Fabricio Andrey - A Rising BJJ Black Belt from Manaus

Fabricio Andrey - A Rising BJJ Black Belt from Manaus

1. Fabricio Andrey’s Details

Name  Fabricio Andrey Batista Junior
Nickname  Hokage
Born  Manaus, Amazonas
Age  23 Years
Date of Birth  5-3-2000
Weight  70 kg (154.5 lbs)
Weight Division Peso Pena (70 kg - 154.5 lbs)
Last Weigh-in 70 kg
Height  N/A
Foundational Style  BJJ
Career Disclosed Earnings  N/A
College University  N/A
Rank Black Belt
Head Coach  Melquisedeque Galvão
Last Fight  Pans American 2023
Favorite Technique Well Rounded
Lineage  Carlos Gracie > Helio Gracie > Royler Gracie / Rolker Gracie > Augusto Monteiro > Ronnie Melo > Melquisedeque Galvão > Fabricio Andrey
Team Association  Melqui Galvão / Fight Sports

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2. Fabricio Andrey’s Biography

Fabricio Andrey was born in Manaus, Amazonas on the 5th of March in 2000. He is one of the best Light Featherweight grapplers. Twenty-three years old Fabricio Andrey is three times World Champion, two times European Champion, multiple times CBJJ Champion, and once Pans Champion.

2.1 Started with Capoeira

Fabricio Andrey was well aware of martial arts from his early childhood as he has a martial arts background. Fabricio’s father was a Capoeira instructor and used to teach Brazilian martial arts. To follow the family tradition, Fabricio joined Capoeira classes during his early childhood.

2.2 Started Jiu-Jitsu as an Extracurricular Activity

When Fabricio turned 13, he was introduced to Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. He joined BJJ as an extracurricular activity. Fabricio was lucky to find a social project named Nandinho near his house which was coached by the famous and best coach of Manaus. Andrey started his Jiu-Jitsu career under the coaching of such a brilliant coach that turned his choice of taking Jiu-Jitsu as a hobby into taking Jiu-Jitsu as a passionate career.

2.3 Association with Dream Art Project

When Fabricio received his Green Belt, he was training and rolling with professional grapplers. He became very dedicated to Jiu-Jitsu until he received his Blue Belt. He decided to appear in the IBJJF World Championship conducted in California. The next target for Fabricio was to get a USA visa. For this purpose, Fabricio relocated to Sao Paulo with the help of coach Melqui Galvao.

In São Paulo, two BJJ associations that are affiliated with Melqui Galvao proved the next training place for Fabricio. Two associations are Alliance Martiz Academy and a branch of Dream Art Project. Fabricio spent most of his time with Dream Art Project.

2.4 Nicknamed Hokage

Fabricio is a fan of the Anime character “Hokage”. He used to call himself Hokage during training and also wrote Hokage on the back of his BJJ Gi. Due to his too much likeliness for the animated character, his teammates and his fans started to call him Hokage. With time, this name stuck with him.

2.5 Fabricio Andrey’s Pro BJJ Combats

Received his Green Belt and Blue Belt

Fabricio received his Green and Blue Belts under Melqui Galvao while training in Manaus. During his Green Belt level, he started training with professionals. At the Blue Belt level, he was ready and passionate to compete in the IBJJF World Championship.

Promoted to Purple and Brown Belt

After receiving the Blue Belt under Melqui Galvao, Andrey moved to Sao Paulo and started his training in the Dream Art Project. He was promoted to Purple and then Brown Belts during his stay in DAP by Fabio Gurgel and Michael Langhi.

Promoted to Black Belt

Fabricio wanted to be promoted to Black Belt by his mentor and first coach, Melqui Galvao. So, he came back to Manaus to give this honor to his coach and be honored to receive his Black Belt from him. Fabricio was promoted to Black belt in August 2020.

Fabricio’s Post-Black Belt Journey

Fabricio Andrey could not make his Black Belt debut just after his Black Belt promotion due to the COVID-19 pandemic. He competed as a Black Belt in late 2020 but failed to win the fight. He lost to Meryam Maquine. But after his defeat, he became more focused and prepared for the next tournaments.

In 2021, Fabricio came back with more preparations and dedication. He gave one after the other successful tournament. He won both SA Continental Pro and MIA Grand Slam in 2021.

After winning two major championships, now his new target was the World Championship. Fabricio appeared in IBJJF Pans and World Pro. In IBJJF Pans, he submitted three of his opponents. But Fabricio was defeated by Jamil Hill Taylor in the finals by advantage.

