The Benefits of Competing in BJJ

The Benefits of Competing in BJJ

It's not a secret that competing is a fundamental element of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu training for many people. But what are the advantages of competing?

Participating in BJJ tournaments is an integral part of jiu-jitsu culture. Many would even say that it's the most enjoyable aspect of BJJ. But is competition for everyone? What is the best time and place to start competing, and what can you expect from yourself?

Read on to find the answers to these questions and more! Everyone has a different approach to BJJ competitions; nevertheless, it is essential to have reasonable expectations!

1. BJJ Competitions

In Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, there's a variety of competition formats, each with its own set of rules(Gi Nogi style, IBJJF, and Naga sub-only, etc.). In most BJJ gyms, the desire to participate is up to the individual, and there isn't any pressure to join.

It may be a challenging experience for individuals new to the sport and professionals in the middle of the season.

However, competing can also be thrilling and highly addictive (and costly!).

However, competition isn't for everyone, and many people have no desire to participate in any competitions. Some compete to develop self-defense skills or boost their confidence. It's perfectly normal, but people might not know that competing is among the fastest ways to improve their performance.

2. What's the Purpose of BJJ Competitions?

If you ask anyone why they got into BJJ, you'll hear many reasons, such as wanting to lose weight and learn self-defense or being part of a group of people who share a common interest.

Training, rolling, and warm-ups are fun ways to learn, but you'll need to test the knowledge you've acquired at some point. It's not just to test what you've learned, but to assist you in improving your skills and revealing areas you need to work on.

There are times when people claim that the most valuable lesson you will learn during tournaments is how to lose. Another common adage refers to "you either win or you learn." But these two aphorisms don't consider what's most important in competition: to gain knowledge. You should be able to critically assess your performance following a competition. The exciting part of competition occurs after you return to training.

Competitors will highlight areas where you can improve. If you are a victim of a takedown, you’ve should improve your defenses when standing or on the ground. If you cannot pass an opponent's spider guard, you must master the art of slipping past your opponent’s defenses ! Even if you're successful, you'll probably be able to see other areas that could be improved upon for next time.

3. Benefits of Competing in BJJ

Competition enhances your BJJ experiences. You may get to train at local academies or practice against athletes acting as training partners. A certain level of comfort develops over time as trust is built and friendships are formed. It is also a way to meet strangers who may or may not share the same views of coaching, techniques, or training approaches as you.

Furthermore, competitions may help you to meet people in the BJJ community you might not have otherwise , providing you with an opportunity to make new acquaintances. In the end, tournaments expanding your circle of friends and understanding of the world.

3.1 Achieving a Win in a Match is the Most Satisfying Feeling

 Preparing for a competition can be complex. It can be taxing both physically and mentally. It's hard to sleep without thinking about potential outcomes, planning your movements, and the amount of stress your body will be at its limit. BJJ improves the kid's health.

It's arguably the most pleasing feeling to win a match in a tournament. The stress is gone, and for a couple of days, you get a glimpse of why professional athletes are so self-confident. The euphoria of being a winner is a fantastic feeling that might last all day.

3.2. Competition Can Be A Great Chance to Improve

There's a chance that nobody is fully prepared to compete. It feels like there's always room to improve. If you are participating in a contest, an excellent way to keep yourself from getting stressed is to remind yourself that everyone else is feeling the same way.

If you're prepared, that's excellent. It's satisfying to know you've trained as best you can. However, even if you think you’re ready to compete , you're still at risk. You risk becoming overwhelmed by expectations that can cause stress, tension, and self-awareness.

All of these can result in an ineffective performance if you allow doubt to set in. However, it doesn't seem like a big deal if you realize that you did all that you could and tried your best while having fun.

3.3. Helps You Fix Your Weaknesses

No matter how experienced you are, sometimes you will come out of situations where you wish you could have done things differently. There's a high chance of that happening in competitions since you will be going up against people who have different ways of doing things than what you're familiar with at your fitness center.

Competitions help you to focus on areas you could make improvements. It also motivates you to improve because you'll want to be better next time you enter a competition.

3.4. Improves Your Training by Giving You Short Term Goals to Focus On

If you are competing in a sporting event, you're aiming to win. You won't put in the work and time required to succeed if you don't have the motivation. With that in mind, you should concentrate on how you can make improvements within the shortest amount of time possible before a competition.

Any extra effort you put into preparing for a competition helps speed up your progress towards becoming an expert at your craft, even if it's only by an inch. All of your experience accumulates over time, and you'll be better than you could have been had you not competed.

3.5. You Determine Where Your Training Is At

If you're told that you are training at a reputed gym, yet your whole team isn't keen on practicing, likely, you're not training in a top-of-the-line gym at all. Participating in a competition gives you the chance to evaluate the progress of your training and where you train.

4. How Can You Make Competing Better for Your Game?

Competition is claimed to be the most efficient training tool available. You can identify the areas where you are lacking, and you can return to the training facility with a specific training regimen to work on.

There is a possibility that you are limited in the number of ways you can train within a single gym. Even if you have plenty of friends, there might be fewer teammates of the same weight class and experience level with whom you could practice with. You'll typically be placed into a bracket with people of a similar belt level, weight class, size, and age. This way, you fight opponents of equal skill level and provide the best assessment of your current skill level.

The competition you face likely have worked hard to be in top physical condition for the competition and will be motivated to beat you. Being in a team with someone who is fighting at 100% is different from any other kind of sparring you'll encounter in a training room.

To beat an opponent of the same size and strength, you'll require superior technique and a winning strategy. This is a unique scenario that is impossible to replicate at the gym and will ultimately benefit your growth.

4.1. A Stressful Encounter

Competition is also an excellent way to determine weaknesses in your technique. Perhaps you've got an unorthodox move or sweep that is a big hit in your training. However, you'll eventually come across someone in a match who can effortlessly stop the move. It can be a stressful encounter, but it will force you to examine your technique and determine ways to improve.

One of the significant motives for athletes to compete is to strengthen their techniques and skillset when preparing for a competition. This process involves paying close attention to the more technical aspects of BJJ spending more time on the mat and focusing on improving areas of weakness during training sessions.

5. Fantastic Way to Develop Relationships

One of the most significant reasons to participate in competitions is that you build relationships when interacting with members of the BJJ community. You'll train and travel with others to prepare for a competition. You'll help warm each other up, watch each other take on opponents, and share the pain of loss and the excitement of victory.

These friendshipsextend beyond the mat and can make you more eager to get back to class to chat with your new friends. You don't want to let them down, so make sure you show up on time even if you're not feeling up to it. Being there for your friends will help enhance your performance because they'll be there to support you. Success in BJJ results from personal excellence, which is built on your teammates' shoulders. It is feasible to succeed in BJJ on your own. However, BJJ can be a team sport that requires support from your teammates.

6. Last Words

Competition sports like BJJ teach you crucial lessons that may help you grow into a better version of yourself. Everybody has a unique motivation that leads people to this sport; however, BJJ can be a means of bringing people together who share the same interests and goals.

The sport of competition is open to all, from beginners to professionals. If you're only starting out, ask your coach's advice on the best time to start and be sure to follow the rest of your team! The most important thing is that participating in competitions will help you better understand where you need to improve. Medals are desirable, however, BJJ at its core is about self-improvement!

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