Ashley Williams - UK’s Youngest BJJ Prodigy

Ashley Williams - UK’s Youngest BJJ Prodigy

1. Ashley Williams’s Details

Given Name Ashley Jordan Williams
Nickname N/A
Born Swansea, Wales
Date of Birth July 18, 1992.
Nationality British
College/University Cardiff University.
Last Fight March 05, 2022 in VF
Last Weight In 145.5  lbs
Weight Class Featherweight
Weight 145 lbs.
Height 5 ft 10
Reach N/A
Career Disclosed Earnings  $ 0
Fighting out of


Cardiff, Wales
Foundational style Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
Favorite Position Z Guard
Rank 1st Degree Black Belt in BJJ
Awarded By  Chris Rees
Lineage Carlos Gracie - Helio Gracie - Carlos Gracie Jr. - Braulio Estima - Chris Rees - Ashley Williams
Team/Association Team/Association: Chris Rees Academy
Instagram Logo

2.  Ashley Williams’s Biography

“I love training BJJ and love competing. The enjoyment of the sport is what drives me and until recent years I didn’t feel any pressure.”
(Ashley Williams)

The scintillating sun of Ashley Williams’s success is rising now more than ever. He is regularly seen on the mats training in his gym or competing at a prestigious jiu-jitsu platform. With his remarkable back-to-back, stunning victories, he has proved himself to be an unstoppable force, especially in the elite no-gi scene.

2.1. Ashley Williams’s Early Life and Amateur Fighting

No one could have predicted that the small city of Swansea, Wales would l produce a  jiu-jitsu champion. On July 18, 1992, Ashley Williams was born in a place where jiu-jitsu was almost non-existent. The fact that he will win many BJJ laurels for his city seemed implausible at the time of his birth.

Athletic Childhood

The young jiu-jitsu prodigy grew up in the Morriston neighborhood. He was an active child and loved to participate in different sports. The love for sports was instilled in him by his surroundings and he retained the passion for the rest of his life.

Williams’ childhood was full of a variety of athletic endeavors. He participated and competed in soccer, rugby, athletics, and gymnastics.

Entering the World of Martial Arts

Williams’s athletic background piqued his curiosity. He wanted to discover the vast spectrum of sports and at the age of six, ended up in the world of martial arts. He tried different styles of martial arts including Japanese jiu-jitsu and later ventured into judo and kickboxing training.

Along with his twin brother Joshua Williams, practiced these different forms of martial arts for several years.

However, Williams still felt that something was missing. His competitive nature was not satisfied. He wanted to test his skills to prove his credibility, not to the world but to himself.

In 2007, after his 15th birthday, the Williams’ coach Kelly Chambers advised that the twin brothers should try their luck in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. The idea of testing the already learned techniques under a different rule-set excited them. By this time they were black belts in Japanese jiu-jitsu and were confident that they would easily ace the new combat style.

Therefore, Williams and his brother donned the gi and joined Chris Rees Academy (CRA) in Swansea to familiarize themselves with the elements of BJJ. One month into the training, Williams and his brother felt competition-ready. They entered a tournament and were unable to achieve their desired results. However, the competition further fuelled their passion for grappling and they continued training with Rees in hopes of becoming acclaimed grapplers one day.

Colored Belts Champion

With Chris Rees at the helm of Williams’s training, he managed to take the juvenile jiu-jitsu scene by storm. As a brown belt, Williams was ranked the no.1 grappler in the world.

He also won the British Open Championship multiple times. After cementing his mark in the lower belts division, nothing could stop him from living his black belt moment.

2.2. Ashley Williams’s Pro BJJ Combat

The Black Belt Moment

In 2015, after spectacular achievements in the lower belt tournaments, Williams’s head coaches Chris Rees and Braulio Estima deemed him worthy of the august black belt and awarded it to him while he was standing on the podium of the British Open. Becoming a gold medalist and the youngest Welsh black belt, Williams felt like he conquered the world that day.

Success in Top-Notch Championships

The years that followed William’s promotion to the black belt brought many victories for him. He competed extensively in the IBJJF No-Gi competitions and managed to secure a place on the podium many times.

The black belt Williams made a name for himself in almost every competition. He became a three-division Polaris Champion, European Open No-Gi champion, and also won the ADCC trials.

Invited to EBI

These massive victories helped Williams to establish himself in the no-gi world. Soon, he became a name in his own right, and lucrative promotions began to ask him to fight on their platform.

