Can CBD Oil Affect Your BJJ Performance?

Can CBD Oil Affect Your BJJ Performance?

1. Introduction

A wide range of mixed martial artists and jiu-jitsu grapplers have been using CBD oil to expedite the recovery process. Since 2019 CBD oil has gained a considerable amount of popularity. Many successful BJJ athletes including Nate Diaz , Diego Sanchez, Matt Mitrone, and Tj Dillashaw are portraying the visual benefits of CBD oil.

CBD oil has gained widespread popularity and is engulfing the whole MMA world. It provides the benefits of antioxidants that can work as anticancers, antidepressants, antitumors, anti-inflammatories, and antimicrobials.

Training jiu-jitsu or other martial arts can result in various kinds of bodily pain in the practitioners. After prolonged intense training sessions, BJJ athletes and mixed martial artists linger towards quicker recoveries to reduce the pain. They also face other issues that include interrupted sleep, muscle soreness , anxiety , and the risk of arthritis.

Consuming CBD oil helps to boost the immune system and reduces the chances of joint injury or arthritis. High-quality CBD oil is essential for excelling the performance of the BJJ grapplers. CBD oil provides the multiple benefits of reducing pain, and stress and helps in faster muscle recovery. 

2. What is CBD Oil

CBD stands for ‘cannabidiol’ it is found in the cannabis plant and animal organisms. It is the effective substance in the cannabinoid group. The common cannabinoid in hemp fiber is known as CBD. it is grown especially for industrial and consumer use.

In 1940 CBD was discovered, and almost 40% of the plant extract is made up of cannabinoids. Up to 113 cannabinoids are identified in the plants.

The most remarkable cannabinoid is the phytocannabinoid tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) (delta-9-THC). It comes with a wide range of medical properties that can be used as a supplement. Medically it is used in the treatment of nausea, spasticity, and possibly neuropathic pain. In comparison to marijuana which contains THC, cannabidiol is considered legal to use.

It is a notable fact that THC is psychoactive on the other hand CBD oil is non-psychoactive and provides a significant amount of health benefits to an individual.

in the massive world of martial arts, CBD is widely used by grapplers and athletes. UK Anti-Doping is a department that is responsible for protecting the various sports in the United Kingdom states the factors of CBD:

“Cannabidiol is not currently listed on the World Anti-Doping Agency’s (WAD) Prohibited List. As a result, it is permitted to be used in sports. All other cannabinoids (including but not limited to cannabis, hashish, marijuana, and THC) are prohibited in competition. The intention of the regulations is to prohibit cannabinoids that activate the same receptors in the brain as activated by THC.”

What is CBD Oil

3. 9 Reasons CBD Oil is Essential for Grapplers

CBD oil is a perfect supplement for the fighters and grapplers involved in martial arts. It comes with numerous positive effects that help the BJJ grapplers to retain their health. CBD oil has the healing power to reduce pain, and inflammation, remove anxiety, and improve sleep and cognition.

Within the Endocannabinoid system, CBD comes with diverse benefits. ECS is the mechanism of cannabinoid neurotransmitters and receptors that are distributed throughout the human body. Moreover, it plays a vital role in regulating inflammation, the immune system, and pain and helps to sleep properly.

CBD affects the brain directly and on several other receptors, it acts on serotonin (5HT) and vanilloid (TRPV1) receptors and provides the benefit of reduction from anxiety and now it is widely known as the cure for pain.CBD oil can be taken in various forms in the form of oil, dried cannabis, capsules, or as a liquid solution. 

3.1. Recovery Benefits

The individuals who are part of Mixed Martial Arts are aware of the benefits of CBD oil. In jiu-jitsu grappling sport the athletes face minor or bigger injuries in the long run. While you are rolling on a mat, you might experience that certain joint is hurt or the whole body aches. Most of the grapplers feel mentally exhausted after the training session.

The smart move is to work for the recovery of the body. In every sport, implementing a recovery process is an essential part. To acquire more potential, some of the grapplers get indulged in an intense training session. This can hurt the health of an athlete. The reason behind that is the body starts to drag the energy from the reserves, which leads to nutritional deficiencies. Overtraining leads to muscle damage and a decrease in oxidative capacity.