But Fabricio took this defeat as a lesson and learned from his mistakes and again gave his best in the World Pro. After winning World Pro, Fabricio aimed for the IBJJF World Championship. In the finals of the World Championship, Fabricio again faced Jamil Hill Taylor. But this time he defeated Hill with a Triangle Choke and won his first World Champion title as a Black Belt.

Fabricio and ADCC Struggle

After the World Championship, Fabricio Andrey made ADCC his next target. He did tough preparation to be selected for the ADCC championship. In his first Brazilian Trials, he was defeated by his teammate, Diogo Reis in the semi-finals. Diogo submitted him with an Inside Heel Hook.

After failing in the first trial, he reappeared in the second trial. In the second ADCC Trials, Andrey surprised his fans as he submitted all his opponents. After his fabulous victory in the second ADCC Trials, he got the chance to ADCC 2022.

During his ADCC championship, Fabricio was not proven lucky enough to win. He just won the first round against Cole Abate. In the next two fights against Diogo Reis and Victor Hugo, Fabricio faced defeat. Hopefully, Fabricio will become ADCC Champion in the future.

One of the Manaus Boys

A group of three boys trained under Melqui Galvao who achieved the title of World Champion before getting 21. Those three boys are called “Manaus boys”. Fabricio Andrey is also included in that group.

Fabricio’s Game Style

Fabricio Andrey is a well-rounded grappler. But one thing that is special about his game style is that he entertains his audience with his pressure style in the game. Fabricio gave his best in the complete match without being tired after a few minutes.

Another important thing about his style is his agility and conditioning. Along with conditioning and speed, he is also well-rounded. All these factors help him to put on an all-around performance.

3. Fabricio Andrey’s Historic Fights

3.1 Fabricio Andrey Vs. Shane Jamil Hill Taylor

Fabricio Andrey faced Jamil Hill Taylor in the final of the IBJJF World Championship 2021. Fabricio was defeated by Hill in the Pans 2021. This rematch was one of the most important matches of Fabricio’s career.

Fabricio and Taylor both spent almost two minutes in standing position and tried to take a chance to overcome each other. After one and a half minutes, Fabricio applied for pulling guard and then went for a triangle. He was very persistent and had a strong grip on Taylor’s neck and arm that Taylor could not escape. Fabricio submitted Taylor with Triangle in just 1 minute and 55 seconds.

Year Event Opponent W/L/D Method Weight Stage
2021 IBJJF World Championship Shane Jamil Hill-Taylor Win Submitted with Triangle Featherweight Final

3.2 Fabricio Andrey Vs. Lucas Rodrigues

Fabricio Andrey faced Lucas Rodrigues in the semi-finals of the European Championship 2023. Fabricio was as usual energetic from the start of the match. He started the match with a takedown and scored two points.

Lucas countered by applying full guard. Andrey tried to escape from the full guard. In this struggle, both ended up in a complicated position. Lucas tried to strangle Andrey’s leg while Andrey countered by strangling Lucas’s leg. After fighting for almost one and a half minutes, Andrey applied for Kneebar. Andrey submitted Lucas Rodrigues in one and a half minutes with Kneebar.

Year Event Opponent W/L/D Method Weight Stage
2023 European Championship Lucas Rodrigues Win Kneebar Featherweight Final

3.3 Fabricio Andrey Vs. Lucas Virgilio

Fabricio Andrey faced Lucas Virgilio in the eliminator round of the 2020 European Championship. At the start of the match, Virgilio took a sitting position and tried to apply full guard. Fabricio did not let him apply full guard. Virgilio grasped his Gi sleeves and put his feet on his chest.

Fabricio escaped and countered back with full force. Virgilio once again restored his position by pulling Gi's sleeves and putting force by his feet on Fabricio’s chest. This time, Fabricio countered aggressively. He took a back position, grasped lapels from the back, and submitted Virgilio with Collar Choke.  

Year Event Opponent W/L/D Method Weight Stage
2010 European Championship Lucas Virgilio Win Collar Choke Featherweight Eliminator

4. Fabricio Andrey’s Main Achievements

4.1 Fabricio Andrey’s Achievements in International Tournaments

Years Events Weight Division
2016 CBJJ Brazilian Nationals Juvenile N/A
2018 IBJJF World Championship Lightfeather
2018 CBJJ Brazilian Nationals N/A
2019 IBJJF World Championship Lightfeather
2019 IBJJF Pan Championship Lightfeather
2019 CBJJ Brazilian Nationals N/A
2020 IBJJF European Open Featherweight
2021 IBJJF World Championship 70 kg
2021 AJP Grand Slam, MIA 69 kg
2021 AJP Grand Slam, RJ 69 kg
2021 AJP South America Continental Pro 69 kg
2022 CBJJ Brazilian Nationals 70 kg
2023 IBJJF European Open 70 kg