After he entered the World Championship for the first time, he received an invitation to fight at the Eddie Bravo Invitational 7. The young athlete expressed his excitement and gratitude in a can did interview for

“I couldn’t believe the EBI call-up. I have to give credit to the UK BJJ community and obviously my teammates and students. They got behind me 100% and pushed on social media so much that Eddie Bravo himself messaged me saying, “So, you want to be in EBI 7?” I just remember not being able to stop smiling.”
(Ashley Williams)

Ticket to 2022 ADCC Championship

In September 2021, the 66 kg division of the ADCC EU Trials was overflowing with unparalleled talent. Each fighter participating in the event was flexing his muscles and jiu-jitsu techniques to win. One of these grapplers was Ashley Williams.

The first trials event leading up to the 2022 ADCC Championship took place in Poznan, Poland. In the decisive final, Ashley Williams was up against Gairbeg Ibragimov.

Driven by his passion to enter the main ADCC, Williams dominated his opponent with three submissions and displayed a magnificent show of his grappling prowess.

The duo fought at a quick pace, with fun scrambles, strong submission attempts, and guard passes, the match ended up being decided in favor of Williams due to penalties (2x1).

2.3. Ashley Williams’s Amateur MMA Combats

Testing Skills in Cage

While Williams continued to develop his grappling skills, he also ventured into the world of amateur mixed martial arts (MMA). With a promising (5-0) streak, Williams proved that he was able to brave the tough “brawl environment.” But he chose not to make a career out of cage fighting.

Adrenalin Fight Nights - Amateur MMA Debut

Williams’s MMA journey began on August 15, 2015, the Adrenalin Fight Night: Crush was held at PlayFootball Swansea, Wales. Williams fought on a preliminary card (fight 7 of 11) in the event. He faced Ciaran Rees and won his debut fight via knockout (TKO Retirement).

Adrenaline Fight Nights - Adrenalin at the Grand was Williams’s next challenge for the promotion. The event took place in Swansea Grand Theater. On April 30, 2017, Williams entered the cage and fought on the main card this time. He defeated Racim Batouche via unanimous decision. He also claimed the title of the bout - “The AFN Featherweight Champion.”

Pain Pit Fight Night

On March 05, 2016, Williams fought at the Pain Pit Fight Night 15 - Renegade. The event took place in Ebbw Vale Sports Center, Ebbw Vale, Wales. Williams fought on a preliminary card in the event. He faced Mike Figlak and submitted him via rear-naked choke.

The IMMAF Championship

On November 13, 2017, Williams faced Eemil Kurhela at the IMMAF - 2017 IMMAF World Championships: Day 1, Cage 3. The fight was held in the Khalifa Sports City Arena in Manama, Bahrain. Williams fought on the main card and submitted his opponent in the first round via brutal rear-naked choke and won the epic fight.

He then competed at the IMMAF-2017 IMMAF World Championships: Day 2, Cage 3. The fight took place on November 13, 2017, at the Khalifa Sports City Arena, Manama, Bahrain. Ashley Williams was scheduled to confront Bekzat Zhassiya in the cage. He submitted his intimidating rival in the second round via armbar.

Victory Fights

On March 5, 2022, Williams fought for VF at the Victory Fights - Road to Victory. The event was held in Moulsecoomb Community Leisure Center in Brighton, England. Ashley Williams fought against Oscar Hughes and suffered his first amateur MMA setback. He lost the fight in the third round via unanimous decision.

2.4. Ashley Williams’s  Historic Fights

Ashley Williams vs Kamil Wilk

The year 2019 brought with it a submission-only grappling event called the Pantheon 002 tournament. The event promised a high-octane showcase of the best grappling skills on display. One such show was scheduled between Ashley Williams, UK’s widely known top black belt, and Kamil Wilk. The two combatants fought for glory in the Pantheon finals held at the legendary warehouse venue in Leeds, United Kingdom.

When it all ended, Williams had defeated Wilk via rear-naked choke and claimed the title.

Year Event Opponent W/L/D Method Stage Weight Class Location
2019 Pantheon 2 Inv Kamil Wilk W RNC F 65 kg Leeds, England

Ashley Williams vs Ethan Crelinsten

In 2019, Ashley Williams confronted Ethan Crelinsten, a member of the Danaher Death Squad,  in the Polaris Lightweight Championship finals. After action-packed combat that lasted over 15  minutes, the fight-of-the-night champion was announced. None other than Ashley Williams won the match via referee decision and also bagged the title.

