Fellipe Trovo - BJJ Black Belt Champion

Fellipe Trovo - BJJ Black Belt Champion

1. Fellipe Trovo’s Details

Fellipe Trovo’s Details


Fellipe Ubaiz Trovo




Ribeirão Preto, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Date of Birth

February 9, 1995

Weight division

Super Pesado (100.50 kg / 222.0 lbs)

Last weight-in




Disclosed Carrer Earnings




Favorite Position

Open Guard

Head coach

André Luis Monroy Ushirobira




Carlos Gracie > Carlson Gracie > André Pederneiras > Robson Moura > André Ushirobira > Fellipe Trovo

Fighting out of


Team Association

Atos Jiu-Jitsu

Instagram Logo

2. Fellipe Trovo’s Biography

Felipe Trovo is a committed young black belt Jiu Jitsu fighter under the supervision of André Ushirobira. He started his career in the middle of his teenage years and competed in various state, national, and international level events. IBJJF Pans Championship, CBJJ Brazilian Nationals, IBJJF São Paulo Open, and IBJJF World Championship are worth mentioning here.

2.1. Felipe Trovo’s Early Life

Fellipe Trovo was born on February 9, 1995, in Ribeirão Preto which is the eighth largest administrative division in the northeastern region of Sao Paulo state in Brazil. Felipe had a great interest in sports like football and swimming during his childhood and pre-adolescent period and had never heard of Jiu-Jitsu. For the very first time, in the middle of his teenage, he heard of a jiu-jitsu academy that was opened in his neighborhood. He thought of joining it and went for his very first class and gradually developed an interest in it. His academy name was André Ushirobira‘s gym from where he started his training. Coincidently, on the week he joined the academy, it yearly organized an internal tournament on the week of his joining. He decided to take part in that tournament and signed the competition. Besides only having a week for the competition, his tremendous hard work and dedication resulted in achieving his first belt which increased his interest and pursuing BJJ as a full-time career. He was a great fan follower of Rômulo Barral and worked under his coaching instructions at Gracie Barra Northridge to excel and succeed in BJJ skills.

2.2. Fellipe Trovo’s Rank Advancement

Fellipe focused on developing and enhancing jiu-jitsu skills at the gym by putting time and effort into training regularly for five to six hours daily. He followed a strict training regime, staying focused and avoiding distractions. Eventually, all his hard work paid off, and had achieved various medals at state, national, and international levels. He fought for 3 hard years in the brown belt division. And finally got promoted to black belt in 2017.

2.3. Fellipe Trovo’s Black Belt Promotion

Fellipe Trovo is a devoted, dynamic, and promising competitor in jiu-jitsu athletes. In December 2017, a 22-year-old boy was promoted to BJJ black belt .

2.4. Fellipe Trovo’s BJJ Career

Trovo began his BJJ black belt journey by competing in various national and international tournaments. At BJJ black belt, he achieved first place in IBJJF American Nationals, IBJJF American Nationals NoGi, IBJJF Las Vegas Open, IBJJF Las Vegas Open NoGi, and IBJJF Mexico City Open. He is influenced by Michael Jordan saying:

‘’If you are trying to achieve, there will be roadblocks, I have had them; everybody has had them. But obstacles don’t have to stop you. If you run into a wall, don’t turn around and give up. Figure out how to climb it, go through it, or work around it.’’

2.5. Fellipe Trovo’s Current Status

Fellipe Trovo is only 29 years old and is currently an active BJJ grappler. Along with competing in national and international tournaments, Trovo is traveling worldwide, and attending multiple seminars and tournaments. Trovo also had his crucifix DVD available regarding control defense at an online BJJ fanatics store.

Believe, think, and do it, use your intuition, turn dreams into a sweat, and thoughts into action.

2.6. Fellipe Trovo’s Professional Record

Trovo is famous for his techniques of open guard and crucifix position. He has a professional record of 89 wins and 47 losses. His majority wins are via his favourite technique rear naked choke and triangle choke.

3. Fellipe Trovo’s Historic Fights

3.1. Fellipe Trovo v Keenan Cornelius

In IBJJF Pan No-Gi 2022 Black Belt Super-Heavy Quarter Final Fellipe Trovo Faced Keenan Cornelius. Both Fighters tried to get a submission and at the end of the intense No-Gi fight, Trovo won the fight by 7 points. 

Year Event Opponent W/L/D Method Stage Weight Class
2022 IBJJF Pans Keenan Cornelius Win Points 4F 97 Kg

3.2 . Fellipe Trovo vs Fellipe Andrew

In the 2023 European Open event, the intense match took place between two strong jiu-jitsu fighters, Felipe Trovo and Fellipe Andrew. It was a thrilling competition between both competitors. Andrew attacked the legs of his opponent by applying the technique of the Botinha and got the victory.

