9 Reasons Why Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Is the Perfect Martial Art

9 Reasons Why Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Is the Perfect Martial Art

Brazilian jiu-jitsu is a form of submission wrestling and it has evolved from the traditional Japanese jiu-Jitsu. Apart from the addition of some modern maneuvers, this style of submission grappling has been kept intact with its Japanese roots. Most people are not quite familiar with different sorts of submission wrestling styles and so they hardly try to differentiate it. So far, Brazilian jiu-Jitsu and mixed martial arts are two of the most recently mentioned styles of submission grappling. Apart from these two, you might have also heard of catch wrestling, WWE, freestyle wrestling, sambo, shoot wrestling, and more. If we solely focus on the Brazilian jiu-Jitsu we have a lot to learn because it's a complete form of martial arts with a lot of technique that has been improved by new maneuvers.

1. How It Originated?

BJJ or Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu as we know was founded in 1920 by Gracie family. If we go a little deep into the overall technique, it is a very famous form of grappling art and includes some of the most brilliant fighting techniques that are used by wrestlers throughout the world. According to the critics, if we want to understand self-defense and martial arts in its true sense, we need to understand Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. This style has been formed by mixing judo with Japanese style Jiu-Jitsu. So far, for the martial arts experts, BJJ has been one of the very lengthy, technical, and addictive sports and they have been working on polishing their skills for years and still have a long way to go. Some of the critics say that you can never learn BJJ fully because it is such an extensive technique, you can eventually develop your own style with the help of BJJ.

2. The Evolution and Benefit of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

Just a few years ago people were unfamiliar with the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu because mainstream media was more focused on other forms of martial arts. Things have changed now, even if people are not familiar with Brazilian jiu-Jitsu specifically, they are still familiar with the term Jiu-Jitsu, thanks to various combat-related video games. Over the last few decades, Brazilian jiu-Jitsu has emerged to be a very promising and popular form of martial arts.  Mixed Martial Arts have been a flag bearer in the mainstream media and it has introduced all other types of martial arts form to the mainstream audience as well. Apart from people who are just following the BJJ just because of fear of missing out, there are some people who genuinely appreciate the art and want to learn it as well. Additionally, gym instructors and fitness trainers are now using the base of BJJ and incorporating it in the daily workout routines. According to researchers and physiotherapists working on the effectiveness of various exercises, the basic BJJ maneuvers have proved to be more effective than aerobics and other home exercises.

With modern BBJ, the aim is to reach out to the younger audience and help them workout with the help of basic maneuvers of BJJ. The large scale benefit of Brazilian jiu-jitsu has also made it a popular sport among all ages and genders. Women and young girls are now taking BJJ classes to learn self-defense and getting better at reflex action. Schools, education institutes, and workplace management are now incorporating BJJ as a good way to focus on daily artists. According to research, BJJ has proved to improve cardiovascular capacity and blood flow to the brain which improves concentration, problem-solving, and overall productivity.

3. Impact of Mainstream Media in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

In today’s world, technology has an impact on everything. From the basic house chores that were once just our business to the way, we live our lives. Everything is now becoming part of social media. There are people who are getting paid to share their lives online and that’s something BJJ athletes are also doing. They are sharing various social media platforms and posting their training videos online. Additionally, you will also see trainers and instructors offering basic training online so people who are instructed but don’t know where to go can learn BJJ techniques. Apart from the training session, these athletes share the competitions and events they will be taking part in so people who are interested can also come and enjoy the event.

With all this hype and some of the most famous athletes, BJJ has become one of the most followed and loved forms of martial arts to date. Additionally, it has so many health benefits that people who are fitness conscious are also using these techniques in their workout. For young women who are afraid of a surge in harassment, there are more opportunities to learn self-defense techniques. In short, BJJ has introduced a completely new form of lifestyle that we were once not familiar with. People with the help of BJJ have not only improved their health but they are now turning back towards their natural and organic food. Additionally, it helps with muscle relaxation, bodily balance, body coordination, improvement in a reflex action, and a lot more.

If you are interested in knowing about the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and want to explore more, we have listed some of the basics to help you understand Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu better. Additionally, you will also be able to see why critics have been listing Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu as one of the most diverse forms of martial arts.

4. Reasons Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Is the Perfect Martial Art

4.1. Close to Reality

According to the studies, the majority of street fights end on the ground, that’s where BJJ comes in handy. The techniques in BJJ are more focused on the ways you can use learned techniques and implement it just to keep your opponents on the ground for the longest. These are the same techniques that are used in real-life and unlike other forms of martial arts, they can be applicable in every situation.

4.2. Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Is For Everyone

For practicing BJJ you are not required to have any set of skills. Additionally, it doesn’t require you to have a certain weight and it can be practiced by everyone regardless of their gender, age, or ethnicity. A kid as young as four years old can practice the BJJ and can win a fight without any issue. BJJ is all about practice, the right technique, and the right use of the technique in the right situation. This is an art that favors the small and weak because they will have better flexibility additionally, there is no specification of age, sex, or size at all.

4.3. Favors the Mindful

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is commonly known as the game of human chess, this means that once the person has learned the technique he is free to improvise these techniques as the situation arises. There is a strategy that is required to obtain the submission and beat the opponent, without the use of the mind, technique, or strategy this game never favors anyone. If you are mindful and you have good reflexes, there is likely a chance you can become a professional however, practice is the key and without practice, most people fail miserably.

