Why is BJJ Training Too Expensive?

Why is BJJ Training Too Expensive?

BJJ training is more costly than other martial arts because highly qualified instructors (mostly black belts) are required for it. This article will discuss the necessary equipment, time duration, and training cost of BJJ, reasons why BJJ is too expensive, and creative ways to keep the spending on BJJ relatively low.

1. How Much Does BJJ Training Cost?

1.1. The Smaller BJJ Academy

These are the kind of BJJ gyms that are often run by a single person. Black belt or brown belt trainers operate smaller gyms. However, senior purple belts sometimes also provide their services as instructors in some BJJ gyms.

These smaller gyms which are often managed by the senior blue or purple belt instructors, typically charge around $50 per month. Jiu-Jitsu training courses will cost about $100 per month if the instructor is a skilled brown belt or black belt. So the average monthly fee of a smaller BJJ academy is $50 to $100.

1.2. The Standard BJJ Academy

In this kind of gym, the senior instructors are Black Belt holders, and there will likely be other black belt Instructors. There are some junior coaches at these gyms as well; they are often brown belt holders.

These clubs charge about $150 per month for Jiu-Jitsu classes, and this fee is fair. You will receive a top-notch training facility, qualified staff, effective lesson ideas, and additional training partners.

1.3. The Renowned BJJ Academies

Some of the most well-known and accomplished coaches of BJJ manage and operate a number of Jiu-Jitsu clubs. Clearly, you will be required to pay a handsome amount to join these gyms. Some of the top black belts will offer you training or personalized sessions at these BJJ academies.

Of course, while "renowned" gyms often charge more, not everyone chooses to take Jiu-Jitsu courses there. Jiu Jitsu lessons often cost $200 to $250 a month at renowned gyms.

Gym Category Cost
The Smaller BJJ Academy $50-$100 per month
 The Standard BJJ Academy Around $150 per month
 The Big Name BJJ Academy $200-$250 per month

2. Reasons Why BJJ Training is Too Expensive?

2.1. Membership Fees

In most cases, high membership, and gym fees are the primary reasons why BJJ training is expensive. Your BJJ membership cost will undoubtedly increase if the academy is located around a highly commercial area.

An academy may raise the membership cost to filter out applicants who aren't committed to learning when there are more membership applications.

Furthermore, membership fees are also affected by supply and demand. A BJJ academy that is already full but is still getting applications for membership may raise its prices since they are certain that its current students will be willing to pay the new, higher price. But the chance of these above-mentioned factors is very low.

2.2. Buying and Replacing BJJ Gear

The catch in BJJ Training is that the expense of the equipment can be reduced to a minimum.

If you can't afford to spend a lot of money on rash guards or Gis, don't worry. If you can wash it after every class or two, your BJJ gear may last long.

2.3. Taught By Leading Edge Instructors

BJJ training can be costly if you practice in a gym that is managed by a leading coach. World-class Jiu-Jitsu gym instructors, whose students have won medals at international competitions like IBJJF, ADCC, or Pan American, may charge extra for their gym or membership fees.

In addition to paying for the BJJ training courses, you are paying high for the opportunity to learn from renowned and industry-leading BJJ coaches.

Those top BJJ academies that secure more tournament wins would also charge more due to their competitive outcomes.

2.4. Full-Time Profession

Some owners of martial arts schools operate their gyms as a side business. Instead of being their primary source of income, it is a passionate endeavor for them. There are BJJ instructors out there that manage their club in a similar manner, but others who teach BJJ full-time and are thus seeking a source of revenue, won’t usually compromise on the gym fee.

BJJ coaches and instructors definitely want to earn a respectable living in exchange for their services. So, they charge what they believe is reasonable for their services, taking into account the rent, bills, and other expenses of running a BJJ academy.

2.5. Private Lesson Cost

Private lessons are optional. Someone who wants to learn BJJ skills quicker or wants to improve in a specific area can acquire personalized sessions from an experienced BJJ coach or instructor.

The price of private lessons can vary from $30-$200  per/hour depending on the rank and achievements of the instructor. If the instructor is an accomplished BJJ competitor he/she would likely charge you more.

