Top 10 BJJ Memes & Some Crazy Meme Facts

Top 10 BJJ Memes & Some Crazy Meme Facts

For Gen Z, social media is of no value if Memes are excluded. Shout out to those unemployed soldiers of the meme brigade who bring their wit, creativity, and distinctiveness by creating memes.

Memes are also subjected to a lot of hate because of all the right reasons. When people use memes to troll others without their consent and verification it often causes unease and anger. But for the most part, memes are used to sway social media scrolling by providing sharp wit and laughter.

Just like the intricate greek methodological stories, in modern days of decentralized digital media trends, memes are bookish examples of deep and hidden stories, cultural taboo topics, and subjects. Behind every meme, there’s always a hidden pun/story/context included.

1. What Exactly is a Meme?

Memes are the digital representation of an expression and its explanatory text deeply rooted in a specific story, or niche, and have a cultural significance only for those people who feel affiliated or belonged to the same culture, niche, and story.

2. Crazy Meme Facts

  • Memes play a major role in political perception building.
  • Instagram users share over 1.3 million memes daily.
  • People begin to sell their memes as NFTs. “Disaster Girl” meme NFT was sold for $430,000.
  • The word “meme” was coined by the British professor in his book, “The Selfish Gene” in 1967.
  • Memes are considered modern-day jokes.
  • According to Google Analytics, the word “Meme” is more searched than the word Jesus.” Surprised! Bear with us, there’s more.

3. Work as an Effective and Powerful Marketing Instrument

After the COVID outbreak, almost all the marketing agencies started to use memes as an efficient source of advertising and it worked really well. Just make sure to maintain the element of fun in it.

4. Works for Political Perception Building

According to Forbes, 60% of memes are political in nature apart from their fun element. Take the example of Bernie Sanders memes that took the whole social and electronic media platforms by overwhelming fun and creativity.

5. Popular Among the US Women

According to eMarketer, every third of US women are into memes. If we get down to the statistics of the US meemers, they make up 31% of men and 33% of women. A young person is more likely to understand and share memes than a middle-aged person. Moreover, every millennial is reported to watch or share 20-30 memes daily.

6. Top 10 BJJ Memes

BJJ is a diverse niche and has its own terms, pros, cons, and fun elements. Just like anything else, BJJ is also subjected to a diverse number of highly relevant and funny memes. Let’s discuss some of the most famous and interesting memes about BJJ with their distinctive context.

Top 10 BJJ Memes

BJJ practitioners are notorious for not being able to shut up about JiuJitsu and there comes those members who live for fun.

It is true though to some extent. BJJ is not just a fun sport, it includes a whole different, regulated, and better lifestyle. These BJJ novices provide fun by expressing their overwhelmingly impressed long talks about Jiu-Jitsu and creating organic material for the meme brigade.

Top 10 BJJ Memes

Ah! There is nothing more appealing to a BJJ White belt than the mere thought of the upper belt promotion. They love to talk about it, strive hard to get to the next level, and just couldn’t help themselves yearning for the promotion. In this meme, this infamous tendency of BJJ novices is expressed by the famous character of “Lord of the Rings” and his uncontrollable affiliation with his “Precious”, you know exactly what.

Top 10 BJJ Memes

Jiu-Jitsu in BJJ is believed to be interpreted as “The Gentle Art”. This translation is often mocked by the meemers. The highly addictive nature of BJJ is reflected in this meme. People just can’t help themselves from training in BJJ, this includes rolling, sparring (to fighters practicing moves on and with each other), and Drilling. (repeatedly training one move for mastery) So let’s go choke our friends.

Top 10 BJJ Memes

Ohh man, stretching the physical limits is what describes the BJJ rolling and if your coach decided to partner up with you, this meme is what happens next. De Caprio from “The Wolf of Wall Street” trying to get into his car after being partially paralyzed. Daymn. Nothing could be more accurate about the aftermath of rolling with your coach. Best of luck with your next rolling session. I hope you don’t end up rolling with your coach again.

Top 10 BJJ Memes

For Jiu-Jitsu practitioners, there is nothing more addictive than BJJ training. BJJ fighters are notorious for not wanting to and not being able to skip training days even after getting injured. The hilariously smiling face of Tom Hardy expresses the helplessness of those who expect BJJ practitioners to stop training and take some recovery time after the injury.

Top 10 BJJ Memes

This not-so-famous meme features the best Jiu-Jitsu coach, MMA trainer, and rash guard superhero, John Danaher, who is unquestionably considered the wizard of BJJ. This meme is created from the podcast of Joe Rogan Experience. In this specific podcast, John savagely rained Joe with a series of polite questions about BJJ. And ended up savagely schooling Joe about Jiu-Jitsu ideology by encapsulating the whole BJJ winning strategy in four steps.

As this is the same with almost every meme, only people who understood jiu-jitsu got the idea of what exactly happened in that podcast and Professor John ended up in this meme, trolling Joe Rogan.

Top 10 BJJ Memes

This is the story of every dedicated Jiu-Jitsu practitioner. Yes! Jiu-jitsu is highly time intensive and requires full attention. If you want to progress in 10,15 years, you need to give time, dedication, and attention and have to sacrifice a lot of things as described in this meme.

Top 10 BJJ Memes

The biggest nightmare of every Jiu-Jitsu player is when his/her back is controlled by the opponent. So what could be more relieving than knowing that right when your back is taken, there is no time for your opponent to submit you with RNC or Collar choke.

Top 10 BJJ Memes

The people who train Jiu-Jitsu love nothing more than to talk about Jiu-Jitsu. Their nightmare is when they are surrounded by people but no one is familiar with their favorite topic/passion. It just broke their heart and was an instant turn-off. Jiu-Jitsu is called “The Gentle Art” and is almost always mocked by the meemers. How can you call yourself a gentle art when in reality you strangle people to death and call it a recreational healthy martial art occupation? Yeah, that’s the intended pun.

Top 10 BJJ Memes

It is always the intended pun that makes the memes fun to watch, and recreational to share with like-minded people. Memes carry the element of universal acknowledgment and make them acceptable and enjoyable for all across mundane boundaries.

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