4.4. Best Base of All Kinds of Martial Arts

Mixed martial arts is getting pretty popular now. In case you like mixed martial arts and grappling styles, BJJ will serve as the foundation for all kinds of martial arts. This will help you to learn basic techniques of grappling that will help you not only in real life self-defense but also in all other kinds of martial law. No matter what kind of martial arts you practice, if you know basic BJJ techniques this will give you an upper hand and it serves as a great defense technique. If we look at the various fighters who have been practicing BJJ, they have always stood out with their best techniques, the right use of strategy, and brilliant maneuvers.

4.5. Art of Human Nature

No matter what we do, where we live, or who we are, we all want to be respected and honored. BJJ is an art that polishes all these human skills. Everyone has ups and downs in life, sometimes even the finest players end up losing the game and that is the respect factor embedded. With the help of BJJ, players are exposed to different emotions and as each emotion rolls out, they become mentally and physically strong to cater to these emotions. No player is taught to attack while the defendant is not ready and everyone is taught to accept failure. This helps in lifting up the spirit of everyone and this also fortifies the gratitude and motivation factor during the darker days.

4.6. Keep Your Mind and Body Healthy

As most of us are now finally realizing how important it is to keep your mind and body healthy. Most of us don’t bother to stay fit and this is the reason globally, obesity is becoming very common. With BJJ you can not only stay fit but you can learn to keep balance in your life. You learn to use your mind more and you stay in shape. With consistent training, you will see how your life changes and you learn new things. You will start to be more mindful of the situation around you. While working on new techniques every day you won’t even know how many calories you have burned and how much weight you have lost. This truly helps you to coordinate your body with your mind.

4.7. Train Your Mental Health

With the help of BJJ, you will learn the art of patience and acceptance. You will figure out how much you have learned and how much you have improved over time. This will help you stay humble and grounded. Additionally, you will learn how to accept defeat and how to stay positive in your darkest days. With self-improvement, you will finally learn to appreciate new things in life and you will see how much focused you can become in life. Just like any other art, patience is also an art that comes only when you are trained right. As you train, you will have more patience and you will learn how it feels to defeat and be defeated.

4.8. Translate To Real-Life

BJJ can fully translate to real-life, even from the basic skills that can help you with your mental and physical capability are all used in real life. Let’s say, anyone tries to provoke you in real-life and you get angry. A true martial arts player never exposes his emotions to anyone and only focuses on solving the issue rather than getting provoked. Even in stressful situations a martial arts player never loses heart and always stays on track with his mind and body. You will also be able to select the situation where you will be taking time to react or even you want to react in a situation at all.

4.9. Source of Connecting With Positive People

If you are an introvert and don’t like to socialize because of negativity, BJJ practice can bring you out of your house and make you more confident in your life. When you will be required to get out of your house for 3-4 days every week, you will see how much this impacts your social life. You will learn to enjoy the company of positive people who are just there to help you and believe in similar situations as you do. This will also lift up your mood and you will learn to socialize in a better way.

5. What Else Does BJJ Offer That Other Martial Arts Do Not?

So far, you might have understood why we are actually referring to BJJ as a Perfect form of Martial Arts. However, there is more to the BJJ style than just the above-mentioned reasons even start by telling you what else makes Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu the best form of martial arts. Usually, BJJ is just known as a form of self-defense or grappling that involves blocking, kicking, and hitting. However, it is more than that especially when we talk about finding non-striking techniques with peaceful alternatives that can help someone later. This style of martial arts is not just about using force to punch someone just to obtain submission, this is a whole new way of practicing self-control because in some cases, you will see that the defender is not ready yet. In most wrestling sports, respecting the defender is not a thing, however, in BJJ, the defender is respected and only attacked when he is ready to defend himself. Any petty use of force is not respected in this form of art and people who attack when the other person is not ready to defend themselves are taken as selfish and trivial people.

With the help of BJJ a person does not require any special equipment or tool, you can defend yourself in all conditions without the use of any weapon. Various methods of grappling and defense are taught to people so they can defend themselves with fists and feet. If we understand the gist of this game, we see the gentle ways that are used along with the specific technique for self-defense. For the beginner, it is all about gaining body control and once they get familiar with that, they are then taught to isolate their limbs and find various techniques that can help them obtain submission from their opponent. Even the word Jiu-Jitsu can be translated into the term “gentle ways.

6. How the Traditional Style of Wrestling Is Different From BJJ?

The modern BJJ style has come a long way from the traditional style. Although the roots are the same and few techniques are also the same, there is a mix of new techniques along with other things that makes the modern style a more complex and effective style of BJJ. Some of these differences have been listed below:

  • Difference in technique
  • Training difference
  • Difference in the application of the techniques

BJJ is one of the most diverse forms of martial arts, it has different rules and techniques to make sure that the defender doesn’t feel he is at lose. Additionally, these techniques take a lot of time to master. Beginners wear BJJ Gi with a white belt, and once an individual reaches the expert level only then he is given a purple belt. This is completely different in other forms of martial arts where the individual receives a black belt as a certification of expert level.

For the application of the techniques, it is different from the traditional martial arts method. Opponents do not punch or kick each other instead they learn to control their opponents and their own body. They gain submission just via controlling techniques like a joint lock and choking methods. This form of martial arts is also practiced in a controlled environment so both athletes don’t get hurt. Additionally, weight, height, and size don’t matter in this form of combat, the focus is on techniques and the person with better technique wins. This gives an opportunity to everyone without racial discrimination of any kind. The person learns to apply the basic techniques and it depends on the person how effectively they use these techniques to obtain the submission.

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