Are BJJ Seminars Worth The Time?

Are BJJ Seminars Worth The Time?

The learning process never stops and we cannot deny the fact that community gatherings are a rich source of information. So, seminars are also an integral part of the growth in combat sports and can be a good genesis to enhance your motivation and experience for jiu-jitsu training.

1. BJJ Seminars

Most people do not understand the importance of BJJ seminars. They think it is a waste of time and money when they are already under training by renowned coaches. There are some taboos regarding the worth of seminars, remove them from your mind to understand the importance of seminars.

Think is it really too expensive for you to attend it?
Does it waste your time?
Isn’t it enhancing your learning process?

Let's understand the worth of seminars.

Attending Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu seminars is highly beneficial as highly experienced professionals gather under one roof. It's the opportunity to learn, collaborate, and build the BJJ community for awareness and promotion of BJJ sports.

The difficult transition and moves can be learned and understood when you come up with different mindsets and practices.

Seminars are the source of motivation when you watch BJJ professionals sharing their achievement stories, the tips and tricks to follow some specific techniques, and what to do to come on the success path.

Practice makes a man perfect but attending seminars, reading books, listening to the stories of other people, watching videos, and immersing yourself completely in grappling art are also highly beneficial for the BJJ learning journey.

2. A Great Opportunity to Meet High Rank Athletes

Read thoroughly the details written on seminar invitations. It will tell you about the guests and the activities of the seminar and you might get a chance to get answers to any of your related questions. . If you are a white belt then you will gain a lot of information related to the best coaches, their coaching styles, and new techniques. You may find a better sparring partner.

If you are a kid then, attending seminars with your parents is helpful to you to decide which nearby BJJ school or academy is good for your training.

Check out the benefits of attending seminars

2.1. Access to Elite Instructors

Attending seminars will increase the chance of meeting high-profile instructors. Spending some time with them will help you to decide the direction of your training. You can also get your questions answered by highly professional masters if they have a Q/A session scheduled. But listening to those instructors and athletes who have seen their lives in the sport will definitely add value to your experience and learning.

2.2. Explore New Techniques

Seminars allow you to explore new aspects and help you to identify the weak areas in your combat sports. Training with the same people every day and attending seminars with a room full of professionals will help you to advance your approach to executing BJJ techniques. You may explore and learn new techniques which will ultimately improve your belt rank in Jiu-Jitsu.

2.3. Enhances Personal Growth

Practicing and sparring in the same environment with little or no change in surroundings may negatively affect your mood. Seminars are helpful in personal growth and bring a healthy change in your training routine.

2.4. Learn Niche Moves

Some moves of the BJJ athletes are pretty niche and special. Gabriel Arges's knee bar technique from the 50/50 position is very popular. You cannot learn such special techniques from the videos. You can upscale your game by attending BJJ seminars.

2.5. Roll with The Best

You will get an opportunity to roll with the best athletes in the seminars. Seminars are not only meant to watch popular pro BJJ combats but to interact and learn something new. You can watch your favorite athletes sparring live, giving certain tips and tricks.

3. Why People Resist Attending Seminars

The main issue you face in attending BJJ seminars is the cost. Investing in a seminar will be a good decision for learning purposes. Those days are gone when techniques were kept secret. Social media platforms require authenticity and likes by the audience to consider the reliability of the channels. 

If the seminars are overcrowded then it's hard to gain attention from the known BJJ practitioner if somehow you manage to reach them, you may miss the finest details due to the overcrowded environment.  BJJ practitioners are likely to ignore such situations.

3.1. Disinterested Seminars

Sometimes BJJ practitioners teach moves that are not worthy at all. They merely focus on the beginners and ignore the audience which is good at BJJ. In that situation, BJJ seminars are no longer appealing and experienced individuals think they just wasted their time.

3.2. Social Media Fame

Many BJJ practitioners give the opinion that seminars are attended and organized for social media fame neither for teaching and learning purposes. Some people only look for fame, they are no longer interested in working for the spread and awareness of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. They want to come into the limelight for fame and good status. Such situations seem awkward and tiresome.

3.3. Seminars Hosted by Gym Owners

Most of the seminars hosted by gym owners are of financial interest. They invite their students to pay and share positive views about their gym. Owners organize seminars for their gym promotion and students attend seminars in the haste to earn a higher rank in the belt. This places a question mark on the integrity of the belt promotion.

4. Should I Take BJJ Seminars as a Two-Stripe White Belt?

Yes, you should attend a seminar whether you are a kid or a beginner. Sometimes it depends upon the key persons of the BJJ seminar. Some focus on the basics while others share really cool stuff.

If you are focused on your grappling art and have money then attending seminars will definitely improve your game.

5. Conclusion

BJJ seminars have many benefits for the BJJ athletes. The cons of the BJJ seminars cannot outweigh the pros of investing time and money in the seminars. Research and find reviews of the previous seminars of the organization, if it's beneficial then do attend the BJJ seminars for your personal growth and learning.

If you are indecisive about spending time on BJJ, attending BJJ seminars will also help you to decide whether it is a good choice for you or not.

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