Gilbert Burns UFC 283 Victory & Future Plans

Gilbert Burns UFC 283 Victory & Future Plans

Gilbert Alexander Burns, a renowned name in BJJ, is now making history in the UFC. He became the IBJJF World Champion in 2011. Gilbert is the type of fighter who does not settle for any easy victory. And not only fight, he wants to be the one who defeats the undefeated UFC champions.

After having a successful BJJ career, Gilbert shot for MMA. Though he did not defeat Khamzat Chimaev, he gave him a really hard game and won the hearts of the spectators. When Gilbert fights, he is absolutely composed for the worst. In UFC 283, Gilbert Burns dominantly submitted Neil Magny and got the much-needed win.

Gilbert Burns UFC 283 Victory & Future Plans

During Gilbert’s post-fight interview, he openly said that he wants to fight Colby Covington. Burns also expressed his frustration over the fact that, after his fierce bloody fight with Chechen Chimaev, apparently nobody wants to fight him. Though he has issues with Belal Muhammad as he bumped Gilbert to the 5th number in the UFC ranking.

Gilbert is relentless to get the title back and it's Coby whom Gilbert wants to fight next.

“I have nothing against Colby,” Burns said. “I respect what he does. I don’t agree. You do whatever you want with that, helping you make a living or do whatever you want. But I want to become a champion. I believe I will become a champion. He’s the guy holding onto that position.”

Gilbert himself said that whenever he is in the ring something in him clicks and he just wants to finish his opponent. Even though he recently had a friendly encounter with Coby, still he wants to compete against the tough guy. He wants to become a champion and no fighter can stop him or scare him from getting that. Gilbert is prepared to go to London as a backup fighter in case something happens. He wanted to spend a busy 2023 and fight big guys.

The most fascinating thing about Gilbert is that he does not demand an easy fight rather he challenges the big guys.

“I want to be back very quickly and I’m going to finish everybody,” Burns said. “Colby Covington, I’m coming for you!”

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