Year Event Opponent W/L/D Method Stage Weight Class Location
2019 Polaris 10 Ethan Crelinsten W Referee Decision SPF 65 kg Lighthouse, Poole Center for the Arts, UK

2.5. Ashley Williams’s Championship & Accomplishments


  • IBJJF Zurich Open Championship
  • IBJJF Madrid Open Championship
  • FBJJF Finnish Open Championship
  • IBJJF European Open No-Gi Championship
  • IBJJF Munich Open Championship
  • IBJJF Rome Open
  • UAEJJF Grand Slam - LDN

Records/ Medals

  • IBJJF Zurich Open Champion.
  • IBJJF Madrid Open Champion.
  • FBJJF Finnish Open Champion
  • IBJJF European Open No-Gi Champion
  • IBJJF Munich Open Champion

3. Ashley Williams’s Main Achievements

Gi Tournaments

One-time IBJJF Zurich Open Champion
Year Weight Class
2017 70 kg
Onetime FBJJF Finnish Open Champion
Year Weight Class
2016 70 kg
One-time IBJJF Madrid Open Champion
Year Weight Class
2015 70 kg

No-Gi Tournaments

One-time European Open No-Gi Champion
Year Weight Class
2016 67 kg
One-time IBJJF Munich Open No-Gi
Year Weight Class
2016 73 kg

4. Ashley Williams’s Main Achievements (Belts)

Black Belt
Position Belt Event Year
1st Black IBJJF Zurich Open 2017
1st Black IBJJF European Open Championship (No-Gi) 2016
2nd Black IBJJF European Open Championship (No-Gi) 2016
1st Black IBJJF Munich Open Championship (No-Gi) 2016
1st Black FBJJF Finnish Open 2016
3rd Black IBJJF Rome Open 2016
3rd Black UAEJJF Grand Slam - LDN 2016
1st Black IBJJF Madrid Open 2015

5.  Ashley Williams’s Main Achievements (MMA)

One-time Painpit Featherweight MMA Champion
Year Opponent
2016 Michael Figlak
One-time Adrenaline Fight Night Featherweight Champion
Year Opponent
2017 Racim Batouche
Worldwide MMA Rankings
Rank Title
81 Current Best MMA Featherweight Fighter

6.  Ashley Willams’s BJJ Professional Record Breakdown

Professional Jiu-Jitsu Record Breakdown
50 Matches 37 Wins 13 Losses
By Submission 16 01
By Points 12 07
By Decision 07 01
By Advantage 01 01
By Penalty 01 00  
By DQ 00 00
By EBI/OT 00 03

6.1. Submission W/L

Submission Method 16 Wins 01 Losses
Rear Naked Choke (RNC) 04 00
Armbar 04 00
Triangle Armbar 01 00
Triangle 01 00
Reverse Triangle 01 00
Kimura 01 00
Heel hook 01 00
Outside heel hook 01 00
Submission 01 00
Collar Choke 01 00
Knee bar 00 01

