Eddie Cummings - Top BJJ Submission Grappler

Eddie Cummings - Top BJJ Submission Grappler

1. Eddie Cummings’s Details

Eddie Cummings’s Details
Name  Edward Cummings
Nickname  Wolverine
Born  New York, the United States of America
Age  38
Date of Birth  3/10/1984
Weight  65.77 kg (145 lbs)
Weight Division Peso Level (65.77 kg / 145 lbs)
Last Weigh-in 65 kg
Height  N/A
Foundational Style  BJJ
Career Disclosed Earnings  N/A
College University  Stony Brook University
Rank BJJ Black Belt
Head Coach  John Danaher
Last Fight  F2W 108
Favorite Technique Outside Heel Hook
Lineage  Mitsuyo Maeda > Carlos Gracie (Sr) > Hélio Gracie > Carlos Gracie Junior > Renzo Gracie > John Danaher > Eddie Cummings
Team Association  N/A
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2. Eddie Cummings’s Biography

Eddie Cummings is a well-known BJJ black belt who trained under the legendary coach John Danaher. He is one of the top fighters in Danaher’s Death Squad. Cummings helped revolutionize submission grappling by improving various submission positions like the ashi garami, heel hook, and saddle.

2.1. Eddie Cummings’s Early Childhood

Cummings was not an athletic kid in his childhood. He did not participate in sports. It was not until high school and college that Cummings played soccer, but he was still not interested in sports.

2.2. Interest in BJJ

In 2010, when Cummings was enrolled at Stony Brook University as a mathematics student, he was introduced to BJJ by one of his colleagues training under Matt Serra. Stony Brook University started holding jiu-jitsu classes in a basement room for sports. Cummings joined the jiu-jitsu club and started training at the age of 26.

2.3. First BJJ Coach Krishna Mirjah

At Stony Brook University, Cummings’s first BJJ coach was Krishna Mirjah. Mirjah was more inclined toward No-Gi BJJ. Under his training, Cummings also developed an interest in No-Gi BJJ. Mirjah also prepared Cummings to compete in tournaments. BJJ eventually became more than a hobby for Cummings. After demonstrating his BJJ skills in local tournaments, Cummings was promoted to blue belt by Mirjah.

2.4. Joined Renzo Gracie Academy

After training in jiu-jitsu for almost three years at SBU, Cummings wanted to join an official jiu-jitsu academy. To continue his BJJ training, he went to New York and joined Renzo Gracie Academy.

In New York, Cummings started studying physics and worked as a school lab tech before he became a professional grappler to pay for his expenses. He trained twice per day and became a regular student during his early jiu-jitsu days.

Here is a video of Cummings training at Renzo Gracie Academy with Garry Tonon.

2.5. Learned BJJ Under John Danaher

At Renzo Gracie Academy, Cummings continued his jiu-jitsu training under Danaher. When Cummings joined Renzo Gracie Academy as a blue belt, he had a decent grasp of leg locks. Danaher recognized Cummings’s expertise in leg locks and trained him further in this specialized field. Danaher turned the blue belt into a feared grappler, especially in submission grappling. Cummings competed and won various competitions under Danaher.

2.6. Joined Submission Grappler

Cummings decided to join submission grappling because of its purity and merits. According to him, a grappler reaches the heights of success due to their skills. A submission grappler has a lot of chances to execute their skills without taking advantage of the gi.

“I decided to make the switch from Jiu-Jitsu to submission grappling mostly because of the purity of the sport, the merit-based nature of it, as stressful as it is and you know it's a very unstable profession, to say the least. You know it's always being chased by injuries and issues and all sorts of problems. But we are only answerable to our own merits if we are skilled grapplers we succeed, if we are not skilled we won't. I like the competitive approach. You know I watched my training partner Garry Tonon come up through those ranks by competing and demonstrating his skill but mostly is making a name for himself in these you know sub-only events for the most part or local shows or big shows. That's what I'm planning on. I think that's the best way to demonstrate skill by beating other skilled grapplers on a big stage.”

2.7. Promoted to Black Belt

Cummings was promoted to black belt after his fabulous performance in various competitions. He received his black belt from Danaher in January 2015 in a record time of less than five years.

