ADCC Announces Policy On Transgender Athletes In Competition

ADCC Announces Policy On Transgender Athletes In Competition

The Abu Dhabi Combat Club (ADCC), a famous Nogi submission grappling organization, has just announced a formal policy regarding the Transgender athlete's participation in upcoming ADCC Championships. ADCC has shared the rules and regulations for fights to develop an equitable sporting environment. ADCC experts thoroughly analyzed all the aspects of challenges that transgender athletes have to face in different tournaments.

According to the policy, the process of athletes' enrollment and competing in different sports divisions will be aligned to the sex assigned at birth. Any kind of exclusions are not permitted for gender classification.

The ADCC policy also stated that if any person disobeys this policy then he will be responsible for experiencing severe outcomes which can be the athlete suspension and permanent prohibition from all ADCC-authorized events.

ADCC Manager, Mo Jassim, stated

“This policy has been developed to uphold the principles of fair competition, and establishing clear guidelines is essential for maintaining the integrity of our sport to ensure a level playing field for our competitors.”

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