Tom DeBlass Promoted to 4th-Degree BJJ Black Belt

Tom DeBlass Promoted to 4th-Degree BJJ Black Belt

Tom DeBlass is an American MMA and BJJ fighter who is currently signed to ONE Championship. He was recently promoted to 4th-degree BJJ black belt under his black belt instructor Ricardo Almeida. Almeida has been DeBlass’s coach for a very long time. Under Almeida’s instructorship, DeBlass has not only excelled in BJJ but also had great success in MMA.

DeBlass made an exquisite success in both Gi and No-Gi matches and later it was the No-Gi matches that inspired him to pursue MMA. DeBlass was the IBJJF No-Gi World Champion in 2007 as a brown belt. He also participated in the ADCC Trials and was a three-time champion in the ADCC American Trials in 2009, 2014, and 2016. DeBlass made his MMA debut in 2010 and consecutively won seven fights in the Ring of Combat. DeBlass also competed in UFC where he lost both fights. In Bellator MMA, DeBlass showed excellent skills and won both fights via knockout.

DeBlass is currently signed to ONE Championship. He competed in Fight 2 Win tournaments and Kasai Pro. In 2012, DeBlass retired from MMA. Currently, the 4th-degree black belt is not competing. He is busy refining the champions of tomorrow. DeBlass is the coach of the five-time Eddie Bravo Invitational Champion, Garry Tonon.

“It's not about being fearless, it's about standing for what you believe in even in the face of fear. Never hiding to avoid troubles, but being strong enough to endure those troubles. Every day I'm scared, but everyday I let my fear drive me and push me. I'm scared of failure, I'm scared for my children. Yet my fear of failure pushes me to work harder than ever. I'd rather die than crumble to my own fears.”
(Tom DeBlass)

DeBlass took the news to his Instagram and thanked his coach Almeida for sticking so long with him. DeBlass has always advised his students to work hard. In the Instagram post DeBlass said, “I will remind everyone of one thing, however. Self-belief isn't enough, your work ethic must be as big as your dreams are. Without hard work, nothing is possible.”

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