Calisthenics For BJJ: All You Need To Know

Calisthenics For BJJ: All You Need To Know

Every BJJ athlete is always concerned about developing the strength to achieve the goals. The best way to develop the body's strength and endurance is by adopting a regular workout routine. If we talk about exercises then there is an extensive list of exercises that anyone can perform to reach fitness goals. But the most important exercises that effectively rely on body weight to develop strength by building and maintaining the muscles are referred to as Calisthenics. BJJ athletes can also perform the Calisthenics exercises and can work on their important muscles. But this question is always asked in the BJJ community whether the BJJ Calisthenics is useful or not. So let's talk about BJJ Calisthenics and its main advantageous factors.

1. Calisthenics

Calisthenics is a form of strength training that develops the body's strength by simply relying on the body weight. Not any kind of equipment is involved in this exercise. Calisthenics are also commonly named as bodyweight exercises that offer numerous benefits including effective mobility, body strength, coordination, endurance, and better flexibility. The main concept of Calisthenics revolves around muscle strengthening by using the body’s resistance and gravity. Calisthenics exercises include squats, lunges, push-ups, planks, and some other simple exercises that can be easily practiced at home without the need for any gym trainer. All these exercises are extremely safe and free from the risk of injuries if performed with care.

Calisthenics is antagonistic to weight training that involves the use of external weights in workouts such as weight machines, barbells, dumbbells, Bent and straight leg raises Kettlebells, etc. If the person is not a beginner and can do the advanced exercises with ease then burpees, pull-ups, Handstands, L-sites, and Chin-ups are ideal.

Calisthenics does not involve the use of any kind of workout equipment. So the best part is that a person does not need to go outside to the gym as these bodyweight exercises can be easily performed at home. Just continual training is required to master the bodyweight exercises.

Calisthenic exercises also provide various other potential benefits which include:

  • Body fat reduction which ultimately decreases the rate of obesity
  • Improved functional fitness
  • Development of upper as well as lower body strength
  • Better body posture
  • Can be performed anywhere
  • Reduced risk of danger
  • Complete Body Workout
  • Increased muscle mass over time
  • Affordability

2. Calisthenics for BJJ

Brazilian Jiu-jitsu is not about just mastering and applying the techniques to secure victory if both competitors are skillful in applying techniques then only stronger athletes will get victory. So it is extremely important to develop the muscle and overall body strength to smartly win in different BJJ competitions. Doing Calisthenics exercises is extremely valuable for BJJ fighters as applying different techniques will be helpful if the body is strong. For example in applying the choke techniques, upper body strength is required that can be easily obtained by doing the Calisthenics exercises. Similarly, various other techniques in jiu-jitsu require sufficient body strength such as:

  • Takedowns
  • Guard Passes
  • Submissions
  • Armbar
  • Rear Naked Choke

To perform the different versions of guard pass including bull pass and over under pass etc, upper body parts should be strong. Triangle choke, rear naked choke, and Armbar also require upper body strength. On the other hand, double-leg takedowns, and single-leg takedowns require lower body strength.

Another significant factor of Calisthenics is that it targets the multiple muscles of your body with supreme functionality. Body hangings, push-ups, pull-ups, and squats do the same thing for your body in a very flawless manner. If you make a habit of practicing the Calisthenics exercises then ultimately you will see the glorious results on the BJJ mats. But always remember that you have to perform these workouts in a controlled way as there is no need to overdo them. In that case, your body will experience severe fatigue that takes time to recover. Mastering Calisthenics means mastering the body weight.

Calisthenics not only provides strength to upper and lower body parts but also to the core body regions such as hips, lower back, and abdominal region. Having better core power is best for BJJ athletes.

BJJ athletes who are at the beginner stage can also take advantage of these workouts. Without paying any gym fee or BJJ instructor dues, they can simply practice these exercises by sitting in their own space. By applying any training routine at any time of day, they can acquire stronger body muscles. So before learning the advanced jiu-jitsu techniques and lifting additional loads, it's better to have a command of body weight.

3. Alternative way of Calisthenics

If beginner-level BJJ athletes are not comfortable with the Calisthenics exercises then by following some rules, they can still develop body strength. Firstly, they can perform the negative repetitions that involve the eccentric lift phase. Secondly, if the BJJ athlete is practicing push-ups or pull-ups then the number of repetitions can be reduced as gradual sparring can also lead to victory in BJJ tournaments.

4. Last Thoughts

So it is concluded that Calisthenics is advantageous for BJJ as they are the easiest way to develop body strength. Squats, planks, lunges, body lifting, and hanging are the finest ways to perform the best body conditioning. As there is no need for any exercise equipment to perform Calisthenics they can also be coined as affordable exercises. Being mentally stronger and physically fit is ideal for achieving fitness or winning goals. So what are you waiting for? Start doing the Calisthenics and start seeing the surprising results on your body that will surely lead you towards a victorious BJJ pathway.

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