Gabrielle Lemos Garcia - Brazilian Martial Artist Hall of Fame

Gabrielle Lemos Garcia - Brazilian Martial Artist Hall of Fame

1. Gabrielle Garcia’s Details

Name Gabrielle Lemos Garcia
Pro MMA Record 71-9-0(BJJ) / 6-0 and 1 No Contest(MMA)
Nickname Gabi, Gabis
Date of Birth November 17, 1985
Nationality Brazilian
Born Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil
Height  6’2 ft  
Weight 209 - 246lbs
Stance Submission Wrestling
Last fight 2021(BJJ)
Weight Class Heavyweight
Rank 3rd Degree Black Belt
Career Disclosed Earnings  NA 
Fought out of Huntington Beach, California
College/University N/A
Trainer/Coach Fabio Gurgel
Team Alliance Jiu jitsu San Diego
Foundation Style  Kimura lock & Americana
Lineage Mitsuyo Maeda -> Carlos Gracie -> Helio Gracie -> Rolls Gracie -> Romero Cavalcanti -> Fábio Gurgel -> Gabrielle Garcia

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2. Gabrielle Garcia’s Biography

Born on November 17,1985, Gabrielle aka “Gabi” Garcia is one of the most prominent Brazilian Jiu-jitsu and Brazilian Martial Artists. She has won multiple ADCC World Championships in the 60+kg division and is a member of IBJJF Hall of Fame. Gabi has achieved the degree of black belt under Fabio Gurgel.

In December 2021, Garcia announced her retirement during the IBJJF World Championship 2021.

3. Gabrielle Garcia’s Early life and Amateur Fighting

Garcia’s early and mid-teen years were spent participating in a variety of sports, including team handball, volleyball, field hockey and basketball. Gabrielle and her family relocated to Sao paulo when she was 13 years old. Gabrielle’s uncle assisted her in the beginning of her training in Brazilian jiu-jitsu. Gabrielle was in her last year of a university semester in advertising when she decided to pursue a full-time career in Jiu-jitsu.

She went to a local gym and attended a lesson with a coach named ‘Johnny”and she stayed there for a bit.

Gabrielle an Eternal Enthusiastic Competitor

Gabrielle was a very successful competitor from the start but she had no plans to pursue a professional career in the sport. She somehow maintained a hectic schedule while attempting to balance her training and university both. After some time she came to grips with the fact that she would have to put her advertising career on hold during her last semester. She was already practicing with Fabio Gurgel at the time and had the full support of her family, especially her father who is a huge BJJ enthusiast.

4. Gabrielle Garcia’s Historic Fights

4.1. Gabriella’s Grappling and Brazilian Jiu-jitsu Career

Garcia quickly rose to the top of the female grappling rankings in Brazil after committing herself to full-time training. She dominated every tournament she entered, whether it was a blue belt or a purple belt.

Gurgel saw that Gabrielle was wayahead of her opponents and presented her with a Black Belt.

Gabrielle was already recognised as one of the greatest female BJJ athletes in the world when she earned her brown belt. She was eager to prove to the rest of the world that she was the finest in the world after achieving her black belt.

Gabrielle’s World Championships

Gabrielle was on the mat training 2-3 times a day, in addition to doing her strength and conditioning workouts including other activities. Maintaining a competitive edge at all the big BJJ tournaments.

IBJJF Pans Championship

She earned a gold medal for a strong performance at the Brazilian Nationals.Then, at the IBJJF Pans Championship, she won another double gold medal for the second time.

World No-Gi Championship

Earlier in 2009, Garielle competed in the World No-Gi Championship, a tournament she had already won in 2008. Despite having ligament injury in her knee, Gabrielle glided to the finals. She was on the verge of missing the final because the pain was becoming intolerable, but she rose to the occasion once more and managed to fight and win in the last match against Emily Wetzel.

UAEJJF World Pro Championship

Gabrielle continued running through the heavyweight women’s division.

In just 2 years, Grabrielle won UAEJJF World Pro Championship 2 times.

