How BJJ Can Help to Lose Weight

How BJJ Can Help to Lose Weight

If you've been thinking about trying a martial art like jiu-jitsu, you may be wondering, "Can Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu help me lose weight?” Many have lost weight by attending a BJJ gym, even if they didn't adhere to a strict regimen. So, yes, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu can aid you in losing weight? While it's not a perfect substitute for a weight loss strategy, it can be beneficial in the end for a variety of reasons.

1. How Difficult Is BJJ?

BJJ, like other martial arts, is difficult to become proficient in. It may take years of dedication before you can honestly consider yourself a true master.

Even if you've never fought on a mat before, everyone needs to start somewhere.

BJJ can be a very effective weight-loss device as far as burning enough of the calories you consume. Naturally, the number of calories burned can be determined by several factors , such as the weight of a person, gender, age, the intensity of the workout, etc. It's impossible to burn more than 1,000 calories during a whole hour of BJJ training that incorporates rolling.

To roll is the BJJ word used to refer to sparring. It's an opportunity to test the techniques you've learned against an opponent in real-time.

Participants new to the sport are welcome to join; however, make sure you're battling an opponent of similar size and skill level as a start . When you have begun to learn BJJ and become proficient in specific techniques, you can move on to a more challenging opponent.

2. Why Losing Weight Is So Difficult

There is probably someone you know who struggles with weight loss. They've likely tried everything and still can't find a way to stop gaining weight.

Weight loss can be difficult and easy simultaneously.

The scientif way to lose weight involves eating less energy than you actually use. Each pound of body fat can store around 3,500 calories of additional energy that you consumed but didn't burn off.

To shed one pound of body fat, you'll need to burn around 3,500 more calories than you consume in a specific time frame - this is recognized as a "caloric deficit.” It simply means that you burn more energy than what you consume.

To maintain a caloric deficit long enough to experience ongoing weight loss is difficult. It's against our basic wiring as humans. It is not a problem if you enjoy big chunks, biting-sized snacks, or desserts after dinner. It's all about conforming to the laws of nature.

In a world where food is difficult to obtain or requires physical exertion to attain the necessary nutrients, this instinctual urge to overeat, particularly fat and sugar, can benefit our survival as human beings.

We have access to a lot of food. At the same time, we have drastically reduced how much physical activity we do, both in our daily lives and in our recreational activities; maintaining an energy deficit to shed weight is an overwhelming task.

In essence, the most important thing to do to lose weight and maintain your current body is to follow a lifestyle that will result in you losing more fat than you consume calories. You eventually reach a point where you feel like you are breaking even if the goal is to keep your weight in check.

This is why jiu-jitsu can play a crucial role in your diet plan.

3. BJJ Burns Lots of Calories

It's not a secret that you'll burn a lot of calories by practicing jiu-jitsu. Particularly in the hot summer months when you're outside or in the gym.

BJJ is a fast-paced sport where you're constantly moving. You'll consume anywhere between 300 and 1,000 calories in a single hour of class.

But a proven fact is that overweight people typically have a higher rate of burning calories during physical exercise.

This is because it requires more energy to keep the body moving. If you're looking to burn off a significant amount of fat, BJJ can be an excellent option.

Exercise Calories Burned
(for each kg of body weight per hour)
BJJ Stretching 1.81 calories
BJJ Warm-Up 2.43 calories
BJJ Techniques and Drills 3.25 calories
BJJ Sparring (Roll) 4.87 calories

4. Tips For Maximizing Your Weight Loss With BJJ

These tips will help you maximize your overall weight loss via BJJ training.

4.1. Enhance The Power of Drilling

A lot of BJJ classes do not require you to practice drills at any level. Of course, drills are necessary when you're learning the techniques.

But, once you've mastered several techniques , like a takedown guard pass or side control transition and submission, you can practice back and forth with a partner at a faster pace.

That will increase the number of calories you burn while improving your technique, but it will not increase the chance of injury compared to a full-on race roll.

4.2. Don't Eat Anymore To Make Up For BJJ

It's tempting to overeat before doing the next exercise.

You've completed a rigorous workout, and you think you are due a delicious meal as a reward.

Although there's no problem with having an occasional feast if you aim to lose weight, resist the temptation to consume large amounts of food after an exercise.

Remember that you likely only burnt between 500 and 1,000 calories during your training. So, eating a meal that is 2,000 calories completely cancels all of your work.

4.3. Competing Within Your Weight Class

Many who practice Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu  never imagine that they'd ever be able to compete. They fear facing an opponent with a fitter vast body that can take them out in minutes.

The fear quickly disappears when they realize that competitions differ by weight and experience. Knowing you'll be competing with an opponent of similar size and skill level will help you feel more confident.

Additionally, if you're doing BJJ to lose weight, it will give an objective that you can achieve. Being able to compete in the lower weight classes will help you achieve your goal and encourage you to keep working out. It is possible to keep improving your abilities so you gradually reduce your weight until you reach your intended weight class.

4.4. Training BJJ Reduces Eating-Based Activities

Let's be honest.

It's normal to leave work early and go to bars, pubs, or restaurants for a few post-work drinks and food.

 Adding to your daily calorie intake from just a couple of drinks and a portion of fatty food can quickly undo the progress of a workout.

 Not to mention that you're burning the least number of calories sitting on the couch or in a bar compared to a jiu-Jitsu class.

However, when you train three times every week, you will likely spend less time in a bar or lounge. Plus, you're not eating when at BJJ class.

4.5 You'll Only Have the Energy for Work and Training

If you become addicted to BJJ, you may be exhausted all the time and lack the motivation to do anything else aside from working and BJJ throughout the week. If your friends invite you to a party at night, you may find yourself looking to stay home, cook your meals, and fall asleep early.

BJJ can be a significant strain on your body, and you'll need lots of rest to keep your body healthy and maintain practicing. Friends may try to get you to meet up; however, your mobile will be off, and you'll soon be falling asleep.

5. BJJ Culture Promotes a Healthy Lifestyle

One of the most gruesome aspects of our modern society is the ridicule of those who wish better health.

Often, telling your colleagues that you're trying to lose weight will result in them snarking about you and the unhealthy foods that are ”generously” provided by management to boost workplace morale. BJJ is the perfect martial art.

If you are employed in construction or another job that requires physical effort, drinking less alcohol or refraining from other harmful habits may result in being ridiculed or even laughed at when you are on the job site.

However, many people who attend your BJJ training center are concerned with improving their health and wellbeing, too.

When losing is a matter of being physically controlled and subdued by weaker, smaller opponents, you will not be snubbed for telling your jiu-jitsu friends about your fitness and weight reduction goals.

Inviting other healthy individuals will allow you to keep better track of your desired weight loss.

6. Jiu-Jitsu Is Fun

The last reason is the most straightforward reason. Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is simply enjoyable.

There's nothing more fun than taking it to the mat with pals, sweating it out, losing a significant amount of weight, and learning a successful martial art.

Most people give up on losing weight or improving their health because they're working on tedious tasks. The chances are you will quit whatever you are doing if you aren't having fun.

Losing weight shouldn't be a burden. It should be enjoyable as well. And jiu-jitsu is among the most entertaining activities you can enjoy.

7. The Bottom Line: BJJ for Weight Loss

Losing weight is challenging for even the most well-trained people.

With all the odds stacked against you, it is essential to living a long, sustainable, healthy lifestyle to meet and maintain your weight loss goals.

Although BJJ isn't a magic solution for weight loss, it has advantages for those interested in losing and maintaing weight.

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