4.2 Fabricio Andrey’s Achievements as Black Belt

Year Event Belt Position
2021 IBJJF World Championship Black Belt 1st
2021 AJP Grand Slam, MIA Black Belt 1st
2021 AJP Grand Slam, RJ Black Belt 1st
2021 AJP South America Continental Pro Black Belt 1st
2021 AJP Grand Slam, RJ Black Belt 2nd
2021 IBJJF Pan Championship Black Belt 3rd
2021 AJP Abu Dhabi World Pro Black Belt 3rd
2022 CBJJ Brazilian Nationals Black Belt 1st
2023 IBJJF European Open Black Belt 1st

4.3 Fabricio Andrey’s Achievements as Colored Belts

Year Event Belt Position
2016 CBJJ Brazilian Nationals Juvenile Juvenile 1st
2018 IBJJF World Championship Blue Belt 1st
2018 CBJJ Brazilian Nationals Blue Belt 1st
2019 IBJJF World Championship Purple Belt 1st
2019 IBJJF Pan Championship Purple Belt 1st
2019 CBJJ Brazilian Nationals Purple Belt 1st
2020 IBJJF European Open Brown Belt 1st

5. Fabricio Andrey’s Professional Record Breakdown

5.1 Fabricio’s Professional Record

85 Matches  69 Wins  13 Losses
By Points  27 4
By Advantages  2 2
By Submission  36 4
By Decision  4 3
Draw  3

5.2 Submission Method Breakdown

Method 36 Wins 4 Losses
Triangle  8 0
RNC 5 1
Bow and Arrow  2 0
Loop Choke  2 0
Submission  1 0
Triangle Armlock  1 0
Keebar  1 0
Choke from Back  7 0
Armbar  4 0
Choke  2 0
Short Choke  1 0
Darce Choke  1 0
Kimura  1 0
Katagatame  0 2
Inside Heel Hook  0 1