7. Ashley Williams’s BJJ Fight History

Year Event Opponent W/L/D Method Stage Weight Class
2022 All Stars Marcelo Fausto L Points N/A N/A
2021 Grapple Kings Robert Degle W RNC SPF 73 kg
2021 Polaris 18 Paulo Miyao W Referee Decision SPF 66 kg
2021 ADCC EU Trials Gairbeg Ibragimov W Points 0x0, Penalty F 66 kg
2021 ADCC EU Trials Tuomas Kokkonen W Reverse triangle SF 66 kg
2021 ADCC EU Trials Anthony Oliveira W Outside heel hook 4F 66 kg
2021 ADCC EU Trials Grzegorz Bigdon W Triangle 8F 66 kg
2020 Polaris Squads 2 Thomas Halpin W Referee Decision SPF 70 kg
2020 Polaris Squads Dino Bucalet D N/A RR ABS
2020 Polaris Squads Marcin Held D N/A RR ABS
2020 Polaris Squads Eduardo Rios D N/A RR ABS
2020 Grapplefest 9 Kevin Corkhill W Referee Decision SPF 70 kg
2020 Grapple fest 8 Kade Ruotolo L Referee Decision SPF 70 kg
2019 Polaris 12 Richard Alarcon W Armbar SPF 61 kg
2019 Kasai Pro 6 Joao Miyao D N/A RR 61 kg
2019 Kasai Pro 6 Richard Alarcon L Points 3x2 RR 61 kg
2019 Kasai Pro 6 Rafael Freitas W RNC RR 61 kg
2019 Pantheon Inv Kamil Wilk W RNC F 65 kg
2019 Pantheon Inv Chris Newman W Submission SF 65 kg
2019 Polaris 10 Ethan Crelinsten W Referee Decision SPF 65 kg
2018 GrappleFest 3 Ben Eddy W Referee Decision SPF 66 kg
2018 Kasai Pro 3 Frank Rosenthal W Referee Decision SPF 66 kg
2018 Show the ART 6 John Battle D N/A SPF ABS
2018 Polaris 7 Masakazu Imanari W Referee Decision SPF 68 kg
2018 EBI 15 Geo Martinez L EBI/OT 4F 65 kg
2018 EBI 15 Sergio Hernandez W Triangle armbar R1 65 kg
2018 FFL UK Spencer Hewitt W Heel Hook SPF 68 kg
2018 British Open Jay Butler W Points 12x0 F 76 kg
2017 Zurich Open TuomasTamilehto W RNC F 70 kg
2017 European No-Gi Championship AJ Agazarm L Points 12x0 F 73 kg
2017 European No-Gi Championship Alex Cabanes W Points SF 73 kg
2017 European No-Gi Championship Royi Neeman W Points 4F 73 kg
2016 Hertford Open Paul Cole W Armbar F 67 kg
2016 Poznan Open Jonathan Thomas L Points SF 70 kg
2016 EBI 10 Alexis Alduncin L EBI/OT R1 61 kg
2016 World No-Gi Championship Osvaldo Moizinho L Kneebar 4F 67 kg
2016 World No-Gi Championship Bruce Guevara W Points R1 67 kg
2016 Finnish Open Riku Hapulahti W Points 6x6, Advantage F 70 kg
2016 Finnish Open Jaakko Särkijärvi W Collar choke SF 70 kg
2016 EBI 7 Rafael Domingos L EBI/OT R1 65 kg
2016 World Championship Ichitaro Tsukada L Points 0x0, Advantage R1 70 kg
2016 European No-Gi Championship Severi Nenonen W Points 20x0 F 67 kg
2016 European No-Gi Championship Christofer Barrios W Points Sf 67 kg
2016 Rome Open Ary Farias L Points 14x6 SF 70 kg
2016 Rome Open Christofer Barrios W Armbar 4F 70 kg
2016 Grand Slam LDN David Younan W Armbar 3RD 69 kg
2016 Grand Slam LDN Max Campos L Points 4F 69 kg
2016 Munich No-Gi Championship Marko Jokmanovic W Kimura F 73 kg
2015 Madrid Open Claudemir Souza W Points 2x0 F 70 kg
2015 Dallas No-Gi Open Samir Chantre L Points 4x2 4F 67 kg
2015 NAGA Florida Eduardo de Jesus W Points F 68 kg
2015 NAGA Florida Reynaldo Duarte W Points SF 68 kg
2015 NAGA Florida NG Eduardo de Jesus W Points 4F 68 kg
2015 NAGA Florida NG Reynaldo Duarte W Points SF 68 kg
2015 NAGA Florida NG Matthew Fuentes W Points F 68 kg

8. Ashley Williams’s  MMA Amateur Record Breakdown

Amateur MMA Record Breakdown
06 Matches 05 Wins 01 Losses
By Knockout 01 00
By Submission 03 00
By Decision 01 01

8.1. Submission Methods W/L

Submission Method 03 Wins 00 Losses
Rear Naked Choke (RNC) 2 0
Armbar 1 0

9. Ashley Williams’s MMA Fight History

Year Event Opponent W/L/D Method Round Weight Class
2022 VF- Victory Fights: Road to Victory Oscar Hughes L Decision 3 Featherweight
2017 IMMAF - IMMAF World Championships: Day 2, Cage 3 Bekzat Zhassiya W Armbar 2 Featherweight
2017 IMMAF - IMMAF World Championships: Day 1, Cage 3 Eemil Kurhela W RNC 1 Featherweight
2017 Adrenalin Fight Nights - Adrenalin at the Grand Racim Batouche W Decision 3 Featherweight
2016 Pain Pt Fight Night 15 - Renegade Michal Figlak W RNC 1 Featherweight
2015 Adrenalin Fight Nights - Crush Ciaran Rees W TKO 1 Featherweight

10. Ashley Williams’s Top Fights (Video Links)

Ashley Williams vs Chris Newman

Ashley Williams vs Oscar Hughes

Ashley Williams Highlights

Ashley Williams vs John Battle

Photo Credit: @awilliamsbjj

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