ADCC Debut

While she was competing in her debut ADCC, she was considered the favorite to win the 60+ kg division.

Gabriella dominated the year 2011 as she had in previous years. She won all of the major titles once more before making her professional debut at the ADCC competition.

Gabrielle competed in her second ADCC event after earning double gold at the Pan American games and the World Championship.

In 2021, Garcia began calling for bouts to be set up between her and various high-profile male grapplers, notably Gordon Ryan, after failing a professional Jiu-jitsu match against Amanda Leve for the first time in two years.

Despite the fact that the bout has not yet been formally booked for promotion, she was able to convince ADCC champion Craig Jones accept to participate against her for an intergender match after only a few days.

Gabrielle Vs. Yara Soares and Retirement Announcement

Gabrielle was submitted for the 1st time in the history of her competitive career at Black Belt by Yara Soares at the 2021 IBJJF World Championship and she announced her retirement from IBJJF competition at the conclusion of the championship.

Gabriella Garcia has won more World Championships than any other female BJJ athlete in history.

4.2. Gabrielle Garcia’s Mixed Martial Arts Career

Gabrielle vs. Lei’D Tapa

In November 2015, it was announced that Garcia will compete for Rizin Fighting Federation on 31st December,2015, during Bellator 145. Garcia will face Lei'D Tapa for the first time. She won the fight by technical knockout in the first round.

Gabrielle vs. Anna Malyukova

Gabrielle faced Anna Malyukova at Rizin Fighting Federation 1, in April 2016, in her second bout. She won both fights. In the second round, she was able to submit her opponent with an armbar submission.

Gabrielle vs. Dastanie Yarbough

Gabrielle fought Destanie Yarbrough on September 25, 2016, in the first round of the Rizin World Grand Prix 2016: 1st round, which was her third bout with the promotion. She was victorious in the first round by way of an Americana submission.

Gabrielle vs. Oksana Gagloeva

In her next fight, Gabrielle fought against Russian boxer Oksana Gagloeva in July,2017 at the 6th Rizin Arena. In the first round, It happened just 14 seconds into the round, there was an eye poke that caused the match to terminate in a No Contest.

  • In a battle fought on December 29 at Rizin World Grand Prix 2017; 2nd round. Gabriella was scheduled to face Shinobu Kandori, but the match was scrapped after she failed to make weight by 28 pounds.

Gabrielle vs. Barbara Nepomuceno

In December 2018, Gabriella fought Barbara Nepomuceno at Rizin in a catchweight battle weighing 226 pounds. She was able to submit her opponent in the first round.

Garcia became the 1st woman to earn 4 ADCC gold medals in 2019 as she submitted Carina Santi in the finals of the tournament in Las Vegas.

USADA Drugs Test

It was announced in february 2014 by the USADA( United States Anti-Doping Agency) the agency responsible for testing the athletes of the IBJJF for the use of Performance Enhancing Drugs (PED), that Gabrielle Garcia had used such chemicals during the course of her 2013 championship campaign. Despite the fact that she was discovered to have used performance-enhancing drugs (PEDs). She was not as such suspended from the organization.

5. Gabrielle Garcia’s Championships and Accomplishments

  • 9x World Champion Black Belt
  • 11x Pan American Champion
  • 8x World Champion Pro
  • 5x ADCC Champion

6. Gabrielle Garcia’s Main Achievements

Position Event Year
3rd IBJJF World Championship 2021
1st ADCC World Championship 2019
1st IBJJF Pan Championship 2019
1st ADCC World Championship 2017
1st IBJJF European Open 2015
1st ADCC World Championship 2013
1st ADCC World Championship 2011
1st IBJJF World Championship 2011
1st IBJJF Pan Championship 2011
1st IBJJF European Open 2011
1st UAEJJF Abu Dhabi Pro Champion 2011
1st IBJJF World Championship 2010
1st UAEJJF Abu Dhabi Pro Champion 2010
1st CBJJ Brazilian Nationals 2010
1st IBJJF Pan Championship 2010

