Steps To Choose Right Martial Art Style for Yourself

Steps To Choose Right Martial Art Style for Yourself

Which martial art should you learn? Which style or form is the right one for you? These are the most asked questions and the ones that trouble us most. Choosing a school and trainer is more important than choosing a style, but that is a topic for some other day. Really, choosing a style is different for everyone because it depends on what your goals are. In the end, all the martial arts, every trainer or coach, and every dojo or gym you join will be different but there will be little similarities. Just so you know, each martial art style has its own place no style the just perfect or better than others. Choosing a martial art style depends on personal preferences. However, some martial arts are better for self-defense than some others and it cannot be denied.

1. The learning purposes

First, you would have to define and clearly know the purpose of why you want to learn a martial art. Is it for self-defense, is it for getting fit or just cleansing your mind, or are you moved by some specific style, or do you want to pursue it professionally? These things matter a lot and will help in making a selection. First, clear your mind and find a purpose. Sit and think about it.

2. The ultimate myth

Many believe their martial art or style is prior to all. Ultimate, deadliest, best self-defense or anything like this does not exist and you are being scammed, sorry if you don’t like it. Know and accept this with an open mind that there is no superior martial art, it is a practice that makes a person superior artist than others. These people are crap that tells you this is the best or everything you need. Be aware because this happens. People who show respect for other art forms and artists are good and trustful.

3. Things to do

Ask yourself questions like what are your interests, self-defense, fitness, or any other that come to your mind. Then make a list of all these and prioritize each one. For instance, those MMA gloves and UFC life might impress you a lot but to actually reach that level it would take years and years. So, if the goal is to become famous then cross that off the list and focus on something better. If you want to pursue it professionally then remember it is not an easy thing to gain.

4. Style and type

Each martial art has its own focus and strengths. Some focus on large kicking movements, some go with a particular weapon, while others focus on close hand to hand combat. Body type and interest are things you should take note of. For instance, for short and wide people, like me, interested in the self-defense Krav Maga or Jiu Jitsu is the best style among some others. These martial art forms have techniques in which short guys easily excel. Note down these things and do a little research. You can ask for some professional or search online.

5. Hurdles in the way

If your chosen art form does not have a school nearby it would not be practical. Plus, it gives you one more reason to skip, which you will be doing a lot later on. So, try to find a good school nearby. Another thing to take note of is the cost. This will narrow down your options and give you an idea of where you stand to help in making a decision.

6. Which martial art to learn?

In the end, it will be you facing all situations so decide carefully. Above mentioned steps will help you narrow down your options and help with the decision. You can always change the school or style if you don’t think it is the one. However, don’t do this very often, and don’t just keep on wasting time. Motivation can sometimes cause a problem but there are ways to stay motivated. We hope these insights will help.

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