Year Event Opponent W/L/D Method Stage Weight Class
2023 European Open Fellipe Andrew Loss Botinha SF ABS

3.3. Fellipe Trovo vs Lucas Lisboa

In the year 2022 at a Pan American event, a thrilling grappling fight occurred between Fellipe Trovo and Lucas Lisboa. Lisboa and Trovo tried to apply submission and in the end, Trovo won the match via BJJ’s signature technique rare naked choke.

Year Event Opponent W/L/D Method Stage Weight Class
2022 IBJJF Pans Lucas Lisboa Win RNC R2 ABS

4. Fellipe Travo National and International Achievements

4.1. Fellipe Trovo Main Achievements (Black Belt)

Year Event Belt Position
2018 IBJJF Mexico City Open Black 1st place
2018 IBJJF Mexico City Open Black 3rd place
2018 San Jose Open 3rd Place Black 3rd place
2019 IBJJF American Nationals Black 1st place
2019 IBJJF American Nationals NoGi Black 1st place
2019 IBJJF Las Vegas Open Black 1st place
2019 IBJJF Las Vegas Open NoGi Black 1st place
2019 IBJJF Las Vegas Open NoGi Black 2nd place
2019 IBJJF World Championship No-Gi Black 3rd place
2020 UAEJJF Grand Slam, MIA Black 3rd place
2020 IBJJF European Open Black 3rd place
2021 IBJJF American Nationals NoGi Black 1st place

4.2. Fellipe Trovo’s Main Achievement (Coloured Belt)

Year Event Belt Position
2015 IBJJF World Championship Brown 3rd place
2015 IBJJF Pans Championship Brown 1st place
2016 IBJJF São Paulo Open Brown 1st place
2017 IBJJF São Paulo Open Brown 1st place
2017 CBJJ Brazilian Nationals Brown 1st place

5. Fellipe Trovo’s BJJ Professional Breakdown

136 Matches 89 Wins 47 Loses
By Points 26 25
By Advantages 4 5
By Submission 52 13
By Decision 6 4
By Penalties 0 0
By DQ 1 0

5.1. Methods of Submission

Method 52 Win 13 Loses
RNC 11 0
Toe Hold 5 0
Armbar 4 1
Choke 3 0
Bow and arrow 2 0
Ezekiel choke 1 0
Reverse Triangle  1 0
Mounted X choke 1 1
Choke from back  1 2
Triangle  7 0
katagatame 4 3
Submission  4 0
Verbal tap 2 0
Kimura 2 0
Cross choke 1 0
Crucifix choke 1 0
Inside heel hook 1 0
Clock choke 1 0
Smother tap 0 1
Guillotine 0 1
Botinha 2 0
Shoulder Pressure  0 1