2.8. Two-Time Eddie Bravo Invitational Winner

Cummings is a two-time Eddie Bravo Invitational winner in 2015 and 2016 in the 145 lbs weight class. In EBI 4 and EBI 7, he won first place. In EBI 3, Cummings won a bronze medal, and in EBI 10, he ended up as the runner-up.

2.9. Nicknamed “Wolverine”

Cummings is also known as the “Wolverine.” He mentioned on his Instagram account,

“They ask me why people call me Wolverine. It’s because I am small, furry, and mean-spirited”

“They ask me why people call me Wolverine. It’s because I am small, furry, and mean-spirited”

2.10. High Submission Rate

Cummings has a high submission rate, having won 21 out of 25 matches via submission. On the other hand, he lost only three matches, with only one being via submission. Cummings won nine matches with an inside heel hook and eight matches with an outside heel hook.

2.11. Helped Develop Various BJJ Techniques

Cummings also played a major role in the development of various BJJ techniques, including leg locks, ashi garami, outside heel hooks, inside heel hooks, escapes, and counters against leg locks. He has conducted seminars on ashi garami and there are instructional DVDs available on the market.

2.12. Eddie Bravo on Cummings’s Leg Locks

Eddie Bravo has been impressed with Cummings’s leg locks, admitting that escaping from them is almost impossible. According to Bravo,

“Eddie Cummings is just ripping up the competition, it seems like very few people on the planet can survive his leg attacks. He is just one on an entirely different level from anyone else when it comes to leg locks. Eddie Cummings seems unstoppable, especially at 145 lbs. It’s going to be very hard to survive those leg attacks. Who wants Eddie Cummings? Hardly no one man. He is just ripping through the competition scene.”

3. Eddie Cummings’s Historic Fights

3.1. Eddie Cummings Vs. Corey Brown

Cummings faced Corey Brown at Grappler Quest All-Star 2015. Both fighters started in sitting positions. Brown tried to strangle Cummings's legs from the start to prevent Cummings from using his famous leg locks. When Brown tried to go for a mount, Cummings countered by putting pressure on his back and head.

When Brown tried to escape, Cummings took advantage of the opportunity to attempt his leg locks. First, Cummings wrapped Brown’s legs inside his legs and then pinned them with his arms. Cummings submitted Brown via an inside heel hook in one and a half minutes.

Year Event Opponent W/L/D Method Stage Weight Class
2015 Grappler Quest All-Star Corey Brown Win Inside heel hook N/A 155 lbs

3.2. Edward Cummings Vs. Walter Gomez

In the 2015 ADCC Trials, Cummings faced Walter Gomes in the finals of the -66 kg weight class. At the start of the match, both fighters tried to take each other down. Gomez actively grappled Cummings’s legs and took him down onto the mat. Cummings countered by grappling Gomez’s head and applied a full guard.

Cummings slowly moved his legs upward and tried to apply an armbar. Cummings submitted Gomez via an armbar and won the 2015 ADCC Trials finals.

Year Event Opponent W/L/D Method Stage Weight Class
2015 ADCC Trials Walter Gomes Win Armbar Final -66 kg

3.3. Eddie Cummings Vs Chad George

Cummings faced Chad George in the EBI 7 quarterfinals. This was one of the most historic fights of Cummings’s career. The fight started with both fighters in sitting positions. As Cummings tried to grapple George’s arm, George tried to move away and escape. Cummings responded by grappling George’s leg and applying an inside heel hook. Cummings submitted Chad George within 22 seconds via an inside heel hook.

Year Event Opponent W/L/D Method Stage Weight Class
2016 EBI 7 Chad George Win Inside heel hook 4F 65 kg

3.4. Eddie Cummings Vs. Bill Cooper

Cummings faced Bill Cooper in the EBI 7 finals. Both fighters started in a sitting position. Cooper tried to strangle Cummings's leg to keep him from using leg locks but failed. Cooper once again tried to grapple Cummings’s leg to subdue him. Cummings used that leg to counter Cooper and shift into an advantageous position. Cummings applied his famous inside heel hook, submitted Cooper, and won the EBI 7 finals via submission.

