Exercise Ball Workout for the BJJ Beginners

Exercise Ball Workout for the BJJ Beginners

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is a rigorous martial art that requires stamina, physical strength, flexibility, and an increased range of mobility. All of these traits are usually not developed during rolling, sparring, and grappling sessions. Beginners, who are not particularly fit, tend to find it difficult to implement a certain technique due to a lack of strength and agility. However, after they begin their jiu-jitsu journeys, it becomes crucial to incorporate exercises that can improve their athletic performance, balance, core strength, and mobility. One of the easiest exercises to achieve the fitness goals mentioned above is the exercise ball workout. These exercises are beginner-friendly, time-efficient, result-oriented, and easy to perform. Moreover, an exercise ball is the only equipment you need. On days when going to the gym or BJJ training center seems like too daunting a task, you can easily include these exercises in your busy schedule. To help you get started with your fitness journey along with BJJ training, this article brings you easy-to-follow exercise ball workouts that you can perform in the gym, at home, or just before your BJJ drills.

1. The Importance of Exercise Ball Workout for BJJ Beginners

The BJJ beginners are not necessarily physical fitness pros with excellent balance and stamina for BJJ training. Many aspirants enroll in BJJ classes to improve their physical fitness. For such BJJ practitioners, exercise ball workouts play a vital role in building fundamental BJJ skills. These workouts have much importance for BJJ beginners because they serve many purposes, including

1.1. Physical Fitness

Exercise ball workout is performed to improve physical fitness. When beginners begin to include exercise ball workouts in their BJJ drills and sessions, they experience systematic improvements in their athletic performance and overall fitness. Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu demands active and vigilant responses while fighting with an opponent. Exercise ball workouts help beginners train themselves according to the demands of sparring sessions in friendly and competitive settings.

1.2. Development of Active and Vigilant Responses

As mentioned above, BJJ demands proactive efforts during grappling sessions. The BJJ athletes are expected to be physically fit and mentally alert. Exercise ball workouts can help in developing active and vigilant responses in beginners. Learning BJJ poses and positions cannot be done in a single day. It may take weeks, sometimes months to develop quick responses, but ball workouts can help reduce the time required for this endeavor.

1.3. Mastering BJJ Positions

The BJJ is a martial arts discipline, which involves ground-based fighting, dominant positions, submission techniques, and complex self-defense strategies. Exercise ball workouts can help develop mobility, agility, and flexibility, which are essential for learning and performing these moves. Swiss Balls, commonly known as Yoga Balls, are used for this training. By practicing on Swiss balls, beginners can expedite the process of learning the fundamental principles, positions, and techniques of BJJ.

1.4. Development of Muscle Strength

All kinds of workouts help in the development of muscle strength and exercise ball workouts are no different. These workouts strengthen core muscles, help reduce spine discomfort, and also target back muscles. In addition, limb muscles can also benefit greatly from these workouts.

1.5. To Improve Balance and Stability

BJJ beginners need to enhance stability to become successful practitioners. The ball workouts gradually teach beginners to maintain balance in their bodies During ball workout classes, trainers offer step-by-step guidance. Exercise balls challenge beginners with their round shapes, freely moving in any direction if the athlete loses balance or fails to maintain proper grip.

2. How Can BJJ Beginners Get Maximum Benefit from Exercise Ball Workouts

BJJ beginners can make the best use of the exercise ball workouts in different ways. It depends on the practitioner and how they approach these workouts during training. Ball exercise is not only beneficial for physical fitness but also for building and improving stamina.

2.1. The Ball as a Symbol of Opponent for Beginners

The beginners can get more involved if they consider and treat the ball as an opponent. When they consider it as an opponent, they apply maximum techniques and tricks to undo their opponent. Moreover, considering the ball as an opponent will make the workout more interesting and fun.

2.2. Beginners Can Improve Range of Motion

Using the exercise ball for body fitness enables beginners to move their bodies in all directions. Specific body parts and muscle group exercises can be performed by setting the position of the ball on the body. The movement of the body in every direction with proactive response is required in BJJ. The exercise of ball workout is made to bring efficiency in applying tricks against the opponent.

2.3. Ball Workout Can Be Practised Systematically

The exercise ball workout has different difficulty levels. The exercise should be performed step by step as it gentler the muscles, prevents soreness and is an easier learning approach for beginners.

2.4. Beginners Implement BJJ Techniques Easily

Moving the ball in multiple directions and maintaining balance in the body provides a useful learning experience for BJJ players. It is a matter of fact that working with balls in different modes and positions helps practitioners better understand the fundamentals and challenges of BJJ techniques.

2.5. Easy to Adopt and Fun to Perform

Exercise ball workout is undoubtedly a fun activity and becomes more interesting when you start combining it with BJJ drills. One can easily perform these exercises at home and learn through beginner-friendly YouTube videos. The ball also eliminates the need for a partner or opponent as it works as your training partner.

3. Exercise Ball Workouts

3.1. Swiss Ball Exercise for Beginners

Swiss ball is also referred to as ‘’Yoga Ball.”. The exercises performed using this ball help remove body stiffness, and enhance flexibility and muscle strength. Beginners can learn these exercises by performing each step slowly and repeatedly.

Steps Involved in Swiss Ball Exercise

  • First, sit on the ball with your back straight, focusing on maintaining a balance between your body and the ball.
  • Your body should be aligned with the ball.
  • Your feet should be placed firmly on the floor to keep your body in a stable position.
  • Keep your shoulders straight and concentrate on moving your lower body.
  • Keep your back straight while moving your legs one at a time.
  • Try to perform kicks while keeping your body balanced on the Swiss ball.
  • Alternate between moving your upper body and then your lower body, ensuring that one of your upper half remains static, while the other half is moving.

