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M Elite Sports makes the best MMA gloves for fighting and training. Whether you pack heavy-handed knockouts or precision striking, our striking gloves perform better than most of the cheap MMA gloves out there and we are proud to say that they have an affordable price of their own. A smart fighter knows that his hands are important tools to his craft and therefore chooses our gloves to keep their hands protected. The padding protection and wrist support in our MMA gloves are second to none which is why more and more athletes are choosing our gloves over the competition.

Adults' Essential Red MMA Half Mitts Grappling Gloves

$35.09 $21.99

Adults' Essential White MMA Half Mitts Grappling Gloves

$46.65 $21.99

We know you train hard and you need gloves that catch match your level of intensity. From design to performance, Elite Sports is an all-around champion just like the fighters who wear our brand. MMA gloves are one of the most important articles of protective gear in the MMA sport. The grappling MMA gloves are small, open-fingered gloves used in MMA bouts. They usually have around 4–6 oz of padding and are designed to provide some protection to the person wearing the gloves knuckles, but leave the fingers available for grappling manoeuvres such as clinch fighting and submission. They weren’t intended to function as softening the blow for the receiver. Punching in general is already a risk in any combat sport for bones in the hand are small and fragile. MMA gloves are just naturally more dangerous than boxing gloves. They are noticeably smaller and have significantly less padding all-around, and are more flexible. For any hard sparring or intense bag work, to emphasize power, boxing gloves should be used instead. With little padding, it's very important to use hand wraps before putting on MMA gloves, as they’re really your only form of protective gear when you step into the cage.

MMA gloves feature more padding around the top and front to protect your hands from unnecessary impacts. Similar to boxing gloves, MMA sparring gloves have a conveniently integrated grip bar that helps form a tight fist for punching. However, MMA & boxing gloves are not the same.  MMA gloves are something you can’t replicate with a pair of boxing gloves. The reason why you can’t use boxing gloves in MMA training is because you won’t be able to grapple whatsoever with boxing gloves which is important in MMA training. So if you’re thinking of joining or acquiring a new pair of MMA gloves, look for the best quality leathers, gel-paddings, and reputable ones. Finding a pair of gloves that are comfortable yet provide efficient protection & manoeuvrability is key and safety always comes before cost & cosmetic appearance. 

Elite Sports MMA gloves are carefully crafted MMA sparring gloves that will last the test of time without any signs of significant wear. Our training gloves are constructed out of PU PVC leather with durable padding for ultimate shock absorption and longevity. Our MMA gloves will withstand the most intense training/sparring sessions time after time without compromising their structural & cosmetic integrity. MMA gloves can be used for anything from cardio MMA, grappling to even exercises that would be easier with some hand protection such as pull-ups and weightlifting. Our rugged MMA gloves are equipped with a sturdy velcro-closure strap on the wrist for desired fitting. These gloves will fit onto the fighters hand snug & securely without any slipping or looseness that can hinder the fighter’s performance in the ring. 

Our gloves sizes range from S-XL (hand circumferences 6.5”-8.5”) so that fighters of various sizes can enjoy premium combat gear. Elite Sports MMA gloves come in a variety of color choices for different personalities & preferences such as white, red, blue, grey, brow, yellow, and blacked out. All gloves come with a cool black design trim that boasts our unique logo on the strap & top of the fist. Acquire quality gear, always go for the best because it’s better to pay for top-notch gear rather than paying for a hospital visit. Be the best, wear the best, and wear Elite Sports.

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