The grapplers that take the CBD oil have relatively less damage. Additionally, they build the capacity to recover rapidly. It takes almost 5 to 10 years to reach the level of the black belt. To reach the ultimate level of competency it has been recommended to find a good recovery routine. 

3.2. Muscle Soreness

The art of Brazilian jiu-jitsu is a comprehensive activity of agility. To acquire competency in the diverse art of jiu-jitsu athletes must safeguard their bodies. During the stressful training sessions and competitions, the athletes bear severe pain in the joints and muscle soreness. Aches and pains are the companions of jiu-jitsu athletes during the journey.

CBD comes with the proper cure that gives instant relief from agony. CBD oil acts as a natural inflammatory product that helps to reduce muscle contractions. This oil allows the tight muscle to loosen up and gives instant relief from soreness. The use of CBD oil creates a massive difference in the performance of athletes, you can apply the topical cream on the area where they feel pain. In addition, the tincture oil will make a big difference.

3.3. Lowers Blood Sugar Levels

CBD oil improves the mechanism of the whole body, It helps to reduce the chances of diabetes by lowering blood sugar levels. Once the CBT receptors enter the body, it normalizes the function of insulin. They help to keep the blood sugar level at a normal rate. In 2013 Multiple studies were conducted in America and were published in journals. That shows the impact on the blood sugar while using CBD oil. Cannabis helps to improve the performance of the fighters and athletes with insulin resistance. The studies show the drastic result of 16% reduced insulin resistance and almost 17% reduction in fasting insulin levels. In general, CBT was found to improve insulin functioning without any side effects. 

3.4. Better Sleep

One of the major factors that hinder the capabilities of BJJ practitioners is the fewer hours of sleep. After the overtraining session, most of the grapplers find it difficult to sleep peacefully at night. In the jiu-jitsu training lack of sleep damages the performance of a grappler. The study shows that while sleeping the body gets the time to recover the damaged cells within the body, in this way the body heals up. On the contrary, poor night sleep makes the body tired and brings on discomfort throughout the day.

The tough training sessions made the cardiovascular system more active, and the grapplers did not find comfort in sleeping properly. The other grounds discover the fact that the majority of the athletes have trouble sleeping because, after the weight training sessions, the mind and body become too alert. Due to the soreness in the muscles, the body aches a lot which makes the athlete find a comfortable position to rest.

The rescue is achieved with the use of CBD oil. The procedure is to take the miraculous CBD oil tincture under the tongue for 30 to 40 minutes before going to sleep. The other major benefit that is achieved from CBD oil is that will speed up the body's sleep schedule and ultimately enable your mind and muscles to get recharged. 

3.5. Weight Loss or Weight Cut

Brazilian jiu-jitsu martial arts training regime incorporates weight training and endurance workouts . The research suggests that endurance sessions in combination with a healthy and balanced diet act as an effective weight loss tool. Being overweight or out of shape will surely affect the performance of an athlete. So there is a dire need to cut down the weight for an upcoming BJJ tournament .

Adding the essential nutrients with the CBD oil will help to shed down the extra pounds embedded in your body. CBD naturally turns the white fat cells into the brown cells. The white cells tend to store the fat inside them. CBD acts as a fat cutter, and brown cells lower the body mass index BMI. So in simple words, the more brown cells you have the lower the BMI would be. CBD is a great substitute for the weight loss pills. CBD oil simultaneously works in the reduction of body mass and provides the proper supply of potential.

3.6. Relief from Anxiety and Stress

In the life of the grappler, the common challenge that is faced is to handle stress and anxiety. Almost 35% of athletes are facing the issue of depression, immunity problems, and burnout issues. It can affect the performance of an athlete from the percentage of 30 to 60.

In jiu-jitsu, the athlete faces physical as well as mental challenges. Both of them can deter the motivation and prevent the grappler from competing in a bout. Eventually, it can inflict damage on the performance.

The study suggests that anxiety and stress is a motivational disorder. Before the competition, the athletes face nervousness or jitters that can have a negative impact while showing up on the mat. The best idea is to take a sufficient amount of CBD oil that will deal with physical as well as mental insecurities. 

3.7. Natural Fit for Jiu-Jitsu

CBD can provide multiple benefits and can improve the performance of an athlete in a jiujitsu game. The consumption of CBD is a healthy process from the initial to the higher level of BJJ. CBD oil proves that you are taking good care of your body as well as mind. It keeps the body naturally fit from inside and out.

