Mikey Musumeci vs Gabriel Sousa Rematch Booked For ONE 167

Mikey Musumeci vs Gabriel Sousa Rematch Booked For ONE 167

NoGi BJJ champion Mikey Musumeci is reserved for the biggest fight in the One Championship. Mikey Musumeci is returning to avenge the previous loss. At One 167 the rematch is held with Gabriel Sousa on Jun 7, 2024. Musumeci is seeking revenge for a prior loss. This is a rematch from their first fight three years ago in September 2021, in which Gabriel Sousa defeated Mikey Musumeci with an ultimate move of north-south choke. The rematch will be held at Impact Arena in Bangkok.

Gabriel Sousa will square off Musumeci in a bantamweight submission grappling. The event is a non-title contest, in which Musumeci is not defending his title and he is moving for bantamweight.

In WNO 2021 they have competed in lighter divisions. They are considered among the top contenders. Musumeci used the technique of guard and ended up locked by the north-south choke. Gabriel Sousa progressed on to the next match and made his way to the final round against Kade Ruotolo . Eventually, in the tournament, he was not able to occupy the title of One Championship.

Since, the encounter of Musumeci with Sousa, Musumeci has generated One FC record of 6-0 and remained unbeatable up till now. Musumeci is the first American to ever win multiple world titles and the first American to ever win world titles in two different divisions. After tasting the defeat by Sousa at Who’s Number One back in 2021, the rage turned into victory, and Musumeci won nine matches in a row. He has the opportunity to maintain his winning streak by overcoming the rival.

Gabriel Sousa is among the top world no-gi fighters, he got second place in the ADCC World Championship 2022, and Sousa earned notable victories over the top contenders including Ash Williams , Gianni Grippo , and Diego Pato Olivera . This fight is the debut of Sousa in One Championship.

The interesting clash between Musumeci and Sousa is boosting the fans' interest. This rematch is going to be the toughest encounter of One Championship. Musumeci is renowned for his guard technique and his leg lock methods. On the other hand, Sousa is an ultimate guard passer and conquered the most respected BJJ competition . This makes the contest the perfect tournament to witness the nonstop techniques.

One championship has declared the big news of a rematch between Mikey Musumeci and Gabriel Sousa in an Instagram post:

ONE 167 just got BIGGER 🚨 ONE Flyweight Submission Grappling World Champion Mikey Musumeci moves up to bantamweight in a quest to avenge a loss to former foe Gabriel Sousa 🔥 Who you got? @mikeymusumeci @gabrielsousabjj⁠

Photo Credit: @onechampionship

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