Method of Movement  Time
Lower Ebb Movement  5 to 10 mins
Shoulder Movement  5 to 10 mins
Leg Movement  5 to 10 mins
Kick Movement  5 to 10 mins

3.2. To Improve Posture and Treat Shoulder or Neck Pain

The exercise ball workout improves shoulder flexion, mid-back extension, and strengthens muscles. Beginners can correct their posture by pressing the ball against their body in the following ways:

  • Lay on the ball and apply suitable pressure against it.
  • Keep your head elevated.
  • Sit on the ball in a static position.
  • Maintain the lying position for at least 10 mins 

3.3. Ball Workout for Stability

The BJJ beginners should focus on maintaining stability and balance on the ball because both these fitness attributes can have a significant impact on your BJJ skills and grappling performance.

  • Sit on the ball and maintain balance. 
  • Move your feet from side to side preferably fifteen times.
  • Keep the ball stable under your mid-back and move your shoulders and arms upward.
  • Place the ball under your legs and move forward with push-ups.
  • Lie on the ball, put it under your belly, and move your legs upward.
  • Hold the ball with your feet and lift it up preferably fifteen times.
  • Hold the ball in your arms with the support of the elbow and maintain a straight posture for fifteen minutes.

Method Number of Steps Exercise for
Feet Movement 15 Times Thigh Fitness
Shoulder and Arm 15 Times Shoulder Posture
Push-ups  15 Times Shoulder and Arm Muscles
Leg Movement  15 Times Hind Limbs Strength
Lifting Ball  15 Times Leg Movement
Grip Ball with Elbow  15 Times Entire Body Posture

3.4. Exercise Ball Workout 1

The following exercise ball workout is also great for achieving stability and flexibility, stamina, and balance.

  • Lie on the ball and keep the ball under your shoulders for shoulder flexion.
  • Perform 20 reps of the snow angel pose.
  • Place the ball under your mid-back for an extension. Hold the position for 10 to 30 seconds.
  • Get in a chin-duck position while lying on your stomach. 
  • Extend your thoracic region while performing mid-back extension.

Exercise Method Times
Place the ball under your shoulders 5 to 10 mins
Perform snow angel  20 reps
Place the ball under your mid-back  10 to 30 seconds
Perform chin-duck position while lying on your stomach  5 to 10 mins
Perform thoracic extension while maintaining mid-back extension pose 5 to 10 mins

3.5. Exercise Ball Workout 2

For basic posture correction, pain, and muscle fatigue, perform the following exercise ball workout:

  • Lie down on the mat and place the ball under your legs. Roll the ball in and out for leg muscle extension. 
  • Hold the ball with your feet and raise it upward. Hold the position for 5 to 6 seconds.
  • Roll your body forward and backward against the ball to perform push-ups.
  • Take the ball in your arms and roll it in and out six times or more.

Exercise Method Time
Roll the ball in and out   10 mins
Hold the ball with your feet and raise it upward  5 to 6 seconds
Perform push-ups  15 mins
Roll the ball against your arms 6 times

4. Tips for Beginners to Start Exercise Ball Workout

The exercise ball workout is easy; however, taking the first step and starting a new habit or workout routine is always challenging. Here are some useful tips that will encourage you to take a start:

4.1. Make It Enjoyable

As a beginner the more you engage in enjoyable exercises and fitness routines, the more likely you are to continue training BJJ, as these workouts will provide you with the strength and mobility needed for success on the mat. Try different variations of the exercise ball workouts to keep it interesting and enjoyable.

4.2. Perform Exercise Step by Step

The practitioner should aim to master the technique of balancing the ball step by step. This slow learning approach keeps you motivated as it prevents you from feeling overwhelmed by unrealistic fitness goals. Plus, the step-by-step approach creates interest and pushes you to challenge your abilities and see if you can perform the next step. The gradual learning process also offers long-term benefits because systematic learning brings positive changes in behavior and physique and also reduces the risk of injury. It is better to go step by step rather than rush through the learning process. 

4.3. Consistency and Time Management

To become an accomplished BJJ practitioner, consistency and time management are crucial. Consistency in a fitness routine, training sessions, drills, and BJJ competition practice will guarantee success. To be consistent, it is important that you have enough time each day to incorporate these exercises. Therefore, be mindful of your actions, avoid distractions, and focus on achieving your goals, which in the case of an exercise ball workout muscle strength, flexibility, core strength, stability, and balance.

4.4. Healthy Diet and Rest

Physical practice consumes the practitioners’ energy. Therefore, a healthy diet is crucial if you want to deliver excellence on the mat. The practitioner must follow a balanced diet plan and try to cut off sugary and processed foods. In addition, proper rest is also essential for BJJ practitioners to ensure they have the energy to continue practicing the next day.

5. Conclusion

It is important to emphasize the importance of exercise ball workout demands keen learning behavior from BJJ practitioners, especially beginners. While learning the exercise technique, one should adopt a gradual learning approach. Consistent practice and training will make you feel comfortable and at ease. An exercise ball workout is highly recommended for BJJ beginners. This practice will help them face and tackle initial challenges and also prepare both the mind and body for more intense workouts and rigorous BJJ training sessions, instilling confidence and self-recognition. The ball exercise makes BJJ beginners more active, vigilant, and alert in competitive situations. Suffice it to say, that exercise ball workouts will leave a positive impact on your BJJ game.

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