How to Get Your Friends into BJJ

How to Get Your Friends into BJJ

It's normal to want to share something we love with our family and friends. However, having your friends get into BJJ can be like pulling teeth.

Most people want to try it, but they're afraid to step through those doors for the first time. We will attempt to offer you some ideas to convince your buddies to take a class. But remember not to be too annoyed if your friends still are not convinced.

Giving your friends the chance to go now and then is fine. But if you attempt to force them to like BJJ, they might not even give it a go. So, in this article, we will discuss some ideas and guides on how to get your friends into BJJ, giving them the final push to take a class!

1. Tips on How to Get Your Friends Into BJJ

1.1. Organize Garage Bjj Training Sessions

For some, attending a jiu-jitsu training academy and paying for a monthly membership could seem too much to those with only slight interest.

So instead, participate in a garage training session.

A garage-based training session is any training session in which someone rolls out a handful of BJJ mats in the garage or the living room, inviting buddies over for everyday practice of drills.

It is an excellent opportunity for your friends to demonstrate a few moves. Maybe practice them a few times before allowing them to experience the benefits of BJJ.

Many "garage dojo converts" began training casually with a friend before eventually catching the BJJ bug and signing up for the gym.

1.2. The Friend Who Hates Spending Cash

We all have a friend who is so cheap that they don't purchase anything they don't require. This is the most challenging friend to convince as you have to persuade him/him that they do not lack the money to invest in BJJ training. Unfortunately, such individuals don't want to spend money on anything. Luckily, many gyms offer the first class for free. It's an excellent way to get your friends into BJJ. Try to convince your friends to train with you since they don't have to sign any contracts if they decide they don't like BJJ (which is rarely the case).

The first-class free of charge will demonstrate how excellent BJJ is and hopefully convince them to join in. You must join them during that first class! If you bring them in and leave them alone, they'll likely become uncomfortable and won't return. If you manage to get them there, train them until they feel comfortable being with other people. Introduce them to other people as well. Make them feel welcome at the gym and show how fun it is. Then they'll want to keep coming back!

1.3. Engaging With Your Training Partner - How to Get Your Friends Into BJJ

Getting your friends into BJJ might be more complicated than you might think. In the end, BJJ isn't for everyone. BJJ could be unpopular with people who aren't familiar with the sport, but it could profoundly impact one’s life. It's not the only one! You might even have colleagues or acquaintances already involved in BJJ. So how do you do it?

Need For the Technique Chain and Flow

In the beginning, you must be aware of the goals that your trainers have for their BJJ practice. If you're an untrained white belt, you must tell them that they should slow their pace. A white belt could be too excited and begin moving too fast or get overly technical, resulting in self-harm. An experienced partner could keep your friends aware of the chain of techniques and the need for a smooth flow.

Your larger peers might be afraid to train with a person who is smaller than them. However, they may not realize their actions can hurt them. It's not difficult for overweight people to hurt their ribs or even break a rib by punching the stomach. Be sincere with your training partners and pay attention to their complaints. It will help you avoid training accidents.

1.4. Recognize That Different People Use Jiu-Jitsu for Different Things

Jiu-jitsu is a fruitful tool for the mind and body. You must realize that different people practice BJJ for various reasons. Some do it for physical fitness, while others practice it for self-defense. Some train to become the best in the sport, while others want to relax from their jobs. When you're trying to give an invitation to family and figure out how to get your friends into BJJ, try to imagine what they will gain the most.

Are they victims of bullying? Let them know how jiu-jitsu can boost their self-esteem and self-confidence. Are they experiencing a difficult phase in their lives? Inform them of how jiu-jitsu can help keep your mind in check and let you blow off steam.

Are they hoping to shed some weight? Inform your friends about how enjoyable jiu-jitsu is, and also, they can shed some pounds with an enjoyable, efficient method that can lead to a long-lasting healthy sport!

1.5. Identify Whether Your Friend Is a Prospect for Training in BJJ

People often say, "Anyone can learn Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu."

It is often confused with the idea that everybody would enjoy BJJ.

But we don't believe this to be the case. We prefer to view a similarity to jiu-jitsu as a binary scenario.

One of them will either "get it or not.”

If a person you know doesn't appreciate the value of the art of BJJ or doesn't like being near sweaty strangers, then there's most likely nothing you can do to encourage them to join BJJ.

People Are Aware of The Benefits of Pursuing a Martial Art Like BJJ

In contrast, many people know the benefits of pursuing martial arts such as BJJ and seek health benefits or simply appreciate exercising.

When it comes to helping a person start BJJ, you're more likely to succeed.

But even with that being a pro, mastering BJJ requires commitment over time, which includes putting time aside many days each week.

