Jimmy Flick Will Create a Legacy in an Upcoming MMA Event

Jimmy Flick Will Create a Legacy in an Upcoming MMA Event

A 33-year-old MMA fighter Jimmy Flick will be ready to face Cohen with his terrific grappling skills in an upcoming event, Fury Pro Grappling 9. He will fight with Marcelo Cohen in the 145 lbs weight division. Flick is famous for the nickname ‘The Brick’. He had a victorious history at Freestyle Cage Fighting, Legacy Fighting Alliance(LFC), Xtreme Fight Night (XFN), IXFA Extreme Fighting, and UFC.His 15 submission wins with zero submission losses earned him a huge fan base in combat sports. Under the coaching skills of Leo Perrucci and Thomas Longacre Thunderkicks, he earned a prominent position in the Flyweight division. He has a UFC record of winning 17 matches and losing 7 matches till April 2024.

His dad was a great influence and inspiration in shaping his career. He stepped on the mats when he was just a 3-year-old kid. He learned a lot from his wrestling and BJJ journey. 

“I have wrestled my whole life,” Flick said. “My dad had me on wrestling mats from three years old up until 17. I just never found anything that I wanted in life, then I saw mixed martial arts and I knew that meant learning jiu jitsu.”

His skills in wrestling were well merged and aligned with BJJ, opening new doors for learning and practice. His recent mind-blowing performance at the UFC against Malcolm Gordon was the most liked among the audience. He won via triangle. His back-to-back wins had a unique grappling record. 

He shared his memories:

“All my life I’ve been small, people were always picking on me and making me say ‘uncle,’” Flick explained. “Now that’s what tapping out is to me; it’s making people say ‘uncle.’ When I tapped you out, it wasn’t luck; it was pure skill and I love the fact that I can do it on bigger guys and showcase my skills.”

His dad was a great support as he has always been there to observe his grappling techniques and guide him with a new set of skills. 

“My dad has always taught me, to be on the offense,” Flick said. “If you’re on the offense and you’re trying, that’s all that matters. Whatever happens after that, you know that you’re going forward and you’re trying to win. That’s my main goal, to go forward, to entertain and get the win.”

He is ready to go live on the 4th of April at Fury Pro Grappling 9 to make the audience awe and pleased.

Photo Credit: @thebrickmma

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