7. Gabrielle Garcia’s Main Achievements (Belts)

Position Belt Event Year
1st Brown CBJJ Brazilian Nationals 2009
1st Brown IBJJF World No-Gi Championship 2009
1st Brown IBJJF World No-Gi Championship 2008
1st Brown IBJJF World Championship 2008

8. Gabrielle Garcia’s Professional Record Breakdown

8.1. MMA Professional Record

Professional Record Breakdown
Matches Wins Loss No Contest
7 6 0 1

8.2. BJJ Professional Record

Professional Record Breakdown
80 Matches 71 Wins 9 Losses
By Submission 37 2
By Points 25 2
By Decision 3 4
By Penalties 1 1
By Advantages 5 0
By OT 0 0
By DQ 0 0

Submission Methods W/L

Methods 37 Wins 2 Losses
Americana 14 1
Armbar 4 1
Choke 7 0
Clock Choke 4 0
Kimura 2 0
Shoulder Pressure 2 0
Dark Choke 1 0
Bread Cutter 1 0
Toe Hold 1 0
Submission 1 0

8.3. Gabrielle Garcia’s MMA Historic Fights

Year Event  Opponent W/L/D Method
2018 Rizin 14 Barbara Nepomuceno W Submission (keylock)
2018 Road FC 047 Veronika Futina W Submission (rear-naked choke)
2017 Rizin World Grand Prix 2017 Opening Round - Part 1 Oksana Gagloeva NC No Contest (eye poke)
2016 Rizin 4: Rizin Fighting World Grand Prix 2016: Final Round Yumiko Hotta W TKO (punches)
2016 Rizin World Grand-Prix 2016: 1st Round Destanie Yarbrough W Submission (keylock)
2016 Rizin Fighting Federation 1 Anna Malyukova W Submission (armbar)
2015 Rizin Fighting World GP 2015: Iza no Mai Lei'D Tapa W TKO (punches)

