Jeff Glover to Face Urijah Faber in Combat Jiu-Jitsu on May 25, 2024

Jeff Glover to Face Urijah Faber in Combat Jiu-Jitsu on May 25, 2024

A1 Combat featured a rematch between the two tough competitors Jeff Glover and Urijah Faber on May 25, 2024, at the Visalia Convention Center located in California. Following the combat jiu-jitsu rule set the clash will govern open-palm strikes.

Faber declared in March that he would be in action under the banner of A1 Combat, but he did not specify the opponent. Faber is one of the promoters of A1 Combat and decided to show his appearance in the tournament. The official promotion has announced a rematch between Jeff Glover and Urijah Faber.

Urijah Faber was initially scheduled to rematch his former rival, Jeff Curran. However, Curran had to draw out due to unspecified decisions. Unforeseen, Jeff Glover has consented to appear in a bout, over a notice of one month.

Several supporters were taken aback by this decision. The fans were expecting some former MMA fighter to take the spot. Even though Glover is withdrawing from mixed martial arts, he set up an open-handed grappling match instead. Jeff Glover has not stepped on the mat for the last seven years. In the year of 2017, Glover competed in a professional grappling tournament at Battlefield Fighting Championship 1.

Urijah Faber appeared in the Ultimate Fighting Championship and competed in two divisions as a bantamweight and featherweight. He remained an active combat sportsman. After two decades, he made a debut in a wrestling competition and won a silver medal at the US Open. Side by side Faber was part of a jiu-jitsu and a Combat jiu-jitsu as well. His recent encounter took place at the end of 2022 where he vanquished the CJJ World Champion Elias Anderson.

A1 Combat announced the news of the biggest encounter of No Gi World Champion 39 Years Old Jeff Glover to face American mixed martial artist 44 years old Urijah Faber on 25 May:

Photo Credit: @a1combat

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