements

Year Event Medal/Position Weight Division
2014 ADCC US Trials Gold Gold Medal Icon Featherweight
2014 EBI 1 Gold Gold Medal Icon Featherweight
2014 EBI 2 Gold Gold Medal Icon Bantamweight
2016 EBI 7 Bronze Bronze Medal Icon Featherweight
2016 EBI/OT Gold Gold Medal Icon Light Featherweight
2018 EBI 15 Silver Silver Medal Icon Featherweight
2018 Quintet 3 Bronze Bronze Medal Icon ABS

4.2. Geo Martinez’s Main Achievements (Black Belt)

Year Event Belt Position
2018 Quintet II Black 1st
2018 EBI 15 Invitational Black 2nd
2016 EBI 10 Invitational – 145 lbs Black 1st
2014 EBI 1 Invitational – 145 lbs Black 1st
2014 EBI 2 Invitational – 135 lbs Black 1st
2014 ADCC US Trials Black 1st
2014 Gracie Nationals Black 1st

5. Geo Martinez’s BJJ Professional Record Breakdown

54 Matches 34 Wins 19 Losses
By Points 4 8
By Advantages 0 0
By Submission 23 4
By Decision 2 4
By Penalties 0 0
By EBI/OT 5 3
Draw 11

5.1.  Methods of Submission W/L

Methods 23 Wins 4 Losses
RNC 3 1

6. Geo Martinez’s Fight History

Opponent W/L Method Competition Weight Stage Year
Unknown W Calf Slicer ADCC US Trials Featherweight 4F 2014
Mark Ramos W Kimura ADCC US Trials Featherweight SF 2014
Ostap Manastyrski W Darce choke ADCC US Trials Featherweight F 2014
James Santiago W RNC ADCC US Trials Featherweight R1 2014
Toni Pinedo W Heel hook EBI Featherweight R1 2014
Erick Rios W Twister EBI Featherweight 4F 2014
Javier Cardenez W Heel hook EBI 2 Light Featherweight R1 2014
B. Walensky W Calf slicer EBI Featherweight SF 2014
Jeff Glover W EBI/OT EBI Featherweight F 2014
Kerry Phan W RNC EBI 2 Light Featherweight 4F 2014
R.  “Red” Alarcon W Calf slicer EBI 2 Light Featherweight SF 2014
Fabbio “Monstrinho”  Passos W Calf slicer EBI 2 Light Featherweight F 2014
Jeff Glover W Pts: 5x0 ADCC Featherweight 4F 2015
Sergio Perez W RNC EBI 4 Featherweight R1 2015
Joe Soto L EBI/OT EBI 4 Featherweight 4F 2015
Bruno Frazatto L Pts: 2x0 ADCC Featherweight SF 2015
Augusto ‘’Tanquinho’’Mendes L Toe hold ADCC Featherweight 3RD 2015
Alexandre Vieira W Armbar ADCC Featherweight R1 2015
Joao Miyao L Pts: 4x2 GT Open ABS SPF 2015
Luiz Tosta D --- Polaris 3 Light Featherweight SPF 2016
Mike Main W Heel hook EBI 7 Light Featherweight R1 2016
Rafael Domingos W Triangle EBI 7 Featherweight 4F 2016
K. “Dream Killer” Woodmansee W Darce choke EBI 10 Light Featherweight R1 2016
Bill ‘’Grill’’ Cooper L EBI/OT EBI 7 Featherweight SF 2016
Sergio Hernandez W Heel hook Guatemala Open ABS SPF 2016
Ricky Lule W Katagatame EBI 10 Light Featherweight SF 2016
Marcelo Cohen W Outside heel hook EBI 10 Light Featherweight 4F 2016
Eddie “Wolverine”Cummings W EBI/OT EBI 10 Light Featherweight F 2016
Paulo Miyao L Pts: 8x2 ADCC Featherweight 4F 2017
Kamil Wilk W Pts: 3x2 ADCC Featherweight E1 2017
Bruno Frazatto L Pts: 5x0 ADCC WC Trials Featherweight SPF 2017
Pablo Alfonso W Calf slicer EBI 15 Featherweight R1 2018
Ashley Williams W EBI/OT EBI 15 Featherweight 4F 2018
Satoshi Ishii D --- Quintet II ABS N/A 2018
Rafael Domingos W EBI/OT EBI 15 Featherweight SF 2018
Jon “Jon”Calestine L EBI/OT EBI 15 Featherweight F 2018
N. Ryan L Referee Decision Kasai Pro 2 Featherweight SPF 2018
H. ‘Giraffe’ Rida W Guillotine Quintet II ABS N/A 2018
Hideo Tokoro D --- Quintet II ABS N/A 2018
Alex Seaver W Gogoplata Subversiv ABS SF 2018
Marcin Held L Kneebar Quintet 3 ABS SF 2018
Gregor Gracie W Kimura Quintet 3 ABS SF 2018
Bruno Frazatto W Pts: 3x2 Kasai Pro 4 Featherweight R1 2018
Paulo Miyao L Pts: 2x0 Kasai Pro 4 Featherweight R2 2018
Frank Rosenthal L Pts: 1x0 Kasai Pro 4 Featherweight R3 2018
Joao Miyao W EBI/OT Subversiv 2 Featherweight SPF 2019
Jon Calestine D --- Kasai Pro 6 Light Featherweight RR 2019
Junny Ocasio L Pts: 2x0 Kasai Pro 6 Light Featherweight RR 2019
M. Imanari W Pts: 9x1 Kasai Pro 6 Light Featherweight RR 2019
Matheus Gabriel L Referee Decision ADCC Featherweight R1 2019
Paulo Miyao W Referee Decision WNO 4 Featherweight SPF 2020
Kennedy Maciel L Referee Decision WNO 5 SPF 66KG 2020
Junny Ocasio W Referee Decision WNO 6 Featherweight SPF 2021
Cole “Ice” Cole Abate L Referee Decision WNO Champ. Featherweight 4F 2021
Mikey Musumeci L Pts: 6x0 Road to ADCC Featherweight SPF 2021
Bradley Hill D --- Polaris Squads ABS RR 2021
Darragh OConaill D --- Polaris Squads ABS RR 2021
Bradley Hill D --- Polaris Squads ABS RR 2021
Dan Strauss W Injury Polaris Squads ABS RR 2021
Marcelo  “Faustinho” Fausto D --- Polaris 20 ABS RR 2022
Michael “Mica” Galvao D --- Polaris 20 ABS RR 2022
Kennedy Maciel L RNC ADCC Featherweight R1 2022
Fabricio Andrey D --- Polaris 20 ABS RR 2022
Craig Jones L Triangle armlock Quintet 4 ABS NA 2023
Daisuke Nakamura D --- Quintet 4 ABS NA 2023

7. Geo Martinez’s Top Fights

Road To ADCC: Mikey Musumeci vs Geo Martinez | July 17th, only on FloGrappling

Paulo Miyao vs Geo Martínez Full Match

Geo Martinez vs Nicky Ryan - Action from Kasai 2

Photo Credit: @Freakah

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