8.4. Gabrielle Garcia’s BJJ Historic Fights

Year Event  Opponent W/L/D Method Stage Weight Class
2021 WNO 6 Nathiely Jesus L Referee Decision SPF ABS
2021 WNO Champ. Amanda Leve L Referee Decision 4F ABS
2021 World Champ. Ana Vieira W Pts: 0x0, Pen 4F ABS
2021 World Champ. Yara Soares L Choke SF ABS
2021 World Champ. Gabrieli Pessanha L Choke from back SF O79KG
2020 F2W 142 Kendall Reusing W Americana SPF 124KG
2020 WNO 4 Elisabeth Clay W Referee Decision SPF ABS
2020 BJJ Stars 4 Claudia Doval W Points SPF ABS
2019 Pan American Jessica Flowers W Pts: 0x0, Adv SF O70KG
2019 Pan American Carina Santi W Choke F O70KG
2019 Pan American Ana Vieira W Pts: 0x0, Adv 4F ABS
2019 Pan American Luiza Monteiro W Shoulder pressure SF ABS
2019 Pan American Nathiely Jesus W Pts: 0x0, Adv F ABS
2019 F2W 114 Hillary Ornum W Choke SPF N/A
2019 F2W 121 Nathiely Jesus L Referee Decision SPF ABS
2019 ADCC Stefanie Egger W Pts: 2x0 4F O60KG
2019 ADCC Ana Carolina W Referee Decision SF O60KG
2019 ADCC Carina Santi W Kimura F O60KG
2017 ADCC Amanda Alequin W Toe hold 4F 60+KG
2017 ADCC Jessica Flowers W Pts: 2x0 SF 60+KG
2017 ADCC Talita Treta W Americana F 60+KG
2015 European Anna Louise Mayne W Armbar 4F ABS
2015 European Shanti Abelha W Choke SF ABS
2015 European Mackenzie Dern W Clock choke F ABS
2015 European Samuela Leite W Armbar SF O79KG
2015 European Venla Luukkonen W Americana F O79KG
2015 Pan American Leanna Dittrich W Choke 4F ABS
2015 Pan American Luiza Monteiro W Choke SF ABS
2015 Pan American Mackenzie Dern W Bread cutter F ABS
2015 World Pro Maria Malyjasiak W Pts: 8x0 4F O75KG
2015 World Pro Unknown W Americana SF O75KG
2015 World Pro Vanessa Oliveira W Pts: 0x0, Adv F O75KG
2015 World Pro n/a W Americana R1 ABS
2015 World Pro Ana Cordeiro W Pts: 2x0 R2 ABS
2015 World Pro Luanna Alzuguir W Points 4F ABS
2015 World Pro Mackenzie Dern L Pts: 0x0, Pen SF ABS
2015 World Pro Beatriz Mesquita W Pts: 3x0 3RD ABS
2015 ADCC Alison Tremblay W Armbar 4F O60KG
2015 ADCC Jessica Oliveira L Referee Decision SF O60KG
2015 ADCC Amanda Santana W Referee Decision 3RD O60KG
2014 World Pro. Janni Larsson W Kimura F ABS
2014 World Pro. D. Obelenyte W Pts: 3x0 F O72KG
2014 World Pro. Beatriz Mesquita W Pts: 3x0 F ABS
2014 SP Open Talita Nogueira W Americana F O79KG
2014 SP Open Luiza Monteiro W Americana F ABS
2014 NoGi Worlds Luiza Monteiro W Armbar SF ABS
2014 NoGi Worlds Mackenzie Dern W Americana F ABS
2013 Pan American Fabiana Borges W Americana 4F ABS
2013 Pan American Mackenzie Dern W Clock choke SF ABS
2013 Pan American Beatriz Mesquita W N/A F ABS
2013 World Pro. Beatriz Mesquita W Pts: 9x0 F ABS
2013 ADCC Yurika Nakakura W Darce choke 4F O60KG
2013 ADCC Tammy Griego W Points SF O60KG
2013 ADCC Fernanda Mazelli W N/A F O60KG
2012 Pan American M. Dern W Clock choke SF ABS
2012 Pan American Emely Wetzel W Choke F O79KG
2012 World Pro. Maria Malyjasiak W Pts: 7x0 F ABS
2012 World Pro. Maria Malyjasiak W Points F O72KG
2012 World Pro. Beatriz Mesquita W Pts: 3x2 F ABS
2012 World Champ. Talita Nogueira W Submission 4F ABS
2012 World Champ. Beatriz Mesquita W Pts: 0x0, Adv SF ABS
2012 World Champ. Luiza Monteiro W Americana F ABS
2011 European Beatriz Mesquita W Americana SF ABS
2011 Pan American Fabiana Borges W Pts: 2x0 F ABS
2011 Pan American Tammy Griego W Pts: 4x2 F O79KG
2011 World Pro. Unknown W Americana RDS O72KG
2011 World Pro. Penny Thomas W Pts: 6x0 F O72KG
2011 World Champ. Penny Thomas W Americana SF ABS
2011 World Champ. Emily Wetzel W Shoulder Pressure F O79KG
2011 World Champ. Bia Mesquita W Pts: 2x0 F ABS
2011 ADCC Hanette Staack W Pts: 2x0 F O60KG
2011 ADCC Penny Thomas W Americana SF O60KG
2011 ADCC Hannette Staack W Points F O60KG
2010 World Pro. Luzia Fernandes W Pts: 8x2 F O63KG
2010 World Pro. Luzia Fernandes W Pts: 4x2 F O72KG
2010 WLPJJ Talita Nogueira W Clock choke F ABS
2010 World Champ. Katrina Weilbacher W Pts: 7x0 F O79KG
2009 Pan American Ana Cordeiro L Points SF ABS
2009 World Champ. Lana Stefanac L Pts: 16x0 SF ABS
2008 World Champ. Maria do Carmo W Choke F O79KG

9. Gabrielle Garcia’s Top Fights (Video Links)

Gabi Garcia (Brazil) vs Oxana Gagloeva (Russia)

Photo Credit: @gabigarciaofficial

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