Alex Pereira Earns BJJ Black Belt After UFC 300 Win

Alex Pereira Earns BJJ Black Belt After UFC 300 Win

Alex Pereira levels up in Brazilian jiu-jitsu and added the victory of UFC 300 to his collection. On April 13th, 2024 the thrilling encounter showcases the two light-heavyweight contenders Jamahal Hill and Alex Pereira. The Ultimate Fighting Championship winner Alex Pereira earned a promotion to the black belt from his coaches immediately after the bout ended.

UFC witnessed a masterful skill set and resilience. Alex Pereira marked his triumph after solidifying his position in the light heavyweight division. As the fight begins, spectators can witness the exchange of tactics, with a range of leg kicks. A thrilling encounter between Pereira and Hill depicts significant moments. Hill's striking prowess targeted the opponent with continued back-to-back hits. Pereira took a moment to mark his unwavering determination. Pereira was facing a tough competitor, Jamahal Hill, a former UFC light heavyweight champion. He made his debut on UFC fight night in 2020.

Pereira was receiving uninterrupted low kicks. He astounds the audience with his striking moves and continues to assert his dominance. Pereira won the match by knockout and was declared a UFC light heavyweight champion.

Alex declared as the victor by defeating Jamahal Hill in the first round after 3 minutes and 14 seconds. Despite the lack of grappling in the tournament, UFC president Dana White promoted Periera to the black belt.

Alex Pereira is a mixed martial artist and a former kickboxer. He is regarded as the ninth UFC champion in two different weight divisions. On September 3, 2021, Pereira became part of the Ultimate Fighting Championship. Currently, he won the title of UFC Light Heavyweight Champion and he was a former champion of UFC Middleweight. He was a brown belt for around one and a half years he significantly improved his ground skills and was promoted to the prestigious black belt after grabbing a defense title at UFC 300 on April 13th, 2024.

In a recent post, Plinio Cruz shared the news on his Instagram account that signifies that after winning the fight at the Ultimate Fighting Championship 300 Alex Pereira advanced to the rank of black belt:

Alex Pereira - our newest Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Black Belt

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Photo Credit: @pliniocruzmma 

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