6. Fellipe Trovo’s BJJ Fight History

Opponent W/L Method Competition Weight Stage Year
N/A W Armbar ACB S. American O95KG R1 2018
Igor Schneider L Pts: 7x0 ACB S. American O95KG 4F 2018
Rodrigo Kim W Pts: 9x0 Mexico Winter Open 100KG F 2018
Eduardo Botega W Choke Mexico Winter Open ABS 4F 2018
Sergio Rios L Points Mexico Winter Open ABS SF 2018
Fellipe Andrew L Botinha Pan American ABS R1 2018
Robert Wolfe W Choke from back San Jose Open ABS R1 2018
Silvio Duran W Kimura San Jose Open ABS 4F 2018
Eric Sian W Pts: 4x0 Marianas Open 100KG 4F 2018
Jackson Sousa L Pts: 2x0 Marianas Open 100KG SF 2018
Tanner Rice L Pts: 14x2 Marianas Open 100KG 3RD 2018
Tex Johnson W Pts: 4x2 ACB North America 95KG 4F 2018
Gustavo Batista L Pts: 11x0 ACB North America 95KG SF 2018
Gianni Crivello W Pts: 2x0 ACB North America 95KG 3RD 2018
Thiago Marques W Referee Decision ACB North America ABS R1 2018
Wellington Peroto W Pts: 3x2 ACB North America ABS 8F 2018
Piter Frank W Submission ACB North America ABS 4F 2018
Gustavo Batista L Pts: 4x0 ACB North America ABS SF 2018
Luiz Panza L Katagatame World Champ. ABS RD 2018
Adson Sales L Points Floripa W. Open 100KG SF 2018
Renato Cardoso W Points Floripa W. Open ABS SF 2018
Otavio Nalati L Shoulder pressure Floripa W. Open ABS F 2018
Diogo Silveira W Points Floripa W. NGO 97KG F 2018
Kaynan Duarte L Guillotine SJJIF Worlds 100KG SF 2018
Kaynan Duarte L Submission SJJIF NG World 100KG SF 2018
Ben Dyson W Referee Decision NoGi Worlds 91KG R1 2018
Thiago Sa L Pts: 6x0 NoGi Worlds 91KG 4F 2018
Wellington Peroto W Armbar OC Open ABS 4F 2019
Rodrigo Freitas W Clock choke OC Open ABS SF 2019
Sergio Rios L Points OC Open ABS F 2019
Gustavo Batista L Pts: 24x0 LA BJJ Pro 94KG F 2019
Adam Wardzinski L Choke from back Pan American 94KG 4F 2019
Kevin Crane W DQ FIVE Grappling 95KG SF 2019
Juber Andino W Choke FIVE Grappling 95KG F 2019
Geoff Reals W Submission FIVE Grappling ABS RR 2019
Geoff Reals W Submission FIVE Grappling ABS RR 2019
Fernando Reis L Pts: 0x0, Adv World Champ. 94KG R1 2019
Tanner Rice L Points World Champ. ABS R1 2019
Ben Lenyard W Pts: 4x2 American NG Nats 91KG 4F 2019
Nathan Barreto W Choke American NG Nats 91KG SF 2019
Guilherme Lima W Toe hold American NG Nats 91KG F 2019
Alika Angerman W Pts: 6x0 American NG Nats ABS R1 2019
Kim Terra W Verbal tap American NG Nats ABS 4F 2019
Johnny Tama W Pts: 4x4, Adv American NG Nats ABS SF 2019
Leo Domingos W Kimura American NG Nats ABS F 2019
Bruno Machado W Pts: 7x0 American Nats 94KG 4F 2019
Melor Sturua W Points American Nats 94KG SF 2019
Guilherme Lima W Ezekiel choke American Nats 94KG F 2019
Mathew Rice W Toe hold Las Vegas Open 94KG 4F 2019
Tyrone Gonsalves W Points Las Vegas Open 94KG SF 2019
Dominique Bell L Pts: 4x2 Las Vegas Open 94KG F 2019
Samuel Hertz W Cross choke Las Vegas Open ABS R1 2019
Orlando Castillo W Points Las Vegas Open ABS 4F 2019
Dany Gerard L Pts: 2x0 Las Vegas Open ABS SF 2019
Bruno Oliveira W Points Las Vegas NGO 91KG SF 2019
Ronnie Pace W RNC Las Vegas NGO 91KG F 2019
Emilio Hernandez W RNC Las Vegas NGO ABS SF 2019
Pedro Rocha L Pts: 2x0 Las Vegas NGO ABS F 2019
Anton Mikenko W Pts: 2x2, Adv Grand Slam LA 94KG 4F 2019
Wellington Peroto W Reverse triangle Grand Slam LA 94KG SF 2019
Fernando Reis L Pts: 4x4, Adv Grand Slam LA 94KG F 2019
Marlon Oliveira W Toe hold Grand Slam RJ 94KG R1 2019
Fernando Reis W Referee Decision Grand Slam RJ 94KG 4F 2019
Luan Azevedo L Pts: 0x0, Adv Grand Slam RJ 94KG SF 2019
Thiago Aso W Submission GB Summit 94KG 4F 2019
Pedro Araujo W Pts: 0x0, Adv GB Summit 94KG SF 2019
Lucas Wilhan W Referee Decision GB Summit 94KG F 2019
Jonnatas Gracie W Toe hold NoGi Worlds ABS R1 2019
Eliot Kelly W Triangle NoGi Worlds ABS R2 2019
