All You Need to Know About Private BJJ Classes

All You Need to Know About Private BJJ Classes

BJJ athletes want to learn cutting-edge BJJ techniques in a limited time. Private classes are beneficial for such athletes. Taking BJJ lessons privately from your instructor is the best learning experience.

Private BJJ classes allow direct association of student and instructor without interference and division of attention. To give private classes, it is not necessary to be a Black Belt. A purple Belt can provide lessons to Blue Belts as he is much more experienced than the Blue Belt.

Private classes are also a bit more expensive than regular classes. If you have the capability to join a private class, it will provide you with the best opportunity to learn next-level techniques. Let’s have a detailed discussion about the worth, benefits, and cost of private lessons.

1. Benefits of Private Lessons

Private classes help BJJ practitioners to get perfection in their techniques. Just like a student who is weak in a subject takes some extra classes to overcome his shortcomings. BJJ private lessons are just like extra tuition to overcome weaknesses in techniques. Let's have a view at the benefits of private lessons. 

1.1. Undivided Attention

In a regular class, there is usually one instructor who gives the complete lesson to a group of students. In the traditional learning environment, the instructor cannot give his full attention to all students individually. He can not point out little errors and mistakes of all the members of the group. The instructors try their best to notice every student. But in a group class, usually, it cannot be possible. 

Private BJJ lessons give an opportunity to learn under the undivided attention of an instructor and work on every little thing about a technique. Private lessons give a chance to learn more accurately in little time. 

1.2. Opportunity to Overcome Your Weakness

In a private class where someone is training under the full attention of an instructor, it is very easy to overcome your weaknesses. In a regular class where the instructor is observing all the students, it is not possible for the instructor to give proper time to every student. It is up to you how you can work on your shortcomings.

But in a private class, the instructor has full attention to every move. You have some separate time with your instructor in which you can discuss your imperfections and practice overcoming them. 

1.3. Chance to Get More Accurate Approach to Techniques

In a regular class, it is not easy to reach the most accurate approach to a technique. Everyone has a different potential to take in and learn. In a group, the instructor is not able to observe which student needs more time to train and learn about the point the instructor is demonstrating.

In a private class, the instructor will not go to the next point without teaching you the exact theme. The undivided attention of your instructor gives you a good opportunity to reach the perfection of any technique and its defense. You are his only concern at that time. 

1.4. Flexible Schedule

Private classes provide flexibility in schedule for those having a busy schedule. Some BJJ practitioners continue their training with some activities like study and office work. Private classes help such practitioners to schedule their classes in their free time and continue their training

1.5. Recommended for Shy Students

Many BJJ practitioners are reluctant to join BJJ academies because of their social anxiety. These people are shy and hesitant to learn BJJ techniques in a group or in a gym. Private classes are the best option for them.    

1.6. Increased Progression in Less Time

In a private class, the instructor is almost always available and focused on one student. Practitioners can learn more techniques accurately in less time. So, private classes also enhance progression with reduced time duration.    

2. Disadvantages of Private Lessons

No doubt private BJJ lessons give an opportunity to learn and train with more accuracy and perfection. But there are also some disadvantages of Private classes as well. Let’s have a look at them. 

2.1. Less Sparring Opportunities

Sparring is the basic part of BJJ training. By rolling with different partners daily, the practitioner learns how to apply techniques in a real practical way to prepare and handle the opponent for the fight. Sparring is necessary to test your skills in a fight. There is a big difference between practicing a technique in a private lesson and sparing a technique against a tough opponent. 

In regular training, practitioners roll or spar with their fellows after training. Unlike regular classes, private lessons do not involve sparring. In a private class, BJJ athletes will get a lot of information about techniques but without proper sparring, this information isn't of much value.    

2.2. A Little Bit Costly

Private classes are only suitable for those who can afford this as these cost much more than regular classes. The cost of private lessons also depends on the instructor you have chosen.

High-profile coaches have high fees. While other instructors might also have some flexible packages. For those who cannot afford private lessons, regular classes are the best option.    

2.3. Could be Difficult for Beginners

For a beginner or a white belt, it is suggested that they should start training with a group. Private lessons are more helpful for those who have some BJJ skills and are ready to enhance their skills. Group training offers more learning opportunities and a suitable environment for beginners.

2.4. Less Social Interaction

No doubt, private lessons give you the opportunity to learn the next-level BJJ positions and techniques with accuracy. But it cannot teach you the aspects like group work, commitment, self-discipline, and respect, to which a group practitioner is exposed. 

3. Private Lessons Vs. Group Classes

Most of the people started their training in a group form. They joined a gym and started training with their fellows. But in some cases, people also prefer private classes. There is also a group of professional grapplers who enjoy private lessons as well as regular classes to enhance their skills to an extraordinary level. Both types of BJJ training have some positive and negative aspects. Here is a comparison between regular classes and private classes.

  1. In a group, the instructor’s attention is divided into a group. Instructors cannot give their full attention to every student. While in private classes, the undivided attention of the instructor gives an opportunity to learn more accurately and efficiently.
  2. In a group class, you have to work yourself to overcome your weaknesses. Instructors do not have enough time for each student to address their shortcomings. While in private lessons, you can discuss your weakness with your instructor and also seek out a solution for your weakness.
  3. In group classes, everyone gets a chance to learn with a variety of people while in private classes you do not have a variety of learning chances.
  4. Private classes are much more expensive than group classes. Financially stable people can afford private classes. Regular classes are most approachable for the average person.
  5. To take regular classes, it is very necessary to be on time. But private classes provide flexibility in schedule. People who have busy routines can manage a private BJJ lesson in their schedule.
  6. At the end of the group class, everyone gets the opportunity to spar with an opponent from the group. But in a private lesson, you do not get the opportunity to spar.

Group Classes Private Classes
Divided attention Undivided Attention
Fewer Opportunities to Overcome Weaknesses More Opportunities to Overcome Weaknesses
Train and Spar with a Variety of People Do not have a chance to Spar with Someone
Less Costly and Reasonable Expensive
Fixed Time Flexible Schedule
Learn Self-discipline, Respect, Commitment, and BJJ Techniques Only learn BJJ Techniques and Skills

4. Are Jiu-Jitsu Private Lessons Worth It?

Jiu-Jitsu private lessons are worth it if you can afford them. In a private class, you can fix your shortcomings in less time than in a group class. In a group class, you need a lot of time to fix your mistakes. Private lessons can enhance your progression in a limited time.

Private BJJ lesson becomes more worthwhile when the practitioner already has an understanding of Jiu-Jitsu. The more experienced the practitioner is the more beneficial the private class.

But some side effects of private lessons are also there. Private class does not have any impact on the social values of the practitioner. The private class also does not offer BJJ rolling.  

5. How Much do BJJ Private Classes Cost

The fee range of regular BJJ classes depends upon the instructor and the area in which that academy lies. Regular BJJ lessons cost $75 to $250 per month. This is a range for the group classes in a gym.

While for a private class, the fee range depends upon the profile of the instructor. High-profile instructors who have proved themselves in the field have high rates for private classes. The average cost for a private lesson is $50 per hour to $1000 per hour.     

6. Takeaways

Private Jiu-Jitsu lessons are more worthy than group classes in the learning aspects. In private classes, BJJ practitioners take less time to learn and overcome their weaknesses under the undivided attention of their instructor.

Private classes give the opportunity to grapplers to fix their shortcomings and enhance their skills. Despite having a lack of social growth and sparring variety, private classes have more learning potential.

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