In the BJJ community, the athletes are ruining their bodies over the marked prescriptions and the creams that increase the damage within the body. Knowing the correct product is crucial in this competitive industry.

It has been widely recognized that CBD oil is a standout product. Whether you are a novice or an expert when you try CBD oil you will become an advocate and promote the healthiest and fastest-growing alternative in the jiu-jitsu community. In the UFC 241 competition, the famous athlete Nate Daiz was smoking CBD just before his performance. 

Natural Fit for Jiu-Jitsu

3.8. Improves Metabolism

The professional BJJ organizations are flourishing and have become a diverse sport. Those days are gone when enthusiastic athletes are equipped with rash guards , BJJ Gis , and proteins.

In the regime of competency, recovery has become an integral part of the practitioner. The manufacturing companies of CBD products are booming in the martial arts world. Many of the famous grapplers align CBD oil directly with the jiu-jitsu culture.

The beginners of MMA and BJJ sports require a significant amount of balance in strength training and recovery. The body of a fighter acts as a weapon and needs to be filled with mental and physical strength.

Taking hemp oil or CBD in a journey of jiu-jitsu is a great and natural way to improve performance. CBD oil has the properties of high antioxidants and brings about neuroprotective properties. that is higher than Vitamin C or Vitamin E. This is a notable fact that antioxidants reduce the level of free radicals, that increase inflammation.

In addition, CBD oil is nontoxic and nowadays considered as a must in the sport of jiu-jitsu. It increases the number of mitochondria and boosts the metabolism system. These subtle changes reduce the calorie count within the body. In short, CBD oil molds the athlete's body into a sturdy, muscular, faster, and adaptable fighting machine. With a higher metabolic rate, the grappler can easily lead to fat loss and enhanced performance. 

3.9. Reduces the Risk of Arthritis

The intense training sessions of BJJ can increase the risk of arthritis and it is not considered a myth. Combat athletes or fighters turn their hands in training sessions and competitions. The relentless grapples, submissions, and strikes lead to major hand injuries.

After practicing for extended hours CBD hemp oil provides an array of health advantages. Moreover, it makes the exercise session easier and helps the BJJ grappler recover faster from joint pains and injuries. Hence, the daily consumption of CBD oil reduces the risk of major disease of arthritis. 


4.1. Why do MMA and BJJ Athletes use CBD Oil?

CBD is a natural fit for the jiu-jitsu grapplers. They are taking the benefits of CBD oil to improve their performance. It acts as a miracle to stay fit and safe while going through intense training sessions. 

4.2. Does it Cure All Aches and Pains?

CBD manages pain and reduces inflammation in the body. CBD acts on brain receptors and stops and reduces pain signals. It increases the hormones related to pain. the mobility of the patients of arthritis increases with the prevention of inflammation. In this way, grapplers achieve a higher quality of life in jiu-jitsu. The study suggests that CBD oil can enhance mental focus and muscular strength and reduce anxiety.

4.3. Are there any Side Effects of CBD Oil?

CBD oil has a property that makes it nontoxic, it comes up with almost no side effects as compared to the other supplements. When CBD is compared with standard NSAID painkillers, CBD oil has been shown to enhance sleep quality and boost the metabolism system. It is also considered extremely important in BJJ injury recovery

5. Bottom Line

CBD oil is not included in the list of anti-doping agencies, It has been legalized at the federal level. Multiple Brazilian jiu-jitsu athletes are exploring and experimenting with CBD oil by incorporating it into their training. To improve your performance in jiu-jitsu sports add CBD oil to your daily routine and achieve drastic changes. Regardless of the age factor CBD work for everyone. It is the fastest-growing healthy option in the world of martial arts.

CBD is considered a safer supplement for BJJ grapplers that has a lot of positive impacts on health. You can simply take 10 drops before going to sleep. Put the oil drops under your tongue for at least a minute, it will be absolved by an oral mucosal membrane. In the market, multiple variants of cannabidiol are available, in the form of CBD capsules, CBD smoke, and CBD cream that can be applied to the hurting joints, injuries, and pains.

Note: Consult your physician before taking CBD oil.

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