6. Fabricio Andrey’s Fight History

Year Event Opponent W/L Method Weight Stage
2020 BJJ Bet Meyram Maquine L Pts: 8x2 65KG SPF
2020 Brasileiro CBJJE Fernando Henrique W Choke from back 70KG SF
2020 Brasileiro CBJJE Alex Sodre W Pts: 4x2 70KG F
2020 Grand Slam RJ Felipe Nacib W Loop choke 62KG R1
2020 Grand Slam RJ Wesley Santos W Short choke 62KG 4F
2020 Grand Slam RJ Cleber Sousa W Bow and arrow 62KG SF
2020 Grand Slam RJ Meyram Maquine L Pts: 4x2 62KG F
2021 S. American NG Ruan Alvarenga L Katagatame 67KG R1
2021 SA Cont. Pro Kennedy Silva W Choke from back 69KG R1
2021 SA Cont. Pro Guilherme Santos W Pts: 6x0 69KG R1
2021 SA Cont. Pro Fernando Favari W Pts: 1x0 69KG 4F
2021 SA Cont. Pro Diego Oliveira W Pts: 3x1 69KG SF
2021 SA Cont. Pro Murilo Amaral W Pts: 10x4 69KG F
2021 SA Cont. Pro Diego Oliveira W Pts: 2x0 LWA 4F
2021 SA Cont. Pro Luan Carvalho W Pts: 11x3 LWA SF
2021 SA Cont. Pro Lucas Gualberto W Pts: 3x2 LWA F
2021 Grand Slam MIA Christian Mueckay W Choke from back 69KG 4F
2021 Grand Slam MIA Brian Mahecha W Bow and arrow 69KG SF
2021 Grand Slam MIA Thiago Macedo W Pts: 3x2 69KG F
2021 Pan American Osvaldo Moizinho W Choke from back 70KG R1
2021 Pan American Joao Mendes W Choke from back 70KG 8F
2021 Pan American Danilo Moreira W Choke from back 70KG 4F
2021 Pan American Jamil Hill-Taylor L Pts: 0x0, Adv 70KG SF
2021 Brasilia Pro Julio Arantes W Pts: 7x0 69KG 4F
2021 Brasilia Pro Higor Lima W Pts: 5x2 69KG SF
2021 Brasilia Pro Leo Saggioro W Choke 69KG F
2021 Brasileiro Yago Rodrigues W Triangle 70KG 4F
2021 Brasileiro Samuel Nagai W Pts: 7x6 70KG SF
2021 Brasileiro Daniel Junior W RNC 70KG F
2021 Grand Slam RJ Wesley Santos W Armbar 69KG 8F
2021 Grand Slam RJ Klaus Maine W Submission 69KG 4F
2021 Grand Slam RJ Leo Saggioro W Pts: 2x1 69KG SF
2021 Grand Slam RJ Meyram Maquine W Pts: 4x3 69KG F
2021 World Pro Ruslan Yakubov W Choke from back 69KG R1
2021 World Pro A. Khadaev W Pts: 9x5 69KG 4F
2021 World Pro Israel Sousa L Pts: 2x0 69KG SF
2021 World Pro Haidar Abbas W Pts: 4x2 69KG RPC
2021 World Pro Youngseung Cho W Pts: 5x1 69KG 3RD
2021 World Champ. Daniel Maira W Pts: 3x0 70KG 8F
2021 World Champ. Richar Nogueira W Pts: 7x2 70KG 4F
2021 World Champ. Alex Sodre W Pts: 0x0, Adv 70KG SF
2021 World Champ. Jamil Hill-Taylor W Triangle 70KG F
2022 ADCC BR1 Trials Felipe Godoy W Triangle 66KG R1
2022 ADCC BR1 Trials Iago Siqueira W Pts: 6x0 66KG R2
2022 ADCC BR1 Trials Leandro Lima W Darce choke 66KG 4F
2022 ADCC BR1 Trials Diogo Reis L Inside heel hook 66KG SF
2022 ADCC BR1 Trials Cleber Sousa W RNC 66KG 3RD
2022 ADCC BR2 Trials Andres Duplat W RNC 66KG R2
2022 ADCC BR2 Trials Pablo Munhoz W Triangle 66KG 8F
2022 ADCC BR2 Trials Iago Siqueira W Armbar 66KG 4F
2022 ADCC BR2 Trials Rafael Montouro W RNC 66KG SF
2022 ADCC BR2 Trials Kaua Gabriel W RNC 66KG F
2022 Grand Slam LDN Romao Carvalho W Choke 69KG 4F
2022 Grand Slam LDN Leo Saggioro W Triangle armlock 69KG SF
2022 Grand Slam LDN Thiago Macedo W Pts: 2x0 69KG F
2022 BJJ Stars Alex Sodre W Armbar 66KG SPF
2022 Brasileiro Antonio Felix W Kimura 70KG 4F
2022 Brasileiro Wilhiam Mateus W Triangle 70KG SF
2022 Brasileiro Kennedy Maciel W Pts: 8x2 70KG F
2022 World Champ. Marcus Phelan W Pts: 2x0 70KG 8F
2022 World Champ. Samuel Nagai L Referee Decision 70KG 4F
2022 Polaris 20 Mason Fowler D --- ABS RR
2022 Polaris 20 Keith Krikorian D --- ABS RR
2022 Polaris 20 Geo Martinez D --- ABS RR
2022 Honor Challenge Jack Sear W Triangle 75KG SF
2022 Honor Challenge Alessio Sacchetti W Armbar 75KG F
2022 WNO 14 Fabian Rodriguez W Referee Decision 70KG SPF
2022 ADCC Cole Abate W Referee Decision 66KG R1
2022 ADCC Diogo Reis L Referee Decision 66KG 4F
2022 ADCC Victor Hugo L Katagatame ABS 8F
2022 BJJ Stars Samuel Nagai L Referee Decision 70KG SPF
2022 WNO Ethan Crelinsten L RNC 70KG SPF
2023 Rio SMO Joao Duarte W Triangle 76KG 4F
2023 Rio SMO Renan Rodrigues W Triangle 76KG SF
2023 European Open Joao Machado W Loop choke 70KG R1
2023 European Open Israel Sousa W Pts: 2x0 70KG 4F
2023 European Open Lucas Rodrigues W Kneebar 70KG SF
2023 European Open Alex Sodre W Pts: 2x0 70KG F
2023 Spyder RTBB Lucas Pinheiro W Pts: 4x0 65KG 4F
2023 Spyder RTBB Diego Sodre W Referee Decision 65KG SF
2023 Spyder RTBB Meyram Maquine L Pts: 2x0 65KG F
2023 Pan American Nick Salles W Pts: 2x2, Adv 70KG 8F
2023 Pan American Daniel Sathler W Pts: 8x6 70KG 4F
2023 Pan American Alex Sodre W Referee Decision 70KG SF
2023 Pan American Marcio Andre L Pts: 4x4, Adv 70KG F

7. Fabricio’s Top Fight Links

Fabricio Andrey vs Rico Staton / Pan Championship 2019

Fabricio Andrey VS Viki Dabush / European Championship 2020

Fabricio Andrey v Alex Sodre / World Championship 2021

Fabricio Andrey VS Yaroslav Blazhko / European Championship 2020

Photo Credit: @fabricio_andreyjj

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