BJJ Fouls: 4 Fouls That Can Get You Disqualified

BJJ Fouls: 4 Fouls That Can Get You Disqualified

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is known to be a gentle art and professionals who practice it are required to be gentle during their competitions, training, and routine life. However, the IBJJF has a complete rule book that all BJJ trainers, students, and professionals must follow.

BJJ Trainers are required to follow them strictly to prevent being subject to possible disciplinary action. Here we are discussing four possible fouls that can make you liable to disciplinary action by the respected competition organization.

1. Fouls To Avoid

1.1. Using Profane Language/Gestures

According to the ethics code in BJJ, you cannot use profane language or gestures toward your opponents, table officials, centre table, referee, or the public. Profane or obscene gestures are body movements that are considered vulgar or offensive in particular cultures.

Gestures like showing a middle finger crossed fingers and forearm jerks are considered profane. They are prohibited to use in a BJJ competition. Using such gestures or language is a disciplinary foul according to the IBJJF’s ruleset.

Committing this foul can result in immediate disqualification from the competition as per penalty code 7.2.2 in IBJJF’s rule book. To be safe from those possible outcomes, it would be best to avoid such actions during your competitions.

It is also ethically wrong to try and intentionally provoke your opponents. It also hurts your repute in the field and people do not like professionals with poor sportsmanship.

1.2. Exhibiting Hostile Behaviour

Exhibiting hostile behaviour is also subject to disciplinary action according to the IBJJF’s regulations. You cannot show unnecessary aggression towards your opponents, referees, or members of the organizing committee.

It can result in a disciplinary penalty handed out by the appropriate authority. An immediate disqualification is also not out of the question. BJJ is known for teaching self-control.

By displaying too much aggression toward particular individuals during matches shows your non-professionalism. Referees may consider it a personal grudge or unprofessional rivalry between you and your opponents.

Therefore, you must keep your nerves under control while competing in a BJJ competition regardless of level. Avoiding such behaviour will show your professionalism and respect for the sport. It will also keep you from being subject to any kind of disciplinary action.

1.3. Intentional Usage of Traumatic Blow

Intentional usage of traumatic blows against your opponents during a competition may result in you being immediately disqualified as per the disciplinary rules established by the IBJJF.

You are forbidden from using tactics like pulling hair, biting, or applying pressure on the genitals or eyes. No one is allowed to attempt serious harm against opponents as doing so is considered a serious offense in this sport. 

Athletes have started using such traumatic blows when they are on the brink of defeat and lose their temper. Intentionally wounding, punching, elbowing, or kicking are objectionable actions subject to disciplinary action that can cost you the match and competition.

Being a professional trainer, you must be playing it safe and providing a safe environment for your opponents.

1.4. Disregarding the Seriousness of the Competition

Disregarding the seriousness of the competition is also a disciplinary foul that should not be committed at any level. Faking the game or playing around with the consent of your opponent may result in an automatic disqualification from the competition.

Playing fair and square is what makes you a great professional in every sport. Particularly in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, known as a Gentle Art, committing fouls like ignoring the competition’s importance, regulations, and faking the play does not leave a great impression on fighters.

In the BJJ community, such trainers or athletes have no name as such people do not excel in the sport. Apart from the ethical side of this foul, you should also avoid this behaviour for fear of losing the sport. A little sluggish move can set you far behind in the game. That is why every BJJ professional considers it important to respect the sport, competition, and opponents by taking every match seriously.

2. Conclusion

Always playing by the rules is what keeps you compliant and opens the doors to progress in any sport. Particularly in BJJ, you need to stick with the basic regulations and avoid all kinds of foul plays. Many trainers/students commit these four fouls and face disciplinary action in competitions. According to the IBJJF’s rule book, the penalty for disciplinary fouls is automatic disqualification and nobody wants that.

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