You can imagine that many people love various sports, such as hiking, but they do it only once or twice a month.

In the case of BJJ, going every once in a while, is not going to be enough to improve and advance. Unless your friends show up regularly, they will be stuck being white belts for three months and will not stick around for long.

So, if you want to encourage your friends to join BJJ, you must first be interested and possess the motivation and time to show up consistently.

If you're familiar with your buddies enough, you will be able to identify which ones are the most likely to be candidates for BJJ.

1.6. Persuade Them to Enroll Their Children

Another approach would be to persuade friends to have their children jiu-jitsu. Inform them of the benefits of jiu-jitsu, especially psychological benefits for the kids, and why they should join jiu-jitsu. The sight of their kids doing their best could eventually inspire them to join, mainly if the gym offers adult classes while the children practice.

1.7. Show Your Friends Lifestyle of Jiu-Jitsu

Show t videos and photos of your friends from when you went on a trip around the globe to participate in competitions. Display how your buddies have a bond or how you've spent time together and had fun. There's a good chance you have lovely photos of beautiful Europe and competition in the international arena. Also, BJJ can help you to relieve stress and anxiety.

1.8. Get Them to Join and Observe A Basic Instruction Session

Many people believe joining a gym for martial arts could mean being severely beaten and going through various joining rituals. Inspire them to join and take a look at an introductory training session. To see that everyone is welcoming and that the goal is to improve, not get beaten up. It's best to invite them to attend an introduction to the sport, as any advanced class could cause them to be intimidated by the intense sparring.

1.9. Concentrate On Their Goals- How to Get Your Friends Into BJJ

Creating a PowerPoint presentation that lists all the advantages jiu-jitsu offers is possible, but showing such a long list will overwhelm your friends. Instead, concentrate on why you think your friends may be interested in giving the sport a go.

A friend in law enforcement who is already in good condition is probably not enticed by the great workout. However, he may be interested in how it can help him defend himself. The roommate who has anxiety issues could gain confidence. From the confidence boost, she'll go from training to being able to defend herself against someone more prominent than her.

The more you know about others’ goals, the more likely you will convince them that jiu-jitsu is what they need to accomplish them.

1.10. Don't Overdo the Encouragement

There's a fine line between enticing your friends to participate in BJJ and becoming the annoying friend who doesn't stop talking about the new hobby no one in your group cares about.

This kind of method could result in you no longer receiving invitations to events and parties from non-BJJ members.

In the wake of your first BJJ discussions, it's best not to continue insisting your acquaintances get involved with BJJ.

Make Sure to Yourself Remain Focused

Suppose you want to convince an acquaintance of yours to join BJJ despite early rejections. In that case, your best chance is to have them observe your growth and development as an athlete to show the long-term benefits of committing to BJJ.

For example, long-term benefits are watching you win at a contest, perhaps being able to defend yourself during a fight successfully, seeing you shed weight, or becoming healthier. This indirect motivation can help you get your friends into BJJ without alienating you from your buddy group.

2. Is Jiu-Jitsu Practice Every Week for Two Hours Enough?

Two times per week is manageable, so you'll have a consistent schedule. The required amount of time is achievable and realistic. Two times per week of training will help you grow stronger and keep you fit. Doing it once per week isn't enough.

3. Is There Anything Like Being A BJJ Black Belt?

In Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, a black belt signifies an advanced degree of practical and technical ability. BJJ black belts are usually "professors" or "coaches." However, some organizations and schools reserve these titles for higher-level black belt instructors.

4. What Is the Reason Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Is So Popular Today?

BJJ has s grown beyond traditional sports or martial arts. For many, it's a way of living. Its popularity is due to the mental and physical benefits you gain by participating in BJJ.

5. Is Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu good for building self-confidence?

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu can teach you essential skills that eventually boost your self-confidence. In terms of self-defense, the ability to use BJJ anywhere will make a massive difference if you ever find yourself in danger.

6. How to Get Your Friends into BJJ: The Bottom Line

Contrary to what many practitioners assert, BJJ is not for everyone.

While anyone can improve their grappling skills, many people don't see the benefits of acquiring such skills.

They may also want to avoid the hard work associated with BJJ, even though they believe there are benefits to training.

For friends interested in trying BJJ, gentle encouragement and going to a beginner class are the most effective methods to start them off with, even if they have previous wrestling experience.

If early encouragement doesn't work, then your long-term commitment to and growth in BJJ could be the best argument for persuading your peers to join BJJ.

If they still are not willing to participate in BJJ despite all your efforts, it's likely not meant to be.

Whatever you do, take pride in your training, enjoy the journey, and maybe some of your non-BJJ buddies will see the benefit of joining.

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