Year Event Opponent W/L/D Method Stage Weight Class
2016 EBI 7 Bill Cooper Win Inside heel hook F 65 kg

4. Eddie Cummings’s Main Achievements

4.1. Eddie Cummings’s International Achievements

Year Event Weight Division
2015 EBI 4 145 lbs
2015 ADCC US Coast East Trials 66 kg
2015 Polaris Invitational 2 Superfight 70 kg
2016 EBI 7 145 lbs

4.2. Eddie Cummings’s Main Achievements as Black Belt

Year Event Belt Position
2015 EBI 4 Black Belt 1st
2015 ADCC US Coast East Trials Black Belt 1st
2015 Polaris Invitational 2 Superfight Black Belt 1st
2015 EBI 3 Black Belt 3rd
2016 EBI 7 Black Belt 1st
2016 EBI 10 Black Belt 2nd

5. Eddie Cummings’s Professional Record Break

5.1. Eddie Cummings’s Professional Record

29 Matches 25 Wins 3 Losses 1 Draw
By Points 0 0 0
By Advantages 0 0 0
By Submission 21 1 0
By Decision 4 0 0
By Penalties 0 1 0
By DQ 0 1 0
Draw 0 0 1

5.2. Method of Submission

Method 21 Wins 1 Losses
Inside Heel Hook 9 0
Outside Heel Hook 8 0
RNC 3 0
Armbar 1 0
Triangle Armbar 0 1

6. Eddie Cummings’s Fight History

Year Competition Opponent W/L Method Weight Stage
2015 Gracie Nationals Dennis Prokopos W Outside heel hook ABS SPF
2015 ADCC US Trials John Joseph W Outside heel hook 66KG 4F
2015 ADCC US Trials Ruben Alvarez W Inside heel hook 66KG SF
2015 ADCC US Trials Walter Gomes W Armbar 66KG F
2015 EBI 3 Lauri Karppinen W Outside heel hook 77KG R1
2015 EBI 3 Enrico Cocco W Inside heel hook 77KG 4F
2015 EBI 3 Garry Tonon L Triangle armbar 77KG SF
2015 EBI 4 Kevin Berbrich W Outside heel hook 65KG R1
2015 EBI 4 Russ Miura W Outside heel hook 65KG 4F
2015 EBI 4 Baret Yoshida W Inside heel hook 65KG SF
2015 EBI 4 Joe Soto W Inside heel hook 65KG F
2015 ADCC Asadulaev Surkhay W Outside heel hook 66KG R1
2015 ADCC Augusto Mendes L Pen 66KG 4F
2015 Polaris 2 Reilly Bodycomb W Inside heel hook 70KG SPF
2016 Grappling Ind. Mansher Khera W Referee Decision ABS SPF
2016 Polaris 3 Augusto Mendes D --- 70KG SPF
2016 PTL Sunday Open Nathan Orchard W Outside heel hook ABS SPF
2016 EBI 7 Sergio Hernandez W RNC 65KG R1
2016 EBI 7 Chad George W Inside heel hook 65KG 4F
2016 EBI 7 Mike Davila W RNC 65KG SF
2016 EBI 7 Bill Cooper W Inside heel hook 65KG F
2016 EBI 10 Alessandro Costa W Outside heel hook 61KG R1
2016 EBI 10 Alexis Alduncin W Inside heel hook 61KG 4F
2016 EBI 10 Baret Yoshida W Inside heel hook 61KG SF
2016 EBI 10 Geo Martinez L EBI/OT 61KG F
2017 F2W 31 Samir Chantre W Referee Decision 70KG SPF
2017 F2W 56 Jacob Sandoval W RNC 70KG SPF
2018 Kasai Pro 2 Renato Canuto W Referee Decision 72KG SPF
2019 F2W 108 William Wolk W Referee Decision 65KG SPF

7. Top fight links

Eddie Cummings vs Mike Davila

Eddie Cummings x Asadulaev Surkhay

Eddie Cummings vs Chad George

Photo Credit: @eddiewolverinebjj

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