An Ultimate Guide to Find a Good Boxing Gym

An Ultimate Guide to Find a Good Boxing Gym

Either you are a newbie boxer or are an experienced one looking for a new boxing gym due to any reason. Here is a complete guide for you to make it easy and make the right decision.

1. What makes a Boxing Gym Good or Bad?

Apart from the availability of all the latest equipment, a good boxing gym should have a supportive and motivating kind of atmosphere that welcomes boxers of all levels. Their trainers must be able to improve skills and confidence in trainees.

It must be more than just a gym. It should have a community and friendly bonding among trainers and trainees. On top of that, their trainers must have the ability to adapt training as per the needs of trainees.

On the other hand, if you find a boxing gym more focused on winning instead of skill development, you should be avoiding it. A bad gym also does not customize training following the needs of its trainees. Gyms that are more focused on charity fights should also be avoided.

2. Be Clear on Your Boxing Aspiration

Before starting your hunt for a good boxing gym, it is vital to be clear on your boxing aspirations. It means to define your objectives of joining a boxing gym because there are different gym types for every purpose.

If you are intending to compete in boxing tournaments, you should go to professional boxing gyms. The main purpose of these gyms is to make boxers ready for fights along with increasing endurance and fitness level. They will emphasize more one-to-one sessions with coaches. They also include sparring as a part of your training program.

If you only want to do boxing for fitness purposes, it will be best to find boxing gyms for fitness. They will mainly focus on group training and add sessions of rope jumping, shadow boxing, and bag workouts instead of sparring in their programs. They will focus more on your fitness and workouts than boxing skill development.

Another type of boxing gym that you can join is MMA fighting gyms. They are a little different from the traditional boxing gyms as they include other martial art techniques like kicks along with basic punching and footwork. They will not only prepare you for bouts but also work on your fitness.

So, depending on your objectives of finding a boxing gym, choose that suit the most.

3. Start Hunting

Once you are clear on your boxing aspirations, it is time to find some boxing gyms in your area. In this regard, you can take the help of google search. It will provide you with a lot of options against your search for “boxing gyms near me”.

The other way of finding gyms around you is checking for advertisements like posters and flyers in the local area. You can also take advantage of the local directories.

You can shortlist five of the prominent ones in your area for further consultation.

For that, you must be collecting details like contact numbers and addresses to conveniently plan visits. For finding the right gym, visiting gyms more than one time is not the point to be worried about.

You must be speaking with their trainers and coaches along with observing their equipment, atmosphere, and techniques. You should also be discussing your purpose in learning boxing. It will help you understand their scope and adaptability level.

4. Things to Consider

While visiting potential boxing gyms, it is crucial to keep a check on the following aspects to make the right choice.

4.1. Proximity to Your Place

The first thing that you should be considering is the nearness of the gym to your home or work. Learning boxing is subject to attending training classes consistently if you want to make the most out of it.

Always look for a boxing gym that should not only be aligned with your aspiration but also a close-to-home one. Enrolling in gyms far from home or work may cause problems for you. You may get stuck in heavy traffic or may face disturbance with your vehicle.

Therefore, you should be preferring a gym within a walking distance to attend your classes with full consistency.

4.2. Training Equipment

A good gym does not mean having all modern equipment but it must have the basic equipment required for a good training session. Your potential boxing gym should have all traditional boxing training tools along with the area for stretching and strength training.

It should have gears like heavy bags, speed bags, double-end bags, timer, ring, and free weights.

4.3. Available Facilities

The availability of facilities is also an important aspect to consider in this course. Along with the availability of all modern boxing equipment, you should also be looking for facilities like a shower, changing room, and parking space.

You should not be joining any gym that does not have any of these facilities.

4.4. Size of Training Group

The size of the training group matters a lot when it comes to gaining learning opportunities as well as the attention of the trainer. Though a large training group is the sign of a healthy boxing gym that may limit your learning prospect.

With a larger group of trainees, instructors might not be able to keep an eye on everyone’s techniques. That is why you should always go to a gym that has a moderate training group that can be between 15 to 30 trainees.

This will help you gain maximum attention from your instructor along with the diversified training partners.

4.5. Trainer’s Record

During your visit to shortlisted gyms, you must also get details about their trainers. You may ask about their careers, numbers of years in the support, association with any boxing body, and certification, etc.

This will help you understand the scope and abilities of trainers that will potentially teach you. Always go for highly qualified and experienced trainers so you can learn the most and the best techniques from them. Asking about these details will also depict your passion for the sport.

4.6. Trainer’s Boxing Style

Another important aspect that should not be ignored is the boxing style of trainers and their students. You should be seeing that either they are boxing in a similar style or everyone has a unique one.

Always go for a boxing gym where they let boxers develop their own styles instead of insisting on a similar boxing style. It also expresses their adaptability towards unique styles and diversification of techniques.

4.7. Memorabilia on the Wall

You should also be eying on the memorabilia on the wall that will depict their successful boxers. If you see a large number of images of boxers, it means they are working for a while and have experienced instructors.

If you see images of the gym owners and instructors only, it means they are new in the business, avoid joining them despite their modern equipment or lower fees.

4.8. Schedule Compliance

Also, check the training schedule of your potential. Go to the gym that has the most suitable timings as per your needs. If you pick one with odd timings, you might miss some important training sessions due to routine businesses.

4.9. Check Their Authenticity

To check the credibility and experience of people with their services, you may ask people in the gym. You can also search them on google for community reviews.

You may also ask gym owners or management about the boxers they have trained and their time in the business. This will help you find the most experienced and credible boxing gym in your area.

4.10. Fee

The fee is also an important factor that you should not be ignoring. You should be asking about the fee for the gym membership from all of your shortlisted potentials.

Make comparisons based on their facilities, experience, and boxing aspirations. This will help you understand which gym will be financially suitable for you to join.

5. Choose the Best

Considering all of the listed things to consider, you should always go for the gym that meets the most criteria. From facilities to instructor’s experience, and equipment, you should be weighing all of your potentials and pick one with the most points.

The entire discussion can help you come across the best possible yet most affordable boxing gym in your area.

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