Bring Out The True Martial Artist In You By Following These Steps

Bring Out The True Martial Artist In You By Following These Steps

Almost every one of us was once inspired by martial arts whether it be some martial arts movie or watching a UFC fight. But after some time that enthusiasm wears off and we get disappointed because of reasons like we might not be good enough, martial arts is not for me, this is not easy, I don’t want my face to look like that. The list of stupid excuses we make goes on and on. However, today is different. You can bring out the martial artist in you by following this guide. By the end of it you might not be a black belt but things you’ll get going.

1. Taking the first step

Just thinking about starting and giving yourself reasons not to will bring no good. You have to take the first step, which is joining a gym or dojo whatever. First, make a firm decision in your heart that you have to start. Then stick to it and actually join. Ask around, friends, or someone you know of a good place, or just search online. Anyway, the first class is free so you will know it is made for you or not. The last step is to continue doing it and not giving up.

2. Training gear

Choosing the right gear for beginners can be intimidating but it is fine. You can talk to the instructor or friends on how to choose or just follow these steps. Make sure the fitting is right, i.e. nor baggy or loose neither tight, focus on better quality even if the price is a little high. But you don’t have to buy the most expensive one either. Always keep your uniform clean, for instance, if you are going for MMA buy multiple MMA shorts, rash guards and T-shirts. Wear one while the rest are getting washed and dried for later use.

3. Firm base

We get it, you know how to do that complex, fancy, fast moves but being a martial artist is not about knowing how to do it. Before you distort your path be sure to make your base strong. Practice and perfect those basic moves until they become second nature. Then you can mix those to get towards advanced level techniques.

4. Lookout for weaknesses

Everyone has weaknesses so there is no shame in that. Just find your weaknesses and work to overcome them. talking to your trainer, sparring partner, or making a video of yourself and later watching it are a few options. Practicing in front of the mirror might also help. Nothing comes easy, so you will have to work for everything. Turn your weaknesses into strengths and no one can stop you now.

5. Set goals

Setting short term goals and working towards it not only help you stay motivated but save you from getting bored, giving up, and eventually making it to the main goal. Whatever your goals are, short and long-term, just keep them realistic and don’t overdo it. In the beginning, you might not be able to achieve it, change it to what you can achieve for now.

6. Fuel up

The body needs sleep and food to repair from the intense training you have just been through. Keeping the diet healthy and proper will help in that. Sleep is like icing on the cake and the best thing you can do for your health. Having a cheat day occasionally is completely fine. For further detailed here are the thing you need to know before joining martial arts.

7. No commitment

Martial arts need dedication, persistence, and consistency to achieve and be good at it. If you want to achieve your goals and see betterment then bring previously mentioned qualities in you. We all have what it takes to be good at anything all it needs is proper dedication and consistency. There will be ups and downs, sometimes you might even feel like progress is zero but remember not to give up.

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