Devhonte Johnson L Pts: 0x0, Adv NoGi Worlds ABS 4F 2019
Murilo Santana W Adv NoGi Worlds 91KG 4F 2019
Adam Wardzinski L Pts: 0x0, Adv NoGi Worlds 91KG SF 2019
Jackson Sousa W Armbar European Open ABS R1 2020
Manuel Ribamar W Points European Open ABS R2 2020
Igor Schneider W Crucifix choke European Open ABS 4F 2020
Fellipe Andrew L Botinha European Open ABS SF 2020
Patrick Gaudio L Points European Open 100KG 4F 2020
Benjamin Silva W RNC San Jose Open 94KG SF 2020
Nathan Mendelshon W Triangle San Jose Open 94KG F 2020
Daniel Maguire W Bow and arrow SUBVERSIV 3 ABS R1 2020
Seth Daniels W Triangle SUBVERSIV 3 ABS 4F 2020
Gabriel Almeida L Referee Decision SUBVERSIV 3 ABS SF 2020
Devhonte Johnson W Triangle SUBVERSIV 3 ABS F 2020
Gabriel Almeida L Points Kumite 6 ABS 4F 2020
Rafael Vasconcelos L Pts: 2x1 Grand Slam MIA 94KG 4F 2020
Bruno Assis W Pts: 3x2 Grand Slam MIA 94KG RPC 2020
Nathan Mendelsohn W Pts: 1x0 Grand Slam MIA 94KG RPC 2020
Tex Johnson W Triangle Grand Slam MIA 94KG 3RD 2020
Tex Johnson L Referee Decision Subversiv 4 ABS R1 2020
Matheus Luna W Referee Decision F2W 158 92KG SPF 2020
Arnaldo Maidana L Referee Decision F2W 172 94KG SPF 2021
Rhehan Silva W RNC American NGN 91KG 4F 2021
Bruno Matias L Pts: 15x0 American NGN 91KG SF 2021
Bruno Lima W RNC American NGN ABS 4F 2021
Dylan Royce W Pts: 2x0 American NGN ABS SF 2021
Alan Sanchez W Pts: 5x0 American NGN ABS F 2021
Alexandre Ribeiro L Referee Decision F2W 178 92KG SPF 2021
Fellipe Andrew L Katagatame F2W 183 ABS SPF 2021
Anderson Munis W Injury World Champ. 100KG 8F 2021
Devhonte Johnson L Pts: 3x0 World Champ. 100KG 4F 2021
Pedro Marinho W Katagatame LA Open 94KG SF 2022
Lucas Lisboa W RNC Pan American ABS R2 2022
Wallace Costa L Pts: 5x2 Pan American ABS 4F 2022
Pedro Machado L Armbar Pan American 94KG R2 2022
Austin Baker L Pts: 5x0 Warrior Challenger ABS 4F 2022
Italo Lima W Bow and arrow SD Open 94KG SF 2022
Adam Wardzinski L Katagatame SD Open 94KG F 2022
Hugh Fletcher W Mounted X choke Denver Open 94KG SF 2022
Aaron Tiegs W N/A Denver Open ABS R1 2022
Aaron Tiegs W Triangle Denver Open ABS R1 2022
Lucas Norat W Triangle Denver Open ABS 4F 2022
Jonata Gomes W Referee Decision Denver Open ABS SF 2022
Arnaldo Maidana W Pts: 4x0 World Champ. 94KG 8F 2022
Kaynan Duarte L Choke from back World Champ. 94KG 4F 2022
Keenan Cornelius W Pts: 7x0 NoGi Pan 97KG 4F 2022
Felipe Costa W Pts: 2x0 NoGi Pan 97KG SF 2022
Thomas Bracher W Inside heel hook NoGi Pan 97KG F 2022
Lucas Norat W Verbal tap NoGi Worlds 91KG F 2022
Diego Ramalho W RNC NoGi Worlds 97KG 8F 2022
Adam Wardzinski W Toe hold NoGi Worlds 97KG SF 2022
Henrique Cardoso L Pts: 2x0 NoGi Worlds 97KG F 2022
Emmanuel Adzoh W RNC ADCC OC 100KG R1 2023
Joey Balistreri W Katagatame ADCC OC 100KG 4F 2023
Wes Levine W Armbar ADCC OC 100KG SF 2023
Breylor Grout W Katagatame ADCC OC 100KG F 2023
Felipe Costa L Mounted X choke World Champ. 100KG 4F 2023
Kevin Figueroa W Katagatame ADCC Arizona 100KG 4F 2023
Brian Guevara W RNC ADCC Arizona 100KG SF 2023
Daishi Goto L Pts: 3x0 ADCC Arizona 100KG F 2023
Luccas Lira L Pts: 28x2 NoGi Pan 97KG 4F 2023
Kev McDaniel W RNC ADCC Florida 100KG 4F 2023
L. Diaz W Pts: 5x0 ADCC Florida 100KG SF 2023
B. George W Pts: 2x0 ADCC Florida 100KG F 2023
Gabriel Oliveira L Smother tap NoGi World O97KG R1 2023
Calon Sabino W Pts: 2x0 ADCC BRA2 99KG R1 2024
Alejo Villaparedes W RNC ADCC BRA2 99KG 8F 2024
Elionai Braz L Pts: 6x0 ADCC BRA2 99KG 4F 2024

7.Fellipe Trovo’s Top Fights

Fellipe Trovo vs Rodrigo Freitas / Orange County Open 2019

Adam Wardzinski v Fellipe Trovo / San Diego Open 2022

Fellipe Trovo v Keenan Cornelius / Pan No-Gi 2022

Photo Credit: @trovobjj

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