Top 10 Things to Know Before Joining Martial Arts

Top 10 Things to Know Before Joining Martial Arts

Martial arts, no matter what it is, is great to keep yourself active and fit, and learning self-defense, not all martial arts are best for self-defense just so you know. The list of martial arts benefits goes on and on but there are some things you should know before joining any martial arts class. This could be a turning point and help you decide what is best for you.

Hard work

If you think there is not hard work in martial arts then think again, it is the total opposite. The muscles that you never worked on before will be active in this. Constant and regular tough workouts, training, sparring. It is much harder than it seems.

It’s for everyone

Either you are small, or large, skinny or fat martial arts is for you, you can do it as long as you believe and keep persistence.  BJJ is a specialized martial art that focuses on how a person can take advantage of the larger and stronger opponent and win a fight, plus it is good as self-defense martial arts. Are you now attracted towards it, well you will need a BJJ GI, check it out here? With time your skill improves and you become better.

Gear up

Martial art is no different than any other sport so it requires proper gear up. Working out without a GI and gear, first of all, your gym and trainer will not allow that, and even if s/he does you can hurt yourself badly and regret it later. Plus, it is just disrespect and proves nothing except that you are arrogant.

Do your homework

Do proper research before joining any martial arts, it will save you time. If that is something you cannot do then talk to someone who knows a friend or some martial artist. Choosing randomly and then trying out different martial arts then eventually going to what you love will throw a lot of time, money, and effort to waste. Decide what you want and what are the goals then see which martial arts offer the best way to achieve that and go for it. Choosing a gym, however, can cause a little trouble. Most of them have certified trainers, they offer a free beginner lesson which can help you decide.

Positive attitude

Keep your attitude positive, enter the room with eagerness to learn and be better than before. Think positive and see how you can improve. Most importantly don’t stress yourself over it.

Ass kicking

It works both ways sometimes you will be getting kicked and thrown while other times it can be you, be ready for it. Getting to this stage will take time, it's not like the first day of the training you will have to spar with some top-level artists. As your techniques improve and enhanced you can take advantage of it.


Be prepared

Keep the mind ready and prepared to get bruises and scars. Afraid of it, don’t be. Bruises and scars are a part of the training plus you should be proud of them. Just so you know first aid is always available whether it be training, sparing and even professional matches plus the rules are so you do not get badly hurt. But still, this is a tough sport and damages cannot be avoided completely.

Sore body

The body will often feel sore and tired, the first week would be like living in hell. No energy, you cannot even stand up and sleep like never before, but don’t worry as the results of it are amazing and you will love it. Take it step by step. Martial arts, most of them, focus and overall on the body and mind increasing the ability to handle tension, pressure, pain, speed, and strength. Be ready for a tiring day which will be enjoyable!

No long breaks

In the very beginning, you’ll not be a martial artist; perfection comes with years of practice and patience and you are no different in this case. This will only be possible when you do not skip and take weeks and months off. Yes, one or two days off a week don’t hurt but there is no room for being sloppy.

Be a part of the community

Martial arts come with many added benefits one of them is being a part of its great community where you make new friends and socialize. Other fellow martial artists are like a brother in arms to one and other and the sensei is like an elder brother or father figure. This feeling is great you have more friends, help, people to share the problems with and take guidance. Inside tip, don’t piss off the trainer, don’t put all your eggs in one basket, don’t blindly trust everyone.

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