Unbeaten UFC Legend Khamzat Chimaev Break into Tears

Unbeaten UFC Legend Khamzat Chimaev Break into Tears

What Made the UFC’s Unbeaten Chiechan Wolf Cry?

Khamzat Chimaev is a feared name in the UFC. After the UFC 279 weight-cut drama against Nate Diaz. Apparently, nobody wants to take a fight with the Chichaen wolf for all the right reasons. With the (12-0) UFC record and fearsome aroma, Chimaev has made fans all over the world.

UFC’s current President and shareholder, Dana White is clearly reluctant to trust him again in upcoming UFC cards and his next potential opponent is under different speculations. No one wants to get his ass whooped by a desperate wolf. Make sense!!

The third-best fighter in the UFC Welterweight category is the epitome of the sturdy traditional life of a UFC Fighter. But to the surprise of most of us, he has a kind heart inside the fierce warrior.

Khamzat was seen spending some quality time at the Swedish orphanage with some presents for the poor kids.

But he couldn’t hold back when a young fan showed her respect while carrying his face card. Just like me, the whole social media showed their respect and opinion after a video was uploaded on Twitter.

It appears that the Chichaen has conquered the hearts of the fans.

Photo Credit: @man_like_abdu

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