2.6. Tournament Cost

Participating in a BJJ competition may be quite expensive. For small tournaments, the fee can be $20–$50, and for International Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Federation’s tournaments, the fee can rise up to $100 or more. You must also pay the $40 yearly membership cost to compete in IBJJF competitions.

Over the past few years, BJJ's popularity and mainstream adoption have skyrocketed. As a result, different domestic, national, and international BJJ bodies and competitions are starting to appear globally.

This is fantastic because it causes a surge in the growth of this magnificent grappling art. The expenditures associated with tournaments must be taken into account if you intend to compete and haven’t secured a BJJ sponsor yet.

2.7. Health Insurance

When practicing BJJ, having health insurance is always recommended. Injuries might make it difficult for you to work and have a negative effect on other aspects of your life, although there is a very low chance of getting injured while learning and practicing BJJ. It is still advised to find out if injuries are covered by your current insurance provider while participating in jiu-jitsu.

Being prepared for everything is always preferred. The cost of health insurance usually makes people unhappy, but in an uncertain situation, no cost can regain health and time.

3. What Are You Paying For?

Before you move on to saying training BJJ is too expensive, let’s talk about what you are paying for while training for Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

3.1. To Learn Self-Defense

Competing in professional fights and learning self-defense is one of the primary purposes of BJJ training for most people. Parents choose to enroll their children in BJJ classes to embed discipline in their children from an early age and to prepare them against bullies.

3.2. To Get In Shape

Without a doubt, you will get in great shape if you consistently train in BJJ.

You should train in BJJ to learn self-discipline, control over movements, rolling and sparring, and pushing your limits not only just to get in shape.

To get in shape you can focus on a healthy diet and a balanced training routine. Keep in mind that, BJJ is a legitimate grappling combat sport in which injuries are common.

You can also follow the Gracie diet plan to get in shape. Gracie created a diet plan that enables BJJ players to increase strength without sacrificing stamina and muscle mass using his knowledge of nutrition.

3.3. To Master Art

Practitioners usually like to stick around with BJJ because of the importance of mastering the art and its addictive nature.

It takes almost ten years to become a black belt in BJJ, this is not something you can get without investing a hefty amount of time, money, and hard work.

In the long run, 10 years of training at $120 per month would cost approximately $14,400 to get a Black Belt in Jiu-Jitsu. BJJ may be costly, but the skills, discipline, and lifestyle you get as a result of your investment, combined with the relationships and connections you built over time are priceless.

3.4. To Build Confidence

When you practice BJJ and other martial arts, you build a certain amount of confidence. This confidence is not arrogance; rather, it comes from knowing that you can manage yourself in a stressful situation or going to achieve something great.

As BJJ helps you to get in shape and teaches you self-defense; these two things are enough to boost your confidence level.

4. Innovative Ways to Keep The Spending on BJJ Low

4.1. Learn From Youtube Along With Your Training Partner

If you don’t have enough budget to get training from a BJJ gym, you can start learning BJJ with the help of YouTube. By doing this, you will get some fundamental understanding and be better equipped to determine what is best for you in the long run.

4.2. Practice With a Friend Who Knows BJJ

Some of the new BJJ students are lucky enough to have a Jiu-Jitsu expert in their friend list. If you are one of these fortunate individuals, there is no need to spend a lot of money on a gym membership. You may begin your training in a relaxed, no-pressure setting with your friend.

5. Is BJJ Truly Worth the Money?

By looking at all the benefits that BJJ provides, it is worth every penny. Anyone who can afford it should take up BJJ since it will enrich their lives in a variety of ways. Your physical and mental health will both get better with increased focus and calmness. But if you are not interested in BJJ, you will definitely find it too expensive, too slow-paced, and boring. Identify your priorities and goals and then stick to them with patience and persistence.

6. Last Words

BJJ is expensive than other forms of martial arts because it teaches you skills and a specific mindset which belongs to winners and champions. BJJ training is surely worth every penny. But remember that setting clear goals and milestones and taking steps in the right direction matters a lot. People who are familiar with the BJJ mindset know that either you are all in or you are out. There is nothing in between. So if you want to be among the champions and inculcate a champion and